Apollo Justice Ace Attorney ROM Download

Apollo Justice Ace Attorney ROM Download

A visual novel with an adventure game is Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney ROM created and released by Capcom. Capcom is the company that made this game. The fourth part of the Ace Attorney series was made available for the Nintendo DS in Japan in 2007, the Nintendo DS in the West in 2008, iOS and Android in 2016, and Nintendo 3DS in 2017. In Japan, it was made available for the Nintendo DS.

The events of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney 3, sometimes referred to as Trials and Tribulations, took place seven years ago. Phoenix Wright hires Apollo Justice, a young and talented attorney, as an apprentice. Phoenix’s adopted daughter, Trucy, and Apollo collaborate on four cases simultaneously. Phoenix Wright, the main character from previous games in the series, is no longer an attorney and can no longer use his attorney’s badge in this part. To win the game and establish their clients’ innocence, players must look into the cases and question the witnesses. The player may provide evidence that refutes the witnesses’ allegations while searching for contradictions in their testimony. Additionally, they could use a ” perceive ” tool to detect any stressful body language or behaviours shown by witnesses while they give testimony. This strategy uses subtle indicators, much like the “tell” in poker.

The video game’s 28 employees included character designer Kazuya Nuri, director Mitsuru Endo, and producer Minae Matsukawa, to name just a few. Shu Takumi, the series creator, had planned for a new protagonist and a completely different story; he did not want Phoenix to emerge while the game was in development. In addition to overseeing the game’s production, he was responsible for authoring the screenplay. Trials and Tribulations were supposed to be the series’ last part since, in Takumi’s opinion, Phoenix’s character had grown enough by then. As a manager, he also took on those duties.

Nevertheless, it was determined that Phoenix would play the part of the guilty party in the game’s opening investigation. According to industry estimates, Apollo Justice sold more than 515,417 copies by the end of the year, with more than 250,000 copies selling in the first week alone. Critics mostly gave the album good reviews.

Apollo Justice Ace Attorney ROM Download
ROMApollo Justice: Ace Attorney ROM
Current Version1.00.02
SeriesAce Attorney

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Gameplay of Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney ROM

The visual novel and adventure game genres are present in Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney ROM, as in the other Ace Attorney titles. Players must defend their clients in four different situations to win the game and demonstrate their innocence. There are primarily two sorts of gameplay in this game: investigations and trials.

During the investigation phase of each case, the player may explore the game environment by using the stylus or the D-pad to choose the activities they want to perform, such as Examine, Move, Talk, or Present. Throughout the detective work, this might be done whenever it is practical. The player may explore the game environment by picking the areas they wish to go to, and they can communicate with the NPCs by choosing the appropriate conversation choices. The information gathered in Investigation Mode may be used as evidence in the Trial stage of the game. The player must first complete several conditions to go forward. Players may command Ema Skye in the DS version of the original Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney game. She often allows the player to do in-game tasks like “dusting for fingerprints” using DS capabilities like the microphone.

 The bulk of a trial is devoted to hearing from and questioning witnesses. The player can press or present the evidence after hearing witness testimony. The player always has the option to shout into the microphone if they don’t like any of the choices. The player will challenge the witness’s evidence by pressing, which may cause the witness to revise their account. The player may use the Present action to display evidence they believe refutes the prosecution’s case if they discover contradictions in the witness’ testimony.

 A health metre on the screen displays the judge’s tolerance level. The player’s health may decline in court if they provide fraudulent testimony or make an incorrect decision in response to a question. The game is over, and the client is held accountable if the player’s health falls to zero. Similar to a tell-in poker, a revolutionary approach known as the “Perceive System” may be used to check for movements or behaviours shown by witnesses that indicate anxiousness. The game also includes a “Crime Recreation Mode.” This mode allows the user to explore the recreated environment in search of clues while the evidence or crime scene is shown in three dimensions. The game also includes cinematic segments that repeat the murder, giving players a second opportunity to analyze the circumstances and identify inconsistencies.

Features of Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney ROM

A staff of 28 people worked on the creation of Apollo Justice. The series creator, Shu Takumi, created the screenplay and worked as a supervisor; Minae Matsukawa was in charge of production; Mitsuru Endo was in charge of directing; Kazuya Nuri was in the order of character design and art, and Yoko Taro was in charge of art and animation. Since the series had lost its appeal, he believed there was no need to extend it, and he thought it was essential to understand when to draw a story to a close.

 Takumi felt that at the end of the previous game, Phoenix Wright’s potential as a protagonist had been fully realized and that the series ought to have ended. He hadn’t anticipated Phoenix appearing, but his colleagues insisted that he be included, and as a result, he suddenly found himself the main suspect in the game’s first case. Takumi argued for a new protagonist and storyline for the game while it was still being discussed to create a fourth game. He recommended altering the protagonist and storyline of the game.

The creators finally decided on a 2D design with some 3D features, even though they had initially intended to employ 3D visuals to create a significant impact appropriate for the beginning of a new Ace Attorney series. The first game in the series to use motion-captured cutscenes was Apollo Justice. These videos were created utilizing data gathered during gameplay. The motion-capture actor for a female role was a male employee of R&D. They were deemed “a natural” for the position by the director or producer. Voice acting for the game was also done by Capcom personnel. Throughout the process, members of the development team went to actual courts to observe cases. However, three songs were written by Hideki Okugawa, Akemi Kimura, and Shu Takumi wrote two tracks, and Toshihiko Horiyama created most of the music in the game. Gyakuten Saiban 4’s original soundtrack CD was made available on June 27, 2007. Gyakuten Meets Orchestra, a performance in Tokyo in April 2008, used music from Ace Attorney’s video game as its soundtrack. On July 16, 2008, a CD recording of the performance was made accessible to the general audience.

Alexander O. Smith, who previously assisted in the localization of the original Ace Attorney game, helped partially modify Apollo Justice for the English market. The game’s localization began in August 2007, and the creators were hard at work. The Japanese and American divisions of Capcom collaborated to develop the moniker “Apollo Justice,” and it took the two teams 22 meetings to agree on a name they could live with. 

The phrase refers to Apollo’s dedication to equity. During localization, there was a lot of debate about whether or not to refer to Trucy Wright’s magical bloomers, which she wears when performing, as “panties.” Some translators asked that the translation use the term “magic pants” rather than “underpants” since they considered it inappropriate to make fun of a child’s underwear. Many believed that if the player knew ahead that they had enormous genitalia, the prank would fall flat. Janet Hsu, a localization team member, argued for “emotional accuracy,” claiming that the Japanese version of the game was designed to make the player uneasy by having them search for what they might mistake for “sexy lingerie” and then make them feel relieved when they learn that it is a prop for a magic show. Janet Hsu contributed as a part of the localization team. We finally decided to abbreviate them to “panties”.

The game was revealed in 2005, and its Japanese release was initially anticipated for 2006. At the 2006 Tokyo Game Show, the game’s demo was first made available to anyone outside the development team. 2007’s Tokyo Game Show saw the release of an English trailer. The game was first launched in Japan on April 12, 2007, and further releases in the US on February 19, Europe on May 9, and Australia on May 22, 2008, are planned (Nintendo Australia was in charge of the Australian version). 

Only a few copies of the game were made available to the general public in Japan. Included are headphones with the Ace Attorney logo, a DVD of series high points, and a DS card holding the Ace Attorney dictionary. Customers got an Apollo keychain when they purchased the GameStop and Capcom Webstore presale bundles. On December 1, 2016, a new version with higher-quality photos was made available for iOS users, and on December 8, 2016, a similar update for Android users was made public. The Nintendo 3DS version was made available digitally on November 21 in North America and November 23 in Europe. On November 22, 2017, the Nintendo 3DS version was made available online and at retail establishments in Japan.

FAQS of Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney ROM

What happened to Apollo on Ace Attorney’s end?

 Apollo decided to temporarily move to Khura’in, restart Dhurke’s law firm, and assist the kingdom in its endeavour to recover as soon as the judgement was delivered. But being the only defence attorney in the country, he soon became overburdened with cases.

 What exactly took place? Did Phoenix ultimately adopt Apollo? 

When Zak left the courtroom during Magnifi’s murder trial, Phoenix decided to adopt Zak as his daughter. Zak gladly accepted the invitation. She served as Apollo’s assistant at the Wright Agency.

 Is Phoenix Wright romantically involved? 

The only woman Phoenix has ever had several relationships with is Dahlia Hawthorne. So that’s how academics define an “unhealthy relationship.” Phoenix had a lethal fascination with her, and even though he was secretly in love with her sister, she attempted to kill him.

 What does it signify when Maya always refers to Phoenix Wright as “Nick”?

 Names like “Cole” and “Wilton” were taken into consideration when Phoenix was first given the word, but “Phoenix” was selected because of its “stand out” characteristics. Maya Fey, a friend and business partner, gave him the name “Nick” since she thought it was trustworthy and sounded like the word “Phoenix.”


Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney received favourable reviews from several reviewers. The Phoenix Wright games, according to 1UP.com, “are by far the best-written titles you’ll discover on the DS,” and Justice is no exception. The most notable Phoenix Wright game is Justice. The “extremely enjoyable” modifications made for the DS were commended by 1UP.com, even though the missions weren’t very challenging. It was ranked #5 when RPGFan published its list of the top 20 Nintendo DS games of 2013. The review aggregation website Metacritic ranked the Nintendo 3DS version as the tenth best video game of 2017.