Adobe Lightroom Premium Mod Apk v8.2

Adobe Lightroom Premium Mod Apk v8.2

When it comes to photography, an essential part of the photographer lies in the editing part of the photo. And considering the best arsenal for photo editing out there on the Internet, Adobe holds this baton and leads the competition with its awesome advanced design software. Today we are going to look at one of the best photo editing software from Adobe, Adobe Lightroom, and are going to compare it with the oldest name out there in the photo-editing software industry, Adobe Photoshop.

So without wasting any further time let’s dive straight and start building the foundational knowledge for what Adobe Lightroom actually is, we will be covering all the unique features you get to use on the Adobe Lightroom mod apk latest version 2023 and some common FAQs are reserved for the end, so be with us through this article, and let us get started.

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Adobe Lightroom Premium Mod Apk v8.2
App Namelightroom mod apk latest version 2023
CategoryPhoto Editor
Root RequiredNo
Required Android6.0+
VersionLatest Version
Last Update1 Day Ago

What is Lightroom Mod Apk?

Lightroom Mod Apk 2023 is a free photo editing tool from Adobe that allows smartphone users to edit and share their raw images efficiently straight from their smartphones. The app smartly synchronizes with its desktop application to create an awesome and flexible ecosystem that allows users to share edited photos between their desktop PC and their smartphone using the cloud.

Adobe Lightroom CC introduces us to the world of photo editing in a very simplistic way that even newbies can adapt to, very easily. While Adobe Photoshop is meant to deliver heavy-duty photo editing tasks, the Adobe Lightroom app is a lightweight app, built for easy handling and navigation through databases of photos (unlike Photoshop which could only open one image at a time). Adobe Lightroom can save the in-depth details of a photo right from the camera.

Adobe Lightroom Premium Mod Apk v8.2

With the rise of social media platforms, Adobe Lightroom App acts as a filler for non-techie users who just want to post some beautiful pictures, without getting into the technicalities of editing. Adobe Lightroom CC app, with its easy-to-use features, helps you edit a photo and experiment with its light and colour profiles in a much easier way.

Having built our foundational knowledge about Adobe Lightroom App, it’s time to have a glance at its features which make it stand out amongst the rest of the photo editing tools.

Features of Adobe Lightroom Mod Apk Latest version 2023

Although there are tonnes of editing features available in the Adobe Lightroom App, in this section we would be focusing only on the ones which are quite popular amongst the user.

Cloud-based Synchronization

As discussed earlier also, you can efficiently create an ecosystem between your PC and smartphone, enabling sharing pictures amongst both straight from the Adobe Lightroom app. So now you don’t have to worry about transferring data through some transmission channel (pen drives, hard drives, Bluetooth, FSP, etc.) to have it on Pc if you have edited it on your smartphone or vice-versa.

Adobe Lightroom Premium Mod Apk v8.2

Batch Correction

It is one of the most distinguishing and popularly used features of the Adobe Lightroom. You can use this feature to apply the same colour and light corrections to multiple photos (if required), simultaneously.

This feature is useful for photographers who are into product photography and other such industries, where they have to edit many photos shot in the same environmental conditions. With this feature, the photographers don’t need to worry about individually editing pictures’ tones for the same colour profiles.

Adobe Lightroom Premium Mod Apk v8.2

A large number of presets

Adobe Lightroom app gives users several beautiful presets (filters), which they can choose to beautify their photos at cost of no effort. The app also uses AI to smartly make adjustments that suit the light conditions of the environment, in which the photo was shot. Many of these presets are only available to premium subscription holders, although you can still use many of the presets available for basic users.

Supports almost all raw formats

You can use the Adobe Lightroom app to edit raw photos in any format. This feature makes it easier to browse photos directly from DSLRs and third-party camera apps on smartphones. You can then start editing them as you want.

Simplified UI

Adobe Lightroom app comes with a very organized and minimalistic UI. You can find the commonly used options like Healing, Crop, Profiles, Auto Enhancement, Light adjustments, Color adjustments, etc. on the bottom navigation bar of the screen. The preview UI and the artboard are shared by the centre space on the screen. Sliders can be used to adjust the levels of different profiles.

Adobe Lightroom Premium Mod Apk v8.2

You can also pinch and zoom in to apply an adjustment to selected areas for much more detailed finishing. There are options available for sharing the finished photos on other apps and syncing with the cloud, on the top-right corner of the screen.

There is also a dashboard from where you can view and manage all your previously edited photos.

Non-destructive editing

This is also one of the unique features of Adobe Lightroom. The original photos are not lost after editing them. The newly created images are stored as a fresh file. So you can apply multiple editing adjustments on the same photo if you want. The adjustment history can also be easily tracked and reversed if needed.

Handles metadata efficiently

Metadata refers to the details of the image file. The app lets you efficiently manage the databases of images so that you can track and apply Batch Corrections on multiple images at a time.

Sync the album with a free portfolio website

Adobe Lightroom lets you create and maintain a free portfolio website so that you can scale your art of photography and open the doors for commercializing it.

Perspective correction

With this feature, users can smartly correct the geometric and perspective errors of an image.

Tutorials for editing by professionals

Adobe Lightroom provides various interactive tutorials using which you can learn photo editing from some of the best photographers in the world. However, most of these tutorials are available only to premium users.

Cloud Storage

Adobe Lightroom supports cloud storage features so that you don’t have to worry about storing all your photos on physical devices, which in turn occupies a lot of space. You can choose to buy cloud storage as per your need from the tariffs available on their official website and app.   

FAQs of Lightroom mod apk

What are the smartphone OS platforms that Adobe Lightroom supports?

Both iOS and Android support Adobe Lightroom app. So you can download the app from the official app stores of the respective OS easily.

Is it worth buying a subscription to Adobe Lightroom?

 This completely depends on what you are using it for. For instance, if you just want to flaunt on social media by uploading some casual but beautiful pics, you may choose to continue with the non-premium subscription of the app, but if you are using it for professional and commercial use cases, the subscription fee of $9.99 per month, is quite affordable for you to move ahead with.

Do we need any knowledge about photography for using Adobe Lightroom?

 As discussed earlier, any newbie can use this app easily without any prior editing knowledge. All you need to have is a decent aesthetic sense, and then you can experiment easily with multiple adjustments to beautify your photo. You can also use or design beautiful presets easily through the app.

Conclusion of Lightroom Mod apk latest version

Adobe Lightroom Mod CC app is a lightweight app that can be used for multiple use cases. You don’t need to have any prior knowledge of using this app to edit your photos. With the beautiful presets available, you can add some great colour and light profiles to your photos with no effort at all, and then share them on your various social media handles. Adobe Lightroom can also be used to scale your interest in photography at a commercial level with a subscription fee of $9.99 per month to use advanced editing features. We hope we could address all the queries about the Adobe Lightroom app in the above article clearly. Thanks for staying with us throughout the article.