PicsKit Mod Apk v2.5 Premium Unlocked

Picskit Mod Apk

Clicking new pictures and editing them has become somewhat of a new trend wishing to see yourself and the pictures of your loved ones in a new and creative light, be it edited with stickers with weird filters on or in absurd colleges, editing pictures with such effects is no longer just a professional job, even commoners can do it merely for fun.

There are several editing apps open in the market, some are limited for exclusive use while some are open to all for example picskit photo editor application.

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PicsKit Mod Apk v2.5 Premium Unlocked
App NamePicsKit Mod Apk
CategoryPhoto Editor
Root RequiredNo
Required Android5.0+
VersionLatest Version
Last Update1 Day Ago

What is PicsKit?

With the Picskit Photo Editor app editing has been made easy for people of every age group the app provides multifaceted effects, adjustments and filters to be used. It does not limit the changes made to an image which is one of the best parts of this app.

PicsKit Mod Apk v2.5 Premium Unlocked

With The competition in the market to be an all-purpose editing app, PicsKit photo editor takes it to the next level by providing the users with all the tools required for editing in one place. 

PicsKit photo editing app till recently has been a hit among the people and can be downloaded on phones with Android 5.0 and above. 

Features of PicsKit


Usually, stickers are unlocked with a price on any editing app but on the picskit apk several stickers are available, new, retro, cool, one for daily use, the decorative kind and one separate set for festivities at etc. The best part is that these can be individually edited, added or removed.


Several filters categorised as art filters, glitch effect filters, double exposure filters, charming, watercolour and even sky filters are all available to be used for editing pictures and revealing your fun and creative side, the filters such as those in picskit apk give amazing textures and beautiful effects. 

Picsart APK also offers several other features such as:

Premium Shapes

premium shapes and borders for beautiful designs and masterpiece edits there are several shapes: dripping cut, alphabet, animals and numbers.

Premium Fonts

Premium fonts to write over your cherished memories, not only does this feature allow you to use the already provided basic and word art fonts but it also allows you to customise and download new fonts to your mobile devices. You can change the colour of a text, its size, shades and its alignment as well.


Blending techniques are available to beautify the images with exquisite effects and amazing qualities, the blends are available from effects such as fireworks, Christmas, snowing and sparkle to yet again customised blends.

Brush Sets

Brush sets such as basic, sweet, animal, magic and poetic all can add fun and spice to the boring and mundane holiday pictures, these funky brush sets don’t only make editing fun but also add an artistic hint to the pictures.

Glitch effects

Glitch effects such as rhythm, psychedelic art and many more make the effects look more modernistic and have a trendy feel to them. It’s not only popular among the youngins but the adults as well, different glitch factors give different effects and so on. 


Makes the pictures look artsy and chic, the isolated colours make the pictures look more vibrant than they are. It makes the images look unique. The effects help bring the isolated colour to focus and highlight its beauty not only that but the grey tones also help hide the blemishes.


This photo editing tool not only assists in removing the backgrounds but also unwanted objects and people. It helps achieve the peak editing quality effect on images, another feature this tool offers is the auto feature which detects unwanted objects and removes them.

PicsKit Mod Apk v2.5 Premium Unlocked


The cut-out feature of this app cuts out the images and assists in making stickers and such which can also be used in other images, this tool holds more features such as an eraser and an auto function.

Collage Templates

There are unlimited collage templates made available for mixing or remixing images or other holiday pictures, with a variety of collage templates you can edit those pictures with different borders, shapes, adjustments, filters or effects and fonts, the multiple numbers of templates helps accommodate the group pictures and makes the nostalgic memories come together for you and your loved ones. 

Thematic Templates

For when you want pictures with the decorative/ festive edge or an all professional and sophisticated look, templates available on picskit photo editor apk help you achieve the best of both ends. It consists of several themes, Christmas, New Year, Instagram stories and posts, social media, LinkedIn, Tumblr. Everything from casual to formal in a template form is found here.

Minor editing features

The picskit photo editing apk allows the user to make fine-tune adjustments such as contrast, saturation, exposure, shadow and ambience and also allows you to save the projects you completed. It even has its own tutorials so the users can have it easy to learn all the tips and tricks about the desired tools in the application, for example, The basic skill then photo retouch, creative effect and painting master, it marks your progress as well. 

Features tab

It has several features specifically made fit to give the boring pictures a punk look or an aesthetic vibe not only this, but it also keeps up with many of today’s trendy features from halos, space background, the comics and Indies artsy and vibrant effects to starry night, retros and Halloween, artistic outline and graffiti. All the special effects bring out the charm and beauty in these pictures, making them look more lively.

Frequently Asked Questions of picskit mod apk

Is Picskit APK suitable for any android smartphone?

Yes PicsKit APK is suitable for any android smartphone above android version 5.0

Is rooting required for downloading this apk?

No, you do not need to root your device to install and use this APK. You need to directly install the APK version which matches your android version and the apk will be ready to use.

Is it safe to use?

Yes, the apk is safe to use and has undergone several test checks by our tech experts.


PicsKit Photo editing app is a complete package for all kinds of people who want to edit or who want to learn editing with all kinds of features available at hand, these tools not only make editing easy but fun as well. Share these creative after-effects and designs with your friends and family bring to light the magic of photo editing experienced with Picskit apk.