Filmora Mod APK No Watermark 8.2 Download

Filmora Mod APK No Watermark 8.2 Download

The availability of basic video editing tools and effects in smartphones has changed the way we take and edit videos. However, sometimes these apps do not offer you the ability to produce a high-quality video due to various technical reasons. Therefore, if you want to create an artistic film without any technical glitches then Wondershare Filmora – Free Android Video Editor is the best choice for you. Filmora pro is a good video editor with a simple and friendly interface. You can easily make your videos more fun, unique, and professional by adding text, music, or applying special effects.

Filmora Mod APK No Watermark 8.2 Download
App NameFilmora
CategoryVideo Editor
Root RequiredNo
Required Android6.0+
VersionLatest Version
Last Update1 Day Ago

What is Filmora Mod Apk?

Filmora is a powerful video editing app that lets you create professional videos easily from your phone. FilmoraGo can help you make DIY videos, trailers, movies, and even impressive slideshows. It’s easy to use with simple tools that are designed for everyone. Whether you are an amateur or a pro, Filmora helps anyone create amazing visuals in no time.

Filmora Mod APK No Watermark 8.2 Download

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Features of FilmoraGO mod Apk

FilmoraGO is an easy-to-use video maker app for Android. It provides users with a whole array of video editing features to create professional-looking videos in minutes.

With FilmoraGO, you can shoot or import your videos directly from your smartphone or tablet, then turn them into amazing movies that you’ll be proud to share with friends and family.

Filmora Mod APK No Watermark 8.2 Download

In this section of the article, we are going to discuss a few mind-blowing features of FilmoraGO that will make your video editing experience on smartphones a lot more seamless and simplified. So without wasting any further time let’s get started with the video.

An efficient and optimized video editor designed to deliver top-notch performance

You can record your videos, edit them and apply filters with the help of FilmoraGo. There are no hiccups or bugs in the app’s operation. The UI of this app is very simple and easy to use. The editing options are also great. You can crop your videos, trim them, add text to them, etc. This app works perfectly fine on a 3GB Ram smartphone, however for a decent experience while editing, we suggest you have a minimum 4GB RAM smartphone. Its engine is heavily optimized and synchronized to deliver the best performance possible.

Filmora Mod APK No Watermark 8.2 Download

Socialize and Flex on Social media

The application is pretty simple to use. You can add videos and music from the phone, or you can add videos from Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. It also has a section for adding text to the video. After selecting the videos and photos, you will be shown options to choose different themes for your video. You can choose between various themes like Birthday Parties, Wedding Days, etc., which are available in different colors and styles.

Stock Music

FilmoraGO is a video editor app that lets you create beautiful movies in just a few taps. With over 10 million downloads, it’s the most popular and easiest-to-use video editor around. This top-rated app for Android allows you to easily make professional videos with your photos & videos in no time at all! You can add music from your library or choose from 25 different free tracks!

Filmora Mod APK No Watermark 8.2 Download

You can use these stock music as your background music without worrying over copyright issues and as a matter of fact, they are quite good too. However, if you want to import music from anywhere else you can do that too easily inside the FilmoraGO app.

Exclusive Themes

Each of the themes has an elegant design, making you feel comfortable when using them. A variety of fonts are also available for users to choose from.

Filmora Mod APK No Watermark 8.2 Download

There are several themes available in the FilmoraGO app, including holiday-themed ones such as Christmas and New Year’s. The app also has a Charlie Chaplin theme, which is based on the actor’s silent film era of comedy. Love is another theme that can be seen in this app with some joyous music and glowing color tones. You can explore many more themes inside the app on your own to find a perfect blend for your videos.

Control the Aspect Ratio 

With FilmoraGO, you get options to customize your aspect ratios in the way you want so that you get the exact fit for the video based on the platform you want to share it on. The app also suggests aspect ratios specifically for Instagram and YouTube.

Filmora Mod APK No Watermark 8.2 Download

Key Framing

This feature is about ‘Custom animation creation’, which refers to the process of creating an animated video with specific content by choosing the characters, props, background, and color scheme.

Motion Tracking

FilmoraGO has an object-detection tool for video editing that allows you to track the movement of objects in a frame, keeping them in focus and stable while avoiding shaky camera movements.

Filmora Mod APK No Watermark 8.2 Download

Audio Ducking

Users can fade music down as dialogue is spoken, such as ducking the background music. This effect is typically called audio ducking.

Color Correction

Filmora Mod APK No Watermark 8.2 Download

A color grading process enhances and changes the colors of images you want to edit. Every aspect of the colors can be changed vastly, including contrast, black and white levels, actual colors and shades, saturation, etc.

Additional Effects

Filmora allows users to add extra effects to videos such as green screen, split screen, title, transition, filters, motion elements, and more. Some of the effects are unique to Filmora and not available in other packages.

Video Marketing Tools

With FilmoraGO, you can scale up your business to create videos that are modified with a professional touch. You can add your business logo, watermarks, video titles, and end credits along with your themed music and effects. You can also record macros for performing repetitive tasks.

There are tonnes of other features that make FilmoraGO stand out and one of the most desired smartphone video editors. Having discussed the features associated with FilmoraGO, it’s time to move ahead and discuss a few Frequently Asked Questions related to the app.


Is the FilmoraGO app available on the Apple App Store?

Wondershare Filmora is a versatile video editing program that allows you to touch up your iPhone videos instantly. You can then share them on social media or save them as files on your computer. So, yes you can download the Wondershare FilmoraGo from the Apple App Store if you are an iPhone user, or else from the Google PlayStore if you are an Android user.

What are the RAM requirements for using the app?

Although there are no problems with using a smartphone that has 3GB of RAM for a better experience we still recommend you to have at least 4GB RAM. However, the equation of memory and performance across any app shows a directly proportional relationship, and especially in the case of a video editor, this factor is of high significance.

Is there an option to get paid premium features in the app?

Filmora Pro is available in India for INR 5,200 or $149.99 for a lifetime license, and for annual ownership, it costs $89.99. The Filmora software price for business packages is different and you can check it on their official website or directly from the app because it usually is a matter of small fluctuations. Also, you can avail yourself of some huge discounts on the pricing of FilmoraGO if you are a student using their discount offers.


In a nutshell, Filmora is a free video editor for Android that allows you to turn your everyday memories into something special. It’s one of the best tools to use when editing videos on Android devices because it has an array of features that make it easy to edit videos and add effects. Filmora can help even a non-tech-savvy person to create amazing videos with ease. Also, everyone can’t buy expensive PC setups and workstations to edit and make quality video content, Filmora mod gives that powerpack performance straight from the smartphone apps. And smartphones, being largely available in the hands of the population these days, can revolutionize and give power to everyone to showcase their creativity to the world.