Youtube Vanced Apk 18.4 Download For Android [Ad-Free]

Youtube Vanced Apk Download! If I am not wrong you have landed here in search of a Youtube Vanced application, so let me tell you dear that you are at the right place. Here you will not only get an App but will also get the complete detail about the Youtube Vanced application.

Youtube Vanced Apk 18.4 Download For Android [Ad-Free] Youtube Vanced

So YouTube Vanced application is nothing but the MOD version of YouTube application which provides more enhanced and advanced features that YouTube does not provide. Some mind-boggling features like background music and no ads on the app make this Youtube Vanced app great and easy to use.

Youtube Vanced (Youtube Premium) Apk Download

App NameYoutube Vanced
App Size84 MB
Required AndroidAndroid 5.0 +
Downloads100 Million +
Root RequiredNo
Last Updated1 day ago

Vanced Manager App

Screenshot of YouTube Vanced

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Key features of Youtube Vanced app

  1. No advertisements
  2. Background music play
  3. Force resolutions
  4. Repeat a video
  5. More themes
  6. Default playing video
  7. Picture in picture mode feature (PIP)

How to install Youtube Vanced APK for your Android Device

  1. The first step to installing YouTube Vanced APK is to tick the feature of unknown sources. You can simply do it by going to settings then to security and then by selecting unknown sources.
  2. Download the YouTube Vanced APK from here
  3. Install the application as you install other application
  4. Download the MicroG APK from here
    Download MicroG APK only if you want to log in to your account in the Youtube Vanced Application in order to play the videos as per your history.
  5. Install the MicroG application

Detailing about the above-mentioned features:

No advertisements -> You must have noticed in the Youtube app, whenever you play a video there are many types of ads that start appearing(some skippable and some non-skippable) which not only kill your time but also makes you frustrated. But yes when you use the Youtube Vanced app there is by the default setting of no advertisement which not only results in your productivity but also makes your experience good. By default Youtube Vanced comes with no ads setting but if you want you can do the ads setting for Youtube Vanced also.

Background music play -> Yes Youtube Vanced helps you to play any kind of audio or video in the background also. While using Youtube you must have noticed that in order to continue playing a video you have to keep your phone screen on all the time. But now with Youtube Vanced you can play the music in the background and do your work also.

Force resolutions – > In Youtube Vanced you can set the resolution of your video as per your need as it supports the Preferred resolution and speed feature.

YouTube Vanced Download
YouTube Vanced Download

Repeat a video -> Yes in Youtube Vanced you can repeat a video on autoplay feature. If you have ever used Youtube application then you must have come across this when you have to press the play button again and again in order to play your favorite video whenever a video gets an end. Now with Youtube Vanced if you have got your favorite song which you want to listen in repeat you can listen to the song without worrying about the fact that you have to press the paly now button every then and now when the song gets an end.

More themes -> Youtube Vanced comes with so many theme options where you can choose colors like dark, blue, black, pink as per your personal choice. Themes are on the important feature of any application when it comes to user interface and experience with the application. Some people like different colors in the application in the day time while some like different color combinations at night time.

Default playing video -> Yes with Youtube Vanced now you don’t need to worry about pressing the play button every time when a song gets the end, it will automatically play the next video. This feature not only saves user time but also helps him or her in not getting frustrated by pressing play now button every then and now when a video gets an end.

(PIP)Picture in picture mode feature -> Just imagine you are playing a video on Youtube app and suddenly you remember to send an email or any important work but you don’t want to stop the video, in such case only one thing can happen either you can continue playing your video or you can stop the video from being played come out of your Youtube app and do your important task. But now with Youtube Vanced, you can do multiple works on your phone by playing videos on Youtube Vanced also. This picture in picture mode decreases the resolution of the Youtube Vanced application and puts it into the lower bottom position and lets you do the rest of the work.

FAQ regarding Youtube Vanced APK Download

What is Youtube Vanced?

Youtube Vanced is a MOD version of the Youtube app that provides extra enhance features like PIP(Picture in Picture) mode, background music play, no advertisements, and many others. Due to such awesome features and specifications, this Youtube Vanced app has got a lot of popularity and has a big user base in the entire world.

Are Youtube and Youtube Vanced the same?

No, they are not same, Youtube Vanced is a MOD version of Youtube developed by some developers in order to give more user-friendly experience to users like displaying no ads while running video. The Youtube Vanced application is not present on the app store platform due to some privacy reasons.

Is it safe to use Youtube Vanced?

Yes, it is completely safe and secure to use Youtube Vanced, you can watch any video of your personal choice with or without logging into your account. There will be no transfer of data from your device to some other device, it is a rumor that some people have spread that Youtube Vanced send your data(the kind of videos you are watching) to the third party.

Does Youtube Vanced consume more data?

It is a complete myth spread by some haters of Youtube Vanced who wants to decrease the popularity of this application. Even in comparison to Youtube, it consumes fewer data since this application by default does not run ads on its platform. Not only this, Youtube Vanced never forces there users to log in to your account in order to play any video in the background or in the repeat mode.

Will my data remain safe after using Youtube Vanced?

Yes, your personal data will always remain safe and secure when you will use the Youtube Vanced application. You can watch videos on this platform even without logging into your account. There will be no third party transfer of data from your personal or non-personal device to some other device.

Is it necessary to install the MicroG application?

No, it not at all necessary to install the MicroG application in order to use Youtube Vanced app. It is important when we need to log into our account on Youtube Vanced in order to get videos of our subscriptions, then only MicroG is required otherwise it is not necessary at all.

What is the relation between Youtube Vanced and MicroG?

The only relation between Youtube Vanced and MicroG comes when a user needs to log into their account in order to see their videos in particular to subscriptions then the only installation of Youtube Vanced and MicroG is needed otherwise MicroG is not required to be installed.

Does PiP (Picture in Picture) mode work?

Yes PIP( Picture in picture ) mode works only on those devices which have the operating system updated to Oreo. Below oreo operating system picture in picture mode won’t work.

Conclusion regarding Youtube Vanced

On a final note if you are looking for a video platform that does not let you frustrate through ads and pressing the play now button again and again in order to play the video then this Youtube Vanced application is right for you.