FM Whatsapp Apk Latest v21.5 Download

FM Whatsapp Apk Latest v21.5 Download

A multitude of technological improvements and advancements leads to a huge usage of smartphones and their products. In the last decade, the development of smartphone technology and its application has grown disrupted. Smartphones are among the most often used handheld devices. The number of mobile users worldwide was 3.6 billion in 2020, up 5.9% from the previous year, which will rise to 4.3 billion by 2023. Many problem-solving applications have also emerged as a result of the increase in internet and smartphone users. 

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By this time, a wide range of applications and social networks had emerged, including YouTube, Google apps, Reddit, Twitter, and many more. Various networking apps have been introduced in order to digitally link individuals. Instagram, Twitter, and Whatsapp are some examples of social networking applications. In which Whatsapp is the most popular and most used server. Almost everyone has a mobile in this modern age, there’s a good chance of having WhatsApp on their devices.

 According to the latest reports, WhatsApp has more than a billion daily active users worldwide. Whatsapp offers the opportunity to share text messages, phone calls, audio, pictures as well as videos. It is an end-to-end encrypted application that doesn’t allow any third-party services to access it, which is a major advantage in terms of privacy. On the other hand, there are some factors that annoy the users a lot such as the maximum allowed file size is 100 MB for PDFs, documents, spreadsheets, and slideshows. Secondly one can send only 30 images at a time. The third factor is the limitation of the video file to 16 MB. As a result, these restrictions are very inconvenient for the users. Thus users begin searching for an option that is void of these constraints. The closest example of those alternatives is FMWhatsapp. It unlocks nearly all of the features that were previously limited in the original.

FMWhatsapp File Info

FMwhatsapp is developed by a developer known as Fouad Mokdad. He expanded the App’s functionality to another range and introduced it to the users. This application is regarded as the finest and most wonderful. Install the software on your phone and start using it right away. More choices will be available if you download the FM WhatsApp app. Using your Android phone.

FM Whatsapp Apk Latest v21.5 Download
Application NameFMWhatsapp
Size52.2 MB
Supported DevicesAndroid 4.0 +
Last UpdatedOne Day Ago

What is FM Whatsapp?

FMwhatsapp is the modified version of WhatsApp that enables various services that are not provided by the original one. FMwhatsapp is developed by a developer known as Fouad Mokdad. He expanded the App’s functionality and introduced it to the users. This application was created to help users get around WhatsApp’s limits and overuse prohibitions. This application is really simple to download and install on any mobile device. This app has some of the finest themes and features which are very rare to find. As FM Whatsapp is an unofficial application, it is not available in the Google Play store. But one can download and install the most recent version of FM Whatsapp from any secure third-party website. One should exercise caution and use an antivirus before installing the FM Whatsapp application, as third-party websites can contain viruses and malware. This application has some very amazing features, such as FmwhatsApp lets you mask your last viewed, distribution report, online status, and other icons. You benefit from the versatility of the library’s thousands of themes, which have a wide range of choices.

Features of FM Whatsapp

FM Whatsapp is partly different from whatsapp, because the mod version has various kinds of upgraded features. FM Whatsapp has several exclusive features which are very rare to find. FM whatsapp avails the features that are not visible in whatsapp. FM Whatsapp’s most recent update has major features and special functionality, some of them are mentioned below.

  • FM Whatsapp has an App lock built in that isn’t available in the original App. A password can be used to protect the Application.
  • The original whatsapp application is capable of pin only three chats, but with FM Whatsapp one can pin up to 100 chats.
  • By attaching pins to the chat, one can ensure the total conversation.
  • One can send messages to a wide community of 500 people through this app. Where the original whatsapp application allows only 250 users.
  • The updated version of  FM WhatsApp APK helps to mask the state of typing and recording by modifying things.
  • In FM Whatsapp 60 images can be sent to a single destination. This is not permitted by the original application.
  • In this application contacts for receiving messages do not need to be saved. One can send messages to unsaved contacts in this application.
  • FM Whatsapp gives you much finer handling of the blue ticks.
  • In FM Whatsapp the grey ticks only turn blue if one responds to the talk.
  • The video calling function in FM whatsapp can be turned off, which was not possible in the original Application.
  • One can customize any of the App’s icons by modifying their colours and graphics.
  • If a user wants to delete the drafted letter, no one would be able to interrogate you about what you were typing and recording. This is the most comprehensive set of features available in any program.
  • Users have complete freedom to apply custom themes to the catalogue, which can hold thousands of them.
  • One can change the original App’s green theme to any colour as per choice and choose from the library.

Required Permissions

Since FM Whatsapp is mostly accessed from a third-party server, special approvals must be given in order for it to function properly. A list of permission is given below. Before you install it, make sure to read the instructions thoroughly.

  • Disable Background Tasks
  • WiFi, Bluetooth, Camera, Mike, and NFC are all available.
  • Obtain Accounts
  • Location of the Access Device
  • Write Contacts
  • Vibrate 
  • Send SMS
  • Contacts should be read
  • Record audio
  • Make an audio recording
  • External Storage (Write)
  • Make use of Maps Services

Pro and cons of FM Whatsapp

FM Whatsapp avails a lot of features, which is generally unavailable in the original application. 

Some of the advantages of FM Whatsapp are mentioned below :

  • One can remain offline even while using WhatsApp.
  • It has an anti-delete function that prevents the received messages from being deleted by the receiver.
  • One can share large files up to 700 MB.
  • Users can share 30 images in one message.
  • One of the fantastic features of FMWhatsApp MOD is the ability to hide your online status.
  • One can choose any kind of theme from the library, which contains over a thousand different options.
  • FM WhatsApp Messages can also be sent to Instagram.
  • FM Whatsapp will finally put an end to such creepy and annoying calls from anonymous numbers. This feature gives your Android phone an extra layer of protection.
  • To begin messaging on WhatsApp, forget about saving sums and checking your contacts.
  • Simply choose the three dots in the right-hand corner by clicking on them.
  • With this app, you can keep all of your secrets and personal messages secure.
  • And if you don’t have the person’s phone number, the hassle-free FM WhatsApp APK allows you to approach them right away.
  • You have the power of your last seen case, as well as the state of your calls and recordings. To all those blue ticks, grey ticks, and single ticks, as well.
  • You can send a single text message to your loved one at any time, and there is also a Fingerprint Screen Lock option. This functionality allows you to mask all texts.
  • The software lock is integrated into FMWhatsApp. You can use letters and numbers to build your password, or you can also use your finger to lock it.

Disadvantage of FM Whatsapp

FM Whatsapp has a lot of benefits, but it still has some disadvantages. Some major disadvantage are mentioned below  :

  • As it is not the official whatsapp , the processing of all the functions work very slowly.
  • Since it was created by an unauthorised developer, he has access to all text messages, photographs, videos, and documents sent and received in the application.
  • Users may face issues of getting the WhatsApp accounts suspended, requiring us to reinstall the original app.
  • The patches are still behind the official app’s. As a result of the late upgrade, critical security features could be exposed.

FM Whatsapp vs Whatsapp

WhatsApp is termed as one of the most commonly downloaded chat apps on the planet, with over a billion downloads in both the play store and the app store. It provides users with unrestricted video and text messaging for free as long as they are connected to a device. On the other hand, there are several features that irritate users greatly. To resolve that issue  developer Fouad Mokdad developed a modified version of whatsapp known as FM Whatsapp. This modified version avails a lot of functions which are  not visible in the original one. As a result, a comparison of FM Whatsapp and Whatsapp is given below, based on their various features.

  • Many Accounts to Manage

One will use FM Whatsapp to manage several accounts on the same device. Whereas the normal version of whatsapp allows only one kind of account at a time.

  • Upgraded video calling

Face-to-face chat is supported by all messenger applications. However, the modded FM Whatsapp, has improved consistency and improved video streaming from the original version of whatsapp.

  • Messages on FM  WhatsApp may be scheduled.

People love this function because it allows users to schedule the message. One  has to do is set a time and the message will be delivered to the receiver at that time. 

  • Themes collection

Users can choose millions of themes in the FM Whatsapp theme shop. One can customize their own themes and search the internet for more pictures from inside the application, allowing you to have greater control over the app’s appearance.

  • Accessibility

WhatsApp’s regular edition is released in two versions: the official channel and a trial testing version, for Android, iOS, Windows, and other smartphone stores. FM Whatsapp, on the other hand, is not available on the Google Play Store but can be downloaded as an APK file from any secured third-party website.

  • Hide the last seen

WhatsApp has a feature that helps you to conceal your last location from stalkers. If the user mask is last seen, then the whole contact list last seen will be hidden as well. However, this is not the case for FM Whatsapp, which allows you to mask last seen with only chosen contacts.

  • Character Count Limitations

Since FM Whatsapp allows users to write their status up to 250 characters rather than just 139, one can now use longer quotes in your statuses. You can conveniently share large quotes on their WhatsApp status.

  • Sharing Photographs and Videos

Official WhatsApp allows you to share up to 10 pictures at a time, while FM whatsapp allows you to share up to 60 photographs with one swipe, which is a great feature. The basic edition allows you to send videos up to 16 MB in size, while FM Whatsapp allows you to send videos up to 100 MB in size. As a result, one will now have fun sharing large video files with their contacts.

  • Passcodes Can Be Added To the Messages

One can apply a lock to their personal chats and keep them away from prying eyes with the FM Whatsapp. You’ll need a third-party app to do this on WhatsApp. One can now easily lend the phone to their friends without fear of them listening in on private conversations..

  • Blocking

Blocking is applied to connections only in the original version. FM Whatsapp goes a step further by banning unauthorized audio and video calls.

  • Second Ticks can be hidden.

Ticks can now be hidden on WhatsApp. Many users who have sent messages would not be able to indicate whether they have been read or not. According to double ticks, users will be able to see the updates are sent to you. This modded version goes a bit further by allowing to mask second ticks as well, making the sender believe the information never entered the device.

  • Security is crucial.

Where it comes to security, WhatsApp has proved its ethics. As a result, one can use it without fear of disclosing sensitive or confidential information because it is end-to-end encrypted. Meanwhile, FM Whatsapp is based on the WhatsApp plan, which might cause security issues.

How to Download & Install FMWhatsApp 

FM Whatsapp is not the official version, thus it is not available in any play store or app store. It can be downloaded from any secured third-party website. Hence the download and the installation process are a little different. As a result, specific instructions are given below to assist you in successfully downloading and installing the application.

FM Whatsapp for Android: How to Download and Install

  • To download FMWhatsApp APK on your Android smartphone, click the Download APK button.
  • If you’ve completed the update, the APK file will appear in your file manager.
  • Visit file manager and click install apk file.
  • A popup will appear during installation asking you to activate unknown services.
  • The FM WhatsApp APK will then be installed on your phone.
  • Enter the mobile number, OTP, and name as directed on the device.
  • One can now connect the phone number to their contacts and begin texting other users, relatives, and family members.

FM Whatsapp for Windows & PC : How to Download and Install

  • To download FMWhatsApp APK on your PC, windows click the Download APK button.
  • Download Bluestacks and install it on your computer.
  • Once you’ve successfully configured blue-stacks, you’ll be able to use it.
  • Drag the APK file into the simulator (Blue-stacks).
  • The installation process will take a few minutes to complete.
  • Follow the mentioned steps and allow required permission, and you are good to go.


Is it safe to use FM WhatsApp?

Since this app uses the official WhatsApp API. It  is completely safe to use, and there is no risk of your WhatsApp account being suspended. This App has now been downloaded by millions of people. Data is completely secure in FMWhatsapp.

Is it possible to use both FM WhatsApp and WhatsApp at the same time?

Yes, it is possible. Both mods can be enabled on your phone because their file names are distinct. However, each app would need a separate cell phone number.

Where can I find FMWhatsapp to download?

You download Fm Whatsapp directly from website

What Is The Best Way To Update FM WhatsApp To The Latest Version?

When a new version of FM WhatsApp is launched, you can download the newest APK file from here and install it on your device. The installation procedure is the same as it was mentioned above.


FM Whatsapp enables various features which are very rare to find in the official one. WhatsApp mod is the app to use if you want something better or a bit more range. FMWhatsapp has all of the new additions that the previous edition lacked. Though the availability of mod applications is huge, the FM Whatsapp apk is termed to be the best one. FM Whatsapp adds upgrade features to the original software, enhancing its versatility. It’s almost identical to official WhatsApp, but it has some exclusive interface customization options. Since it is downloaded from a third-party server, it is best to be aware of the major security issues in order to escape any dangers.