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Books are the best friends, you all have heard this before. But today, people prefer to use audiobooks instead of reading books. Unlike reading books that give peace to your mind, audiobooks do the same but in a better way. Listening to books is a wonderful new way of reading. It gives you a deep knowledge of books. It is assumed that listening is better than reading. Hope you all want to listen to audiobooks of good biographies, learn about Indian literature and also about the expensive books which you like the most. Literature is the thing that has been nourishing human civilization for many years. This audible book is the new outcome of technology which is giving us a new ability to make reading faster in a  more convenient way. The books on the shelf denote the past but now audiobooks are the latest technology. Books always need space, maintenance, a non-dusty place and no worm-eating place. In all these, audiobooks are a boon for book lovers. It just needs you and your phone.

You can say,it is a newfound love for the people who always desired to have knowledge of books. Opportunities to listen to books in your free time can save your time reading. This strengthens your mind and gives you a profound knowledge of your favourite book. Listening can improve your pronunciation and give you a diction of words. It helps to gather a vocabulary of the right words. Just think about the time, you can have your favourite book with you for free. An app which is offering you a wide range of different kinds of books to listen to for free. Generally, an audible book app has a very limited category of books in them. And you have to pay if you want to listen more out of their stock. Another common problem in other apps is the advertisement while listening to books. An app named, Kuku FM has all these features which will be hands-free and tireless pleasant experience with absolutely no disturbance. While reading 100 pages of one book is a time taking process, in the Kuku FM app you can listen to almost a hundred pages at one go. The audio option is available in both speakers for a large mass of people and you can enjoy your me-time individually with your headset. You will definitely have a great experience in a short time which is a smooth and satisfying experience. You can listen to any category of the book available on this app without exchanging any money. This is a hundred per cent safe and secure app. The most amazing feature of this app, it is ad-free. There is no advertisement between listening which does not ruin your period of listening. Because of such features, the Kuku FM app is the most popular app nowadays. You just need to plug in and enjoy the content in your time which you were not utilising before.

Kuku FM MOD Apk v2.6 -Premium Unlocked
App NameKuku FM
Root RequiredNo
Required Android5.0+
VersionLatest Version
Last Update1 Day Ago

What is the Kuku FM app?

The Kuku FM app is one of the most popular apps which has an audio listening option. This application originated in India. This is a totally Indian application that has a huge collection of different categories of books. All content available on this application is high quality. You can access different cultures with this app. There is no age restriction to use the app because it has all kinds of books. It is for all age groups of people, society and the entire genre. There are many categories present in the app which have topics include spiritual, economics, management, psychology, science, technology, motivation, horror and many others. There are approximately ten thousand topics available which give you a vast range of interest. You have different categories to explore and learn from topics. It is an Android application. You can download it from Google Play Store. Now Google Play Store has millions of downloads already. This app has safety and no security issues. Kuku FM allows us to listen to audiobooks, spiritual books like Bhagavad Gita and your favourite book stories for free. Not only the wide range of categories, it also has various languages such as Hindi, Marathi, Bangla, Gujarati and Tamil. You can have all these features only in one app.

Description of the most amazing features of the application.

Kuku FM MOD Apk v2.6 -Premium Unlocked

Audible books 

It has a huge category of audible books available in the form of audio or ebooks. Categories like traditional, leadership, management, self-defence, comedy, crime stories and haunted stories etc. You can listen to many audiobooks for free. 

Story summary

There are so many books which you want to read but book reading is time taking. But this app is giving you a feature in which the summary of any story is audible. You can listen to hundreds of pages in one go. It is really time-saving and a convenient way to read a book of your choice.

Kuku FM MOD Apk v2.6 -Premium Unlocked


It has podcasts like spiritual, story and courses. You can listen to popular podcasts including Ramayan, Mahabharat and Bhagavad Gita. You can listen to any story here which has horror, crime and love kind of tales. It has podcast courses such as UPSC, history and government jobs.

No advertisement

While using any app the major problem is an advertisement. A story can easily be ruined by an advertisement but the Kuku FM app has the feature of no ad between audio. This is a totally ad-free app which gives you a brilliant experience and satisfaction also.

Kuku FM MOD Apk v2.6 -Premium Unlocked

Variety of language 

This is an Indian app so it has audio in different languages. Anyone can listen to their desired audio in their own language. There are so many people who like to listen to audio in their local language which this app is providing you. The Kuku FM app has audio in Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Gujarati etc languages.

Safe and secure 

You can directly install this app from the Google Play Store. There are millions of downloaded Play Store messages giving your security of its safety and security. You do not need to worry about the privacy of this app. It is 100% safe and there is no issue with its privacy. 

Famous books available on the Kuku FM app

  • Chanakya niti
  • Bhagwat Geeta
  • Ramayan
  • Sita the warrior of Mithila
  • Think and grow rich
  • The science of success
  • Behind the clouds


As we have discussed the introduction part and all the features of the Kuku FM app we can conclude that this is the most amazing app for audible books. It has the widest range with so many categories available. It has overall 10 categories in it and after that subcategories are also available. This app has all these features for free. There are so many books which you cannot buy but you can listen to this app. Famous biographies and personality books are also available. You can prepare for your courses like UPSC and government jobs from here. It has biographies and autobiographies of many famous personalities. It has audio for all age groups. From a student to the choice of senior citizens, it has all the desired content. Listening to books gives you mental strength and you can picture more clearly than reading a book. And this process of listening will help you to memorize any story of a book for a long time. You will definitely love this application and will refer to others also and enjoy audible books rather than reading. It is the best outcome of technology for readers and learners. Any person can listen anywhere. It also has a sleep timer feature. You can set your sleep time in it too. You just need to install this app and plugin your headset then enjoy your desired audio.