Google Assistant Apk Download Latest version 2022

Google Assistant APk Download! If I am not wrong you are someone who is looking for an assistant especially for your mobile which can help you to speed up things in your life so that more productivity can be achieved in your work and more work can be done efficiently. So my dear friend let me tell you that you have landed at the right place, here you will not only get the complete details about the Google Assistant app but will also get the Google Assistant app.

Google Assistant APK

Key Features of Google Assistant App

  1. Control your tech devices and your smart home devices compatible with Google Assistant.
  2. Access information from your calendars and other personal information from your device with just a voice message.
  3. Find information online, from restaurant bookings to directions, weather forecasts, and daily news.
  4. Have a handy control over your music playlist.
  5. Play content on your Chromecast or other compatible devices.
  6. Run timers and reminders.

Google Assistant Apk Download

Google Assistant Apk Download Latest version 2022 Google Assistant Apk
App NameGoogle Assistant
App Size0.8 MB
Required AndroidAndroid 4.2 and up
Downloads10 Million +
Root RequiredNo
VersionLatest Version
Last Updated1 day ago

How to install Google Assistant for your Android Device.

  1. Download the Google Assistant app from the download link anywhere from this page or simply click here.
  2. Now simply install Google Assistant APK from the folder where your all downloads go.
  3. Open Google Assistant once it is installed, and further enjoy the amazing services of Google Assistant.
Google Assistant APK
Google Assistant APK

Some more Key features in detail

Audiobooks -> You can instruct Google Assistant to read a book or read my audiobook. Basically, you can add your best books in Audiobooks and instruct google to read the book for you.

Calculate -> Just imagine you need to do a calculation suddenly and it’s very important, here Google Assistant can help you. For example What is 25% of 1567? What is pi times 8976.89? Google Assistant can help you get through results within a second of time and can save a lot of time of yours.

Device Control -> Yes with the help of Google Assistant you can really control your device with just a voice message. Imagine turning off Bluetooth with just a voice message or opening a Youtube app with just a voice message. Just you need to say “Hey Google Turn of the Bluetooth” or “Hey Google Open Youtube”.

Shopping –> Yes Google Assistant can help you to make your shopping list easily. For example, all you need to say is “Hey Google Add milk to the shopping list” that’s it, your stuff is added to the list.

News -> You can get the latest news on any topic just with a simple voice message like “Hey Google what’s the latest news about the Amazon rain forest”.

Personal stuff -> You can also schedule your personal stuff like a meeting or lunch date with your special one with the help of Google Assistant. For example “Hey Google when is my flight” or “Hey Google what’s my next meeting”.

Dictionary -> You can get to know the exact meaning of any word with the help of Google Assistant. For example “Hey Google What’s does materialism corresponds to?”.

Travel -> Yes you can also schedule your flight journey and get all the information about your flight with the help of Google. For example, “Hey Google What is the time of the next flight from Delhi to Mumbai? “

Conversions -> Yes Google Assistant can help you with conversions. For example, “Hey Google how much 500$ becomes in Indian National rupees”.

Video call -> Yes with the help of Google Assistant you can video call to your friends and family just with a voice message. For example “Hey Google make a video call to sam”.

Memory Aid -> Imagine making your assistant learn some important codes and passwords. With the help of Google Assistant, you can make an assistant learn important codes and terms. For example “Hey Google Remember my Facebook password is @123qwe”.

Places nearby -> You get to a new place and need to find some amazing places nearby. just say “Hey Google the nearby restaurants”.

Search -> Search anything you want, no matter how weird or funny it is. For example “Hey Google tell me a joke” or something like “Hey Google ask me a riddle”.

Finance -> Get to know about the finance happening across the traders. For example, “Hey Google at what point did Nifty closed yesterday?”

My assistant -> Ask some very funny or assistant level questions to Google Assistant. Like “Hey Google can you dance?”

Fun -> You can ask Google to tell you a joke. Something like “Ok Google tell me a joke!”

Music -> Just with a simple voice message you can play music with the help of Google Assistant. For example, “Ok Google play the song counting stars on Youtube.”

Nutrition -> Get to know various nutritional facts with the help of Google Assistant. Something like “Ok Google tells me the number of calories in a banana”.

Translation -> How about asking Google to translate a sentence in a particular language? Something like “Ok Google how to say I love you in Italian?”

Navigate -> How about asking google to navigate to a particular place? For example “Ok Google navigate me to Taj Mahal” or “Ok Google navigate to the museum of Modern Art”

Alarms -> How about setting an alarm with a simple voice message? Something like “Ok Google set the alarm for 6 PM”.

Reminders -> Use Google Assistant to set reminders in your daily life. Something like “Hey Google remind me for a call to Joe at 9:30 PM”.

Games -> Instruct Google to play a game with you. For example, “Ok Google let’s play a trivia game.”

Messages -> Send a message to anyone with just a voice. For example, “Ok google send the text message to David saying I am on leave today”.

Weather -> Ask Google Assistant about the weather forecast. Something like “Ok Google hows the weather will be tomorrow in Delhi?”

Calls -> “Ok Google make a call to mom”. Yes just with a voice message you can call anyone within a second without touching the phone.

Topical news -> Get all the topical news with just a voice message. Something like “Ok Google tells me the cryptocurrency news”

Sports -> Yes now with Google Assistant you can see the latest trending news of sports, For example, something like Hey Google what is the result of the second match between India vs South Africa?

FAQs(Frequently Asked Questions) regarding Google Assistant App

What is Google Assistant?

Google Assistant app helps you to make your daily life easy by doing your work with just a voice message, like “Ok Google make a phone call to David” or “Ok Google set the alarm for 6:30 PM” and brings efficiency and productivity to your life.

Is it safe to use Google Assistant App?

Yes, it is completely safe and secure to use the google assistant app. Google is one of the biggest corporations in the world with over 200 billion dollars of evaluation.

Does Google Assistant app consume more data?

No Google Assistant app does not consume more data, it consumes data as per the requirement.

Will my personal data remain safe?

Yes, your personal data will always remain safe and secure after using Google Assistant. Google does not give your data to any third party without your concern.

Conclusion regarding Google Assistant App

If you are looking for an that is safe and secure to use and you want to increase your productivity multiple times then you must use Google Assistant APK for your daily day to day activities.