Scribble Rider MOD v2.1 Apk+OBB Download 2022

Scribble Rider MOD v2.1 Apk+OBB Download 2022

Today, in high tech-related jobs in the market, one is busy with or often gets comfortable with their own desk jobs. To freshen up the things in between techies consider playing stress-free games to relax a bit. A decade earlier when anyone wanted to play games, he could do so on a computer or Playstation. Considering gaming in mobile was not even a good choice at that time and of course multiplayer was not even an option. Even then, games mostly on Nokia phones such as snakes, cricket etc. were played and liked by everyone. In recent times, mobile games have opened a huge virtual world to hardcore as well as normal gamers also.

Scribble Rider MOD Apk

App NameScribble Rider MOD
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Device SupportedAndroid
SizeVaries with device
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Different genres of games provide their respective virtual world to the one who is playing. Consider, hardcore, high-end gaming, it has developed a whole new industry (Gaming) in the market. The quality of games has been increasing day by day. The mobile game developers are putting more effort into making games different, unique, addictive, and with impressive graphics quality. Mobile gamers stream their play in various platforms such as Twitch, Youtube, Facebook, etc. and have a huge fan base. They also get paid via these platforms and also generate their revenue through advertising contracts. With this ongoing pandemic, the gaming community has increased considerably. Now, consider low-end and casual gaming, it is just to relax one from the daily hustle of one’s busy life.

Such games also have various genres such as puzzles, arcade, action, education, etc. These tend to provide free time fun and often check our brain capabilities by various puzzle games. They can be played on low-end spec mobile phones due to their small size and low specs requirements. These games are not age-restricted and can be played by any age category. They are very helpful for children as these games are having brain-related orientation. One such game falls in the casual category and action genre is Scribble Rider.

What is Scribble Rider

First, let’s break the word “Scribble Rider” into two separate words “Scribble” and “Rider”. The Meaning of “Scribble” is to draw casually and “Rider” means to to drive. Scribble Rider is a free, light low-end spec genre game that often tests the capability of one’s brain’s imagination to draw wheels of the “all terrain vehicle” provided to you so that the vehicle traverses uninterrupted in the terrain they are driving through.

The shape of the tyres that will be determined by the player at the starting and as the vehicle progresses through various terrains, one has to change or redraw it depending on the terrain you are in. One can draw certain shapes to sketch out the wheels at the bottom of the screen. The game mechanics are so well designed that even the size of the wheel matters in the terrain that one is driving. The game provides various terrains such as mountains, water, air, desert, volcanos, etc. With the use of the vehicle, one can roll, swim, and fly. There are various levels with difficulty levels rising in each one of them.

Your competition will be with another rider (CPU) that will run simultaneously with you. One has to just defeat the other rider to win the respective level. In the path or track, there are coins that one can collect and use these coins for buying rider’s outfits, bikes and the wheels. By buying such unique items one’s in-game experience will be greatly enhanced and these items will be displayed while playing. This game has a vibration enabled a feature which is very handy when there are obstacles ahead and the rider needs to change the shape of the wheels that suits that particular terrain. Playing feels livid when enabling vibration.

This game is also useful for children to be able to recognize the terrain and draw the wheels that are useful there. This game can develop the ability of problem-solving in kids with the help of recognizing the shapes. This game teaches one about the features of the shapes and their logical use. Often kids ask about the wheels being round? No worry just ask your kids to play this game and see for yourself. The ability of this game to run smoothly on low-spec mobile phones is a great advantage. Not a very feature loaded or heavy game, but this game has everything one needs. Kids are gonna learn with play.  

Feature of Scribble Rider

  • Best in-game experience for such a low-end game.
  • Small in size.
  • Draw any shape of your choice.
  • Lots of vehicles such as hoverboards, bikes, amphibious vehicles, quad bikes, etc.
  • Various terrain to explore such as mountains, ice, water, air, volcanic islands, etc.
  • Various in-built riders, wheels and outfits.
  • Availability of offline mode.
  • No age restriction.
  • Kids friendly with a simplified interface.
  • Creative and entertaining.
  • Special drone levels also.
  •  No-glitches


With the gaming section influencing the mobile phone’s market, there is a trend in today’s youth involving hard-core gaming but sometimes such casual games like Scribble Rider etc. are a boon to have in your phone. Casual games can make you think in a logical way and can develop a children’s mind. Making shapes and using it in a very unique way is an impressive part of this game. Such games can be a free time boon for all age categories. Gaming, which is going to increase in the upcoming years, so does gaming apps and their quality.

It does not always require a game to be highly graphics-oriented, sometimes logical games are fun to work with. Scribble Rider fulfils this logical section and tops in its genre. It is a great concept of imagination and game mechanics together. Drawing and racing is an impressive combo that one can have. This game is developed with the partnership of Unity Gaming, which is not just a name but a brand among the gaming fraternity. Scribble Rider which is developed by VOODOO and Unity gaming is a game worth checking out.