Kirby Mass Attack ROM Download

Kirby Mass Attack ROM Download

A platform game in the Kirby series, Kirby Mass Attack ROM, was developed by HAL Laboratory and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo DS. The original arcade game Lemmings served as the game’s inspiration. It is the fourth and last Kirby game on the DS, released around the globe in the winter of 2011. Later, the game was made accessible through the Wii U’s Virtual Console on December 29, 2015, in PAL areas, February 29, 2016, in Japan, and July 28, 2016, in North America.

Kirby Mass Attack ROM Download
ROMKirby Mass Attack ROM
Console:Nintendo DS
DeveloperHAL Laboratory

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Gameplay of Kirby Mass Attack ROM

Kirby Mass Attack ROM distinguishes itself from the rest of the series despite being a platformer starring Kirby, thanks to several significant advancements. Although each of these Kirbys has far fewer skills than the original Kirby, the player may control up to 10 more Kirbys thanks to Necrodeus’ sorcery rather than just one.

Similar to Kirby: Canvas Curse, all player contact in Kirby Mass Attack takes place only on the Nintendo DS’s Touch Screen. The player’s stylus may be used to move Kirby’s heroic heart across the screen, and the other Kirbys will follow it. The Kirbys will try to locate where your tap is by attempting. If you touch them two times in a short period, they will begin sprinting rather than walking.

All Kirbys will deal with the opponent or item that was tapped tied to it. As long as there are enough Kirbys, they will attack foes and attempt to destroy any barriers in their path. A Kirby may be moved by flicking the stylus in the appropriate direction while being controlled. Bouncing anything against certain trees may cause their fruit to fall off. If the player keeps the stylus still too long, the Kirbys will gather around the heroic heart and start to glow. In Kirby: Canvas Curse, sliding the stylus across the screen creates lines that are physically similar to Rainbow Lines. The Kirbys will go closer to the player’s chosen course if they follow their hearts, even though the user only has a finite quantity of ink at their disposal. The player will be given a button to press to assist the Kirbys in pushing or pulling an item or adversary.

The game’s primary objective is to collect as many Kirbys as you can inside of a level by eating fruit, then successfully guide a certain amount of them to the level’s finish so they can be placed back on the overworld map. A barrier can only be removed or utilised when enough Kirbys are tugging or pushing on it, and certain levels can only be reached from the overworld map if there are at least as many Kirbys as are required to enter the stage (the game depicts the Kirbys pressing on a switch). The monster always appears at the level’s centre, and each level’s hub shows the level’s stages as concentric rings connected by hallways. As you go through the stories leading up to the grand finale, you’ll require an increasing number of Kirbys. The levels may be completed in any sequence, but you can access several ones at once by bursting rainbow bubbles to create rainbow bridges. After each stage, a switch must be turned to advance to the next.

Each level has a single, unique Shortcut Door that is always concealed and opens to a shortcut in the form of a catapult. You must first overcome some barriers if you wish to enter. If Kirby has already completed the stage it is in; he may use the catapult to go through the more challenging sections. But if he did, he would pass on most of the stage’s collectables and points. Invincible Candy will start to materialise in specific locations of a level to aid the player after three failed efforts to accomplish it.

The first four stages are Green Grounds, Sandy Canyon, Dedede Resort, and Volcano Valley. Except for Green Grounds, which only has 11, the levels span from 1 to 12. After finishing all 52 grades, the fifth and last stage of the game, Necro Nebula, will become accessible. This level consists of four parts, the last of which is a boss showdown.

At first, there will be two Kirbys, but as you change levels, there will only be one. Skullys will swoop down and capture any lone Kirbys as they ride the Warp Star between groups. The Skullys guarding the first four islands will leave their stations and hasten out of Necro Nebula while you’re busy opening it up. As a result, even after visiting Necro Nebula, there won’t be any fewer Kirbys to encounter when moving between islands. When the game is over, there won’t be any opponents flying over the Popopo Islands, allowing the Kirbys to traverse them without fear freely. If you use the Warp Star to go back to a level you’ve already completed or lose a lot of Kirbys, every food on a particular stage will change into melons that give 30 points each, except Maxim Tomatoes. With this, the player may quickly replenish their Kirby supply to the maximum level and continue playing. The player’s bonus fruit will revert to the standard selection of apples and bananas when 10 Kirbys have been collected.

You must uncover and recover metals concealed behind various barriers to advance in the game and open new minigames and checklists. There are between three and five of each kind, a glossy rainbow-coloured one and a golden one, on each level (except for the groups with the bosses, which have none). The reverse is true because Necro Nebula cannot be obtained without the Rainbow Medals.

Another key selling feature of the game is the abundance of unlocked minigames. The gameplay, main characters, and Copy Abilities of the minigames have references to earlier games, including Kirby: Right Back at Ya!

Features of Kirby Mass Attack ROM

The Popopo Islands, a collection of islands in Popstar’s southern hemisphere, were investigated by Kirby. When Kirby was dozing off in a field, Necrodeus, the villainous leader of the Skull Gang, fell from the skies. Kirby broke into ten pieces when Necrodeus attacked him with his magic staff, each slightly more potent than the original. The last Kirby discovers a little star that turns out to be his own brave heart after nine out of 10 Kirbys are swiftly defeated. He faces Necrodeus in space after learning about the Popopo Islands, beats him, and then uses the might of his staff to put the 10 Kirbys back in their original shape.

HAL Laboratories created Kirby Mass Attack, and both Mari Shirakawa, the game’s director, and Masanobu Yamamoto, its producer, are recognised for their contributions to the endeavour. This game was created due to HAL Laboratories’ desire to test out novel gameplay elements for the Kirby series. Thus, the emphasis shifted from group management to Copy Abilities, often essential in Kirby games. The level design was kept simple due to the need to manage many Kirbys at once, requiring less “athleticism” than is often required in most platforming levels. We included high scores and medal collection into the game because we believed they would be a fun complement to the premise of managing a squad.

Kirby Mass Attack was created on the Nintendo DS even though it was released long after the Nintendo 3DS was announced. It was developed for an earlier system and made available on a more recent one. According to Shirikawa, one major cause is that the game wouldn’t have effectively used the system’s stereoscopic 3D capabilities. Its development for the Nintendo 3DS was consequently unnecessary.

Kirby Mass Attack, shown and introduced during the 2011 Electronic Entertainment Expo, is now available. It first became available in Japan on August 4, 2011, and subsequently on September 19 in the US. In PAL countries, it was released in October of the same year.

The five-volume Atsumete! Kirby’s manga adaptation of the series was written by Chisato Seki and had illustrations by Yumi Tsukirino. The first instalments of the Japanese company Asahi Production’s 2016 serialisation were made available on the Facebook-based social networking site. According to the 7th edition, Atsumete! Kirby was discontinued in 2016. Three hardback volumes of the manga, dubbed “Kirby MASTER” in Japan, were released. These compilations included full-colour renditions of the manga’s pages and brand-new, unpublished tales.

FAQs of Kirby Mass Attack ROM

Does the Kirby Mass Attack present any unique challenges?

Compared to earlier Kirby video games, Mass Attack has a relatively high difficulty level. Maintaining your team size at all times is critical since some features in each group need a certain number of Kirbys to activate them (often 10).

How many planets are playable in Kirby Mass Attack?

There are five different levels in the primary narrative mode of Kirby Mass Attack. The first four episodes occur in the Popopo Islands, a group of islands in Popstar’s southern sector. Once all of the Rainbow Medals have been gathered from the first four levels, you may visit the fifth and final level, Necro Nebula.

Playing Kirby Mass Attack, is it worth your time and energy?

Overall, it’s a good time, and one of the finest Kirby DS games you can purchase is, without a doubt, this one. The most difficult Kirby game to date achieved the top rating of five stars. Unquestionably, the return on investment Again, touch screens are the only technology used to do this.

Does the canonical community recognise Kirby’s Epic Yarn?

This game is the first in the main series since Kirby’s Avalanche (which is not canon) to have Kirby speaking during cutscenes. Kirby’s Avalanche was the last game to do this.


The reviews for Kirby Mass Attack were “generally outstanding,” according to Metacritic. According to Destructoid, Kirby Mass Attack is a game that should undoubtedly be added to your portable collection. The “excellent structure,” “overwhelming appeal,” and “commitment to enjoyment” of the game are to blame for this. rated this game as “great.”.