Sonic Chronicles The Dark Brotherhood ROM Download | Nintendo DS

Sonic Chronicles The Dark Brotherhood ROM Download | Nintendo DS

The action-adventure video game For the Nintendo DS in 2008, Sega and BioWare jointly developed Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood ROM, sometimes known as just Sonic Chronicles. The game, which was produced by BioWare as their first handheld video game, serves as a representation of the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise. We first learn about the circumstances surrounding Knuckles’ kidnapping and the disappearance of the Chaos Emeralds following Doctor Eggman’s defeat in Sonic Chronicles before learning about the characters’ encounters in two dimensions with Shade the Echidna and Ix, the head of the Nocturnus Tribe, whose tribe is about to invade their world.

The game was made available in Australia, Europe, and North America in September 2008. Japan adopted this one year later. While some notable reviews criticized Sonic’s entire move to the role-playing genre, they unanimously lauded the game’s landscapes and aesthetics. Even specific gameplay components, such as the fighting system, garnered conflicting feedback. Because his Dark Legion and the Nocturnus Clan were too similar, veteran comic book creator Ken Penders sued Sega and Bioware.

Sonic Chronicles The Dark Brotherhood ROM Download | Nintendo DS
Name Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood ROM
Console:Nintendo DS
Genre: RPG
Publisher: SEGA

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Gameplay and Features

The two main game types are combat and exploration. The character may move by just touching the stylus on the ground while exploring, while obstacles like vertical loops and other similar obstacles can be handled by hitting the action button. The growth of a character’s particular power, such as the capacity to fly, climb, or make lengthy jumps, may rely on the character’s position in the lead.  The gang may split up to accomplish the goal by hitting switches in numerous puzzle-filled sections.

Combat action starts with the approach of a foe, switching the perspective to a close-up so that turn-based battles may occur. By continuously touching the stylus, peculiar attacks known as POW Moves may be executed in addition to the regular attacks. Like how Magic Points function in other RPGs, they will deplete your POW Points.  Two examples of solo special attacks include Sonic’s Axe Kick and Whirlwind, in contrast to other group-based special attacks, such as the Blue Bomber, which requires both Sonic and Tails to be utilized. After a battle, players may find equipment for their characters, such as healing supplies, in one of three areas. They may also find experience points, which they may use to improve their character’s speed, attack, defense, and luck.

Chao may be gathered and equipped to improve a character’s condition; each has a unique skill.  The Chao that has been acquired through a wireless connection on the DS may be exchanged by storing them in a special gathering place called the Chao Garden.

The Sonic games that are featured in the game are Green Hill Zone, Sonic Adventure, Sonic the Hedgehog 3, and Sonic Adventure 2. The bulk of the game’s soundtrack pieces is from Sonic 3D Blast and Sonic CD.

Sonic Chronicles’ story is divided into two acts, each with several chapters. The crew is trying to figure out what’s going on while simultaneously preventing Master Emerald from being kidnapped in the first episode, which is set on Sonic’s home planet. Sonic and his friends must go to the Twilight Cage to thwart a brand-new danger to their planet. After Sonic and his companions destroy the Egg Carrier, we learn that Eggman has been defeated and has been believed to be dead for some years. In the present, Tails calls Sonic to let him know that Knuckles has been abducted by a gang known as the Marauders, who have also taken the Chaos Emeralds with them. Sonic is currently on vacation.

Rouge the Bat points them in the direction of the GUN Commander, who informs them that the GUNs are aware of their presence since they have been keeping tabs on the Marauders for some time.  After several attempts at reaching the Marauders’ headquarters in the Mystic Ruins, they ultimately succeed. With Big the Cat’s assistance, they locate Knuckles, who they discover evading many robots, but as they depart the fortress, they see that Angel Island has disappeared. He warns the group that Metropolis, the Marauders’ main bastion, is drawing nearer to Angel Island.

They are ambushed by Shade and her Marauders until they come upon Shadow, who has joined them in their pursuit of E-123 Omega with Metropolis as their final target. The crew attempts to reach Angel Island to get Master Emerald before being attacked by Marauders but is shot down by the Grand Imperator Ix, leader of the Nocturnus, who also disclosed the plot to seize control of the dimension. Shade is taken aback since she had assumed Ix was only interested in freeing her family from the Twilight Cage and bringing them back to Earth. Ix escapes from the Twilight Cage and Tails and Eggman invade with Master Emerald and a non-lethal weapon. Angel Island is about to plummet to Earth as Knuckles leaps in to rescue Shade.

Eggman insists he has to stay to make sure they get back safely. He acknowledges that he has a more sinister strategy in mind for them as they go. When the group encounters the N’rrgal Colony, they are offered the Chaos Emerald in return for taking a weapon from their rivals, the Zoah. After taking down the Zoah’s commander and securing their weapon, the group finds that it is another Chaos Emerald.

The two species realize that Ix had duped them by giving them the Emeralds so they could dominate one another. There are two additional Chaos Emeralds in the Voxai Colonies, where a telepathic species known as the Voxai has been dominated by the Overmind, a group of three Voxai whose controlling telepathic strength came through the usage of Chaos Emeralds. The squad receives the Emeralds that Ix had given them for their victory from the new captain.

With the assistance of the remaining two Emeralds on Nocturne, the crew collects the leaders of all the colonies they have encountered and devises a strategy to conquer the Nocturnus home planet. An army of N’rgal charges the weak spot and eats a hole in the force barrier after the Zoah launch a spaceship made by the Kron race at one of the Voxai-exploited weak areas in the planet’s force field. They work together to combat Scylla and Charyb, two Gizoids that use Chaos Emeralds to control fire and water, while also lowering Nocturne’s force barrier to allow the other Twilight Cage species to assault their fortress.

 Sonic’s squad and Knuckles’ team both triumph against Ix. Ix then uses Master Emerald to become a more potent version of himself, but Sonic eventually defeats him by turning into Super Sonic and utilizing the Chaos Emeralds. As Nocturne starts to descend and is nearly destroyed, the crew escapes to the Cyclone and returns to Earth. After returning to Metropolis and seeing Eggman there waiting for them with a completely rebuilt Metropolis, the party then utilizes the Cyclone to combat the new Eggman Empire. The Cyclone is shot out of the sky by Eggman using lasers as the game closes on such a suspenseful cliffhanger. To break convention, Sonic, Tails, and Omega begin the movie by verbatim imitating the credits.


In Sonic Chronicles, is Shadow playable?

The player must beat Shadow while serving as a boss at least twice before being allowed to employ him. On the other side, the two-part battle in the Blue Ridge Zone is necessary. After being wiped out by Sonic, he will instantly join the player’s party.

Will Sonic Chronicles be followed by a sequel?

The sequel’s production has been put on hold indefinitely (although since Sega acquired Atlus, it may be unknown if sonic will ever get another RPG game). The standalone version of Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood will be marketed in stores.

Who made Sonic the Dark Brotherhood possible?

Video game developer BioWare is a Canadian business with its main office in Edmonton, Alberta. Ray Muzyka, Greg Zeschuk, Augustine Yip, Trent Oster, Brent Oster, and Marcel Zeschuk all contributed to the establishment of the company at the time, as well as Marcel Zeschuk, Brent Oster, and Augustine Yip. For the last seven years, American publisher Electronic Arts has operated the company alone.

what exactly did Ken Penders do?

In the US, Kenneth “Ken” Penders is a well-known creator of comic books. Penders has developed backdrops, characters, and storyboards for television programmes in addition to comic books. He has also authored the screenplays for unreleased films he has directed.

Who is being disparaged by Sonic?

Under the guise of Sonic the Hedgehog, Shade the Echidna is a made-up character that appears in many spin-off books.


Every time the topic of Sonic is brought up, Sonic the Hedgehog, one of SEGA’s most recognizable trademarks, will certainly be discussed. This game has grown to become a brand icon for its creators and served as the basis for many animated films that are still popular among children all over the globe. To meet the demands of followers worldwide, the canon is often expanded, even in 2018. It’s possible that doing this is their sole objective.

Canadian developer BioWare Corp. produced the well-known video game Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood in 2008, and SEGA distributed it in the US. The game will work with the Nintendo DS handheld gaming system. This design makes the most of a two-screen gaming configuration to provide players with a comfortable control space.

 Unlike the other series, this one will start off as an RPG. That implies that although the game will be played differently, its essential brand components won’t alter. Sonic will remain the main character in this tale and move the plot forward with interesting interactions. The golden circles that emerge all over the map are still a reliable indicator for gamers that a group of players has gathered.

You will have control over four characters provided by the game while you look for a map. While managing one, you may alternate between the other characters whenever you choose. Every kind of terrain necessitates a certain design approach. Your major objective is to eliminate the Dark Brotherhood, but first, you must do it. You’ll be thrust into an arena where you’ll face off against the four members of the other team simultaneously whenever you encounter an opponent. The rules will be the same as those of a turn-based RTS game. Players must keep an eye out for damage and resistance during the fight since they will happen very rapidly.