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Is there anyone who does not like the countless number of comments and likes on their social media platform? Of course, your answer will be a big no to this. Each and every individual is now globally connected with social media named Facebook. And with a lot of their media like photos, videos and stories, everybody loves to have more and more likes on their post. Facebook is the social media platform used by people globally. Every individual is building a network on such a platform in the same way the essential point of social media network users is to connect with different people. Nowadays every social media has billions of operational users. To get the number of likes on their own post, a person either has to be effective on account or they can use some other options. Other options are working by spending cash and utilising third-party apps, for example, auto liker apps. Application of such an auto liker app can increase your likes, comments and also a reaction on any post. One of the most popular auto liker apps is machine liker. It is very helpful and valuable for youngsters on social sites. A group of different things that has an additional significance for any individual via online media sites are likes, shares and comments. People spend money on it but machine liker is giving you free service. There is no charge to pay for getting this much, this is totally free of cost. You will get many more likes, comments and shares on your photos, videos and stories. Machine liker is an exchange system that helps to get free Facebook likes comments and also followers. But this all will happen only on your public post and profile without any kind of payment. This is a spam-free app and the best website available for free service. You can have instant likes for free of cost. You can also increase your Facebook public profile publicity by this. It is an absolutely free, safe and secure website. This website has been offering free services for years. While using a machine like you can delete your account anytime. The information entered by you is highly secure and safe. It does not disclose your photos, does not sell your data and does not log unwanted data. You do not need to worry about the trouble of deleting unwanted posts.

Machine Liker App Download
App NameMachine Liker
DeveloperMachine Liker
Root RequiredNo
Required Android5.0+
VersionLatest Version
Last Update1 Day Ago

What is a machine liker? 

Machine Liker is an Android application and an exchange system that gives you free likes, comments and followers to your account. It will only work on public posts and profiles. It is an auto liker app which means it will help you to increase the number of likes, comments and shares of your social media posts. This app is available for Android users. A Facebook user can send likes to their real Facebook account without logging in by their original account on the Machine liker website. This indirect method to deliver likes can prevent your real account from being blocked or disabled by official Facebook. You can optimize the performance of your social media publications. Every influencer on social networks wants to be popular and this will only happen by getting loads of reactions on their publication. Generally, influencers use popular hashtags to give their posts greater visibility. This app simply gives you a bunch of hashtags which will help you to gain more visibility when you publish something. All those hashtags offered by the app are sorted into many categories. During posting or uploading any media you need to choose your desired category then subcategory. For instance, if you want to post about any place then choose category place and then the name of the place as a subcategory. After the selection of category and subcategory, you will proceed by copying the given hashtags and pasting them wherever you are posting. But while doing all this make sure that your account setting is set to public. After enabling your account to be public the Machine Liker will start to act. It is one of the most useful and helpful apps for youth. It gives you not only likes but also comments to your post because sometimes if a post only has likes and no comments then it could be suspicious and when you have both likes and comments in proper order then it becomes a point of attraction to the viewers.

Here below are the amazing features of Machine Liker app

Safe and secure 

The Machine Liker app is 100% safe and secure to use. Most of the time after listening about the third party application people get worried about their privacy but this app is giving you the security of your data. It is not going to disclose your data to anybody. Be free to use this amazing app and get more and more likes. If you find a problem with logging in with your real account then you can use a fake account and send likes and comments through a custom URL.

 Countless likes

The amazing thing as an influencer is to get unlimited likes on their posts. And this is one of the best reasons to download Machine Liker for Android. Whether you upload a photo or a  video this app will give you countless likes. It really doesn’t matter that you are posting a photo, video or normal text.

Auto comments

Just like the unlimited number of life on a post-it also gives you a large number of comments. You can use it if comments are not as much as you want on your post, you can send comments by using auto comment. When there are only likes on a post-it looks shady to other people. A post with a good number of likes and comments looks like a genuine post. You can modify your comment section as you want.

No exchange of money

The best thing about this app is that it is totally free of cost. As this is not available on the Google play store it does not mean that it is not safe to use or will exchange money. The reason behind not being available on Play Store is copyright issues. You do not need to worry about the authenticity of this app while using it.

Frequently Asked Questions regarding machine liker  

Is it safe to use a Machine Liker app?

Yes, it is 100% safe and secure to use. It never saves your password or other sensitive information. You should not worry about the authenticity of this app. It is safe to use this.

What will be the number of followers in an individual Facebook profile?

Approximately 25 followers per submit by using machine liker. And if you want to increase this number then you have to use Machine Liker again and again. It is the easiest way to gain much more followers.

Will someone’s Facebook account be locked if he login to Machine Liker?

No, no one’s Facebook account will be locked if you log into the Machine Liker app. But sometimes official Facebook locks some accounts. For the prevention of this make sure that you log in from a fake account and then you can send likes or followers to your main account using the custom URL feature.

How many reactions or likes can a person get by using a machine?

Only from a single submit by using Machine Liker, an account can get a hundred reactions and likes. But you can increase it in the same way as you increase followers. For both the process of increasing followers and likes you have to enable followers on your account and also make sure that your account is public for everything. 


From all the above descriptions of the Machine Liker app, you can conclude that it is a third-party app and the official Facebook app can disable your account anytime because you are violating Facebook policy. Many people are using it to enhance their popularity on social media. Obviously, a large number of likes, comments and shares on any social media post will give you more popularity. You can get more than thousands of likes and comments. And this Machine Liker app is giving you these features for free but use this app only at your own risk. One of the most important things to keep in mind while using the Machine Liker app is Facebook does not allow any third party app or it may disable some accounts too.