LG Flash Tool Download Latest Version 2023

Let’s first try to understand what is flashing? Flashing is a process of upgrading or downgrading the Android version of a smartphone using custom ROMs. Flashing is done to roll back the smartphone to its factory settings, if someone plans to sell it or to use customized UI designs or if someone’s phone is unable to boot properly because of incapable hardware architecture or compatibility issues with the Operating system (OS) i.e. Android.

In general, people tend to be confused between the terms “Rooting” and “Flashing”, however they’re two completely different processes. On one hand, Rooting enables the user to achieve “superuser access” to the settings and the core elements of the smartphone, which otherwise are inaccessible to the general users. It helps the user to discover the true potentials of their smartphones – whereas, on the other hand, Flashing can be performed to install a custom ROM, Custom Recovery (after unlocking the boot-loader), and OS Kernel to help users adjust the OS based settings and versions for the device.

What is LG Flash Tool?

LG flash tool is a well-known flashing tool available in the marketplace for Windows computers that enables the user to flash the firmware on any LG handset (Smartphones/ Tablet/ Feature phones). There are a few system requirements for using the LG Flash Tool i.e.

●      A Windows OS installed PC

●      Extracted files from the downloaded LG Flash Tool zip folder

●      Enabled “USB debugging mode” in the “Developer options” menu

●      Latest USB Drivers installed for the specific devices

●      Visual C++ runtime library

●      And, maintained sufficient battery level during the entire procedure of flashing the       device.

Once you have ensured that you have all the above-listed system requirements fulfilled, try to boot the device in “Download Mode” by switching off the smartphone, and trying to boot, holding the “Power” button and “Raise/Upper” volume rocker.

To install the Stock firmware using LG Flash Tool:

●      Install the application on your Windows PC

●      Boot the smartphone in the “Download mode” after enabling the “USB Debugging Mode”

●      Use a USB wire to connect the smartphone with your PC

●      Select downloaded KDZ firmware from the “Select KDZ file” option

●      If you want to simply replace the stock firmware without deleting the data and files, select “Normal Flash”

●      If you want to delete all the files and data and then replace the firmware with boot files, select “CSE Flash”

 LG Flash Tool is one of the best KDZ Flash software available in the market to flash LG gadgets.


  1. A new Graphical User Interface (GUI) to ease your flashing process

The graphically designed interface enables even a newbie to flash their smartphones without much trouble. LG Flash Tool has a very minimalistic and simplistic kind of UI so that the user does not get overwhelmed by all the techie stuff.

  1. Independent of Mobile Support Tool

If you already have a third-party LG-support application (eg. LG Smartphone PC Suite), it does not matter with this installation.

  1. Minimal use of Internet

You don’t need to have an activated internet connection on your PC during the entire flashing process. All you need the internet for is to download the necessary files.

  1. Compatibility

After the roll-out of the latest UptestEX version, the software is quite compatible with all the LG Smartphones and Tablets

  1. Only software to flash your LG gadgets

It is the only software tool to flash your LG Smartphones and Tablets, Stock ROM firmware, without any trouble.

  1. Language Option

The default language is set to ‘English’, however, you can change it to any language available in the selector menu.


Important Take-Aways

The process of flashing has its own merits and demerits, so try not to flash a brand new phone. Try to flash your phone only if your smartphone gets on a boot loop or any other software problem, and not for fun.

The main disadvantages associated with the flashing process, include: malfunctioning of the smartphone due to incompatibility of the installed custom ROM and OS; Highly Data Secured apps (eg. banking apps) would no longer work on the phone; affects the camera quality; can permanently brick your device if you flash the wrong recovery in the worst case, etc.

However with the latest updates and the newly designed GUI, the flashing process is a lot simpler than ever before with the LG Flash Tools, but still, try to be careful while flashing your phones.  

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