Metroid Prime: Hunters ROM Free Download | Nintendo DS

Metroid Prime: Hunters ROM Free Download | Nintendo DS

The action-adventure game Metroid Prime Hunters ROM was created for the Nintendo DS by Nintendo Software Technology, a branch of Nintendo with headquarters in Redmond, Washington. Nintendo is the game’s publisher. It was first made available in North America in March 2006, with other territories eventually following suit. In this story, the action takes place between Metroid Prime and Metroid Prime 2: Echoes. Samus Aran, the game’s main character, is tasked with looking into a mysterious message that was sent from the Alembic Cluster, and the player assumes this position. She interacts with a large number of bounty hunters as a result of her investigation.

In contrast to other Metroid Prime games, this one emphasizes first-person shooting and a variety of online multiplayer activities through voice chat and Wi-Fi. There is also a first-person shooting option available. It also offered the option to visit many planets with Samus’ gunship, a feature that would ultimately be enhanced in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. Additionally, new bounty hunters with unique sets of weaponry and body types were added. During the 2004 Electronic Entertainment Expo, Nintendo revealed Hunters. The Metroid Prime Hunters: First Hunt game demo was included with the Nintendo DS when it was first released in November 2004. This demo was pre-installed on the Nintendo DS.

Metroid Prime: Hunters ROM Free Download | Nintendo DS
App name Metroid Prime: Hunters ROM
ConsoleNintendo DS 
DeveloperNintendo Software Technology
GenreAction , Shooter

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Gameplay of Metroid Prime: Hunters ROM

Metroid Prime Hunters follow the format of the Prime series’ predecessors by being primarily a first-person adventure game. The main concepts of the series, exploration, and navigation, are highlighted by doing this. However, unlike its predecessors, this one lacks aid with aiming, the gameplay is more focused on action, and there is an option for online multiplayer. Samus Aran, who possesses a Power Suit that enables her to board her gunship regardless of where she happens to be in space, is the character of who the player takes control. Almost everything in the game can be scanned by her, and the gunship will provide any crucial information it has learned from its database. She defeats her adversaries with the aid of a built-in Arm Cannon in her power suit. Rolling into a Transform Ball, a different kind of the Power Suit, allows Samus to morph into a much smaller version of herself. This facilitates her movement via the narrow hallways. She has limitless access to explosives, although in this form she can only employ three of them at once. She can still defend herself while using the explosives to demolish lesser items.

The Nintendo DS’s top screen in Metroid Prime Hunters shows Samus’ HUD as seen via her visor. You may see Samus’ current health and the amount of ammunition for the selected weapon in this window. Online games also provide additional data, such as the number of kills and the remaining round duration. The touchscreen at the bottom has a display for the radar. When utilizing the default control setup, the D-pad is used to control movement, and the touchscreen is used to target enemies.

Up to four players may battle against one another in Metroid Prime Hunters’ multiplayer mode, which also offers voice chat functionality. Samus or any of the other six bounty hunters that are playable in the single-player game are the options available to the player. In addition to a unique weapon, each of the bounty hunters also possesses a unique alternate form, like Samus’ Morph Ball. The game’s host has the power to specify choices for scoring and time restrictions, as well as to restrict the usage of radar. The game may be expanded to include computer-controlled players of varied skill levels if the required minimum of four players is not reached.


A Metroid Prime spin-off called Metroid Prime Hunters was one of the first video games released on the Nintendo DS. When the device was first released, a trial version of the game was also included. Samus Aran, whose job it was to track down certain bounty hunters around the galaxy, was taken over by the user. There was also online multiplayer in the game. Instead of Retro Studios, Nintendo Software Technology took up production. Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Minis March Again director Masamichi Abe was in charge. The development of the game was not in any way influenced by Retro Studios. The goal is that Metroid Prime Hunters will be updated in the future, one of the game’s creators has recently disclosed.

In an interview with Kiwi Talkz, Richard Vorodi discussed his experience working on Metroid Prime Hunters. He said that although he feels the game is fantastic as it is, he would be open to the idea of a remake if there was enough interest in it. To see every hunter in detail and the tiniest details that could be added to each character’s design, in Vorodi’s opinion, would be amazing. He also believes that it would be intriguing to see all the minute nuances. Given that the first-person shooter genre has grown the most in the 16 years since Metroid Prime Hunters were released, Vorodi thinks it would be amazing to see how the game would play now. Additionally, according to Verdi, of all the genres in the industry, the FPS genre has had the most increase.

Verdi claims that regardless of whether they are working on a mainline or spin-off project, Nintendo provides all Metroid development teams with a “Metroid Bible” when discussing the creation of a Metroid video game. You may read Vorodi’s comments here. It was discovered that several of the bounty hunter names were already trademarks during the development of Metroid Prime Hunters. Some of the names have to have their spelling altered. Verdi said that the character of the hunter Weavel was inspired by a childhood experience with a weevil insect.

Even while a new Metroid Prime Hunters game may seem implausible, there have lately been rumblings regarding the likelihood of another remake and claims that Nintendo has been working on an upgraded version of the Metroid Prime Trilogy for some time. Nintendo may opt to postpone the Metroid Prime 3 & 4 Trilogy’s release until considerably closer to the time Metroid Prime 4 is published to avoid competing with it.

Fans of the Metroid Prime Hunters series, however, would welcome another remaster of the title. Given that Metroid Dread has brought the franchise back to the forefront of the gaming industry’s attention, there is no better time to release it than right now.


I’ve heard good things about Metroid Prime Hunters, but is it worth my time?

 Playing the video game Metroid Prime Hunters is challenging and entertaining. It might be interpreted in both a good and a terrible way. It has a lot to offer since it is a mobile Metroid game with an interesting plot, a variety of playable hunters, a huge number of levels, and an effective armory of beam weapons.

Does Metroid Prime Hunters fall under the category of a spinoff or anything similar?

 The Nintendo DS side project Hunters was first made available on the touch screen of the portable gaming device in 2006. A competitive online multiplayer mode was added to a Metroid game for the first time, opening the way for other online Nintendo DS games to come. Additionally, it is the first Metroid game to ever support cooperative online multiplayer.

 Does Metroid Prime Hunters include a story that players may explore?

This prequel story takes place between Metroid Prime and Metroid Prime 2: Echoes. The narrative takes place during that historical period. The player assumes the role of Samus Aran, the main character of the game, who is tasked with deciphering a mysterious message that was sent from the Alembic Cluster. The player’s main objective in the game is to conduct an in-depth investigation. She interacts with a large number of bounty hunters while she conducts her inquiry.

 How much time is required to finish Metroid Prime Hunters?

 If you adhere to the game’s primary objectives, you may complete Metroid Prime Hunters in eight hours and fifty minutes. If you’re the kind of player that wants to experience all the game has to offer, you’ll need to play for close to 11 hours to get a perfect score. The game typically takes 9 hours to complete for people who lack the patience to play it completely.

 Was the Metroid Dread an urban legend or real?

 For an unbelievably long time, Metroid Dread, the next game that will be Metroid Fusion’s successor, has been discussed as if it were only a fantasy. But it has finally materialized, some two decades after it was first conceived. Really. The video game Metroid Dread will be on sale for the Nintendo Switch on October 8, according to the Nintendo organization.


Metroid Prime: Hunters ROM provides a compelling argument for touch screens being used in 3D games rather than using analog joysticks. In multiplayer mode, players may choose to take turns playing different characters or activate bots to fill in any available positions. Moochers can only use Samus while the single-card mode is loaded. However, it is completely playable and operates without a hitch.

Even if voice communication is fantastic, many are drawn in by the online game itself. The voice is audible but a little quiet unless the DS speakers are turned up. As of this writing, it’s quite difficult to discover more than one random opponent at once, although random matching functions and looks very similar to Mario Kart DS. Online gaming for hunters is fascinating and rich. Most games have issues that make it difficult for a fourth player to join.

There isn’t an alternative to adventure mode for internet gaming. Any early promise rapidly disappears as the game continues because of the complexity and predictability that rises. The eight major boss confrontations (including the ending) only include two fundamental boss designs (including the end). Adventure mode isn’t worth playing beyond the first hunter encounter, which will unlock him for multiplayer. The reviewer thinks that Prime and the scan visor are interchangeable terms.

The number of items whose histories may be looked up is far less than previously, and the scan logs don’t provide as much detail as they formerly did. The Metroid Prime games, for the most part, are a long cry from the caliber and design ethos of their previous forebears. Players may use gaze inversion, sensitivity sliders, touch screens, and all-digital controls with either their left or right hand. Touch controls are the most responsive and accurate, although they aren’t error-free. Since this game is primarily intended for multiplayer, the internet capability lets you play it even if there aren’t any friends nearby who have DSs. The sound design is less noteworthy since, like the rest of the game, the music tends to be more action-oriented.