Lords Mobile Kingdom Wars MOD Apk v2.9 Download

Lords Mobile Kingdom Wars MOD Apk

Lords Mobile is a digital game that can be run on any device whether it is Android or iOs. It has been developed by a Singapore-based company IGG Inc. Lords Mobile is a strategic game in which the objective is to establish your empire by conquering various territories with the help of your army. If you like to play strategy games, then you are going to enjoy this gaming platform as it is a real-time mobile game in which you can compete globally. It challenges your mind and you are pushed to challenge and navigate your social network ability and communication skills.

Lords Mobile Kingdom Wars MOD Apk v2.9 Download

Lords Mobile MOD Apk Download

Applords mobile mod apk
Root RequiredNo
Device SupportedAndroid
SizeVaries with device

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Lords Mobile Kingdom Wars MOD Apk v2.9 Download
Lords Mobile Kingdom Wars MOD Apk v2.9 Download

Features of Lords Mobile Kingdom Wars MOD Apk

  • You can make your kingdom supreme by training your troops, upgrading buildings, conducting research, and levelling your heroes.
  • You get a variety of choices including 4 different types of troops and 6 different troop formations.
  • You can manage these combinations by planning lineups and pairing troops with the right heroes to create an intelligent strategy to defeat enemies.
  • You can create a strong team of 5 war generals to fight through an RPG-style campaign.
  • Now you can forge alliances and conquer together various exhilarating events including guild wars, inter-kingdom battles, darkness invasions, and much more. 
  • You can compete globally with millions of players and capture the throne by defeating those who stand in your way.
  • You get to experience an amazing 3D clash, your heroes unleashing their skills and harnessing their mystical power to become the supreme leader of the kingdom.

Tricks of lords mobile mod apk

  • Whenever you attack the enemy, keep the Squad Offence full including Squad Health, Ranged Offence, and Cavalry Offence.
  • To ensure full attack boost and damage, never attack in a mixed slot of troops. From the battle hall, fix your battalion or central command and attack only one or two types of troops as per your gear to maximize the intensity of your attack.
  • Whenever you attack in two troop types, select army heroes like Rose Knight and Bombin Goblin because an army attack provides a boost to both troop types.
  • If you want to attack from starting, make sure you do not hit the anti-scout castle first because you do not know the number and types of troops and reinforcement present there. First attack people who are not anti-scout.
  • Analyze the battle report of the enemy carefully and only then plan the attack accordingly. 
  • Whenever you attack a castle while your enemy is online, make sure that he does not get a chance to know what you are sending to attack. Just relocate yourself nearby the castle. This may be gems costly but beneficial because you can prevent the enemy’s action of gear switching and improving heroes.
  • You can use a size boost and attack boost in case you get to know about the enemy’s information regarding troop size and quantity.