New Imoba 2023 App Latest Version Download

New Imoba 2023 App Latest Version Download
New Imoba 2023 App Latest Version Download

Do you love to play mobile legends and what if you get the chance of modifying all the characters of Mobile legends? I think it is a great opportunity for those who are the real players of Mobile legends and after all, they want to use all the smart tools and the elements of Mobile legends and make their gaming zone attractive and effective. Don’t worry I have a solution for you to inject all the modern tools like skins, effects, drone view, maps, and many more and all this can happen with the help of the New IMoba 2023 app. With the new IMoba 2023 app, you can unlock all the premium tools and features of MlBB.

All games have constant improvement to insist the users because if they do not do so users may bore of the same interface that’s why it is very essential to improve the functionality time by time. The all-time improvement provides you ML skins, drones, battle effects, background hacks. All these premium tools can be injected into your game through the new IMoba app without spending any budget on them. With the help of these tools and interfaces, you can double up your gaming experience, and definitely, you will start to love the Mobile legends game.

New Imoba 2023 App Latest Version Download
App NameiMoba
Root RequiredNo
Required Android5.0+
VersionLatest Version
Last Update1 Day Ago

Now you can also participate in MlBB just like pro players because now you have all the premium tools and skins that good players have. Let me remind you of the things if you only rely on some of the tools of Mobile legends it will be hard to increase your points and maybe be kicked out by the pro players from battlegrounds. So just inject all the premium tools with the New IMoba 2023 app and kick them out.

About New IMoba 2023 app

If you are a player of Mobile legends you all have an idea about what is the craze of mobile legends and how players are increasing day by day with lots of interest. Likewise in Mobile legends, you didn`t have more options until and unless you unlocked the premium features of the game by spending a huge budget on the tools.

So here I brought a new IMoba 2023 app which will meet all your demand of getting premium tools and features in a very easy way. The new IMoba app is an expert in injecting all the premium tools like battle effects, Skins, Maps, Cameras, and many more. You can say it is your friend who helps in unlocking all the paid features for you.

It has a simple and catchy UI interface and meets all your requirements with high priority and lets you make a better battlefield. If you have a new IMoba app you can be the owner of some high-budget costumes and heroes without spending any diamonds or money. It enables the enlarged battlefield option to let you find the enemies and wipe them out from the game. It has many more features which I will discuss below in detail. The New IMoba 2023 app is among the top injectors of tools in Mobile legends.

Features of New IMoba 2023 App

There are many features to inject the premium tools and features in your mobile legend game without spending a single penny on them. Let’s jump on the list of features of the new IMoba 2023 app.

Inject all ML skins

Skins are one of the important factors which have the capability to change the whole gameplay. If you have some effective skins and heroes in the gameplay it becomes easier for the player to win the battlefield. You can unlock all the costumes of heroes and upgrade the desired characters without paying anything.

  • Free skins of more than 8 outfits are available for your Mobile legend heroes.
  • 54 painted skins along with the remove option with the features of backup.


Maps are beneficial in spotting your enemies and killing them effectively. With the help of custom maps, you can enjoy the experience of ultra HD mode as well as night mode.

Drone view

The main feature of the drone view is you can easily take your eyes on the horizontal view of the battlefield. Increase your drone view up to 7x time and the best thing is it always maintains the quality of graphics. You can remove all the injected cameras and have a tablet view in your hands.

Battle effects

The battlefield has maximum effects to furnish your game and each effect has a separate role in the game. But you can utilize all the effects with the new IMoba 2023 app and participate in your Mobile legends game. Some of the effects are

  • Custom ML
  • Battle emote
  • Elimination effect
  • Effect recall 
  • Effect respawn

More cheats

More cheats options are accessible under the menu section and it has the ability to make you pro players. You can unlock your battle emotes, Analog custom, and themes for background.

 If your desire is to talk with friends during the games you need emotes to talk. 

How to download and install the new IMoba 2023 app

One important thing before downloading the new IMoba app is that you have to use the same device for downloading in which you are logged in accounts of MLBB. The downloading steps are very easy and simple which are listed below.

  1. If you have an old version of the IMoba app make sure to uninstall it before installing the latest version.
  2. Once uninstalled, search the web for the New IMoba 2023 app and follow the whole guide. You will notice a download link for the latest version of the app just clicks on the download now button.
  3. After downloading search for the app on your browser download section and tap on installing it.
  4. It will not get installed until and unless you give your device access to third-party apps on your device. To give permission follow the steps, open the setting of your device> Tap on security option> click on access third-party apps.
  5. After completing the above option now install your app and wait for 5 seconds and now your app is ready to inject the tools
  6. Don`t worry about the popup of entering your username just follow the injecting steps.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Is IMoba safe to use?

Yes, till now there are no bad reports of IMoba and it is safe to use. You can use the app to safely inject all the special tools and premium features into your mobile legends game. If you are hesitant in whether it is safe or not you can use it in Guest mode of your device.

Why is IMoba used for?

IMoba is used for injecting premium tools and features in your MLBB games and making your Mobile legends battlefield attractive with the skins of your heroes, battle effects, drone view, maps, and many more.

What are the additional features of the New IMoba 2023 app?

It is one of the free and latest injector tools and free from ads, passwords, registrations, etc. The app has a beautiful UI user interface and a frequently updated app.


Gamers are worried about the third-party apps and they don’t want to install them on their devices because they think it might ban their accounts. But let me tell you, the new IMoba app is safe to use on your device and a very worthy app. However, you can use guest mode on your device if you think it may harm your devices. We have listed the whole guide and best information about the new IMoba app. The app has a yellow and red interface and is packed with a good experience. You can utilize this app to play your legendary game and have fun with your friends and family. We didn`t record any complaints against the IMoba app so it is very safe to use.