Jump Ultimate Stars ROM Download | Nintendo DS

Jump Ultimate Stars ROM Download | Nintendo DS

Jump Ultimate Stars ROM, a fighting video game, was created by the Ganbarion firm, but Nintendo was in charge of its distribution so that it could be played on the Nintendo DS. Nintendo, a company, was in charge of making the video game. Hence they were in charge of its creation. With this installment of the Jump Super Stars video game franchise, game makers Jump have advanced to a new level. On November 23, 2006, the product was initially introduced to the market and made its debut in Japan. After that, it was made accessible to customers there.

The game has a lot of similarities with its predecessor, including adding several additional elements that were not included in the game’s original version. There are 305 characters in all, drawn from 41 distinct shonen manga series, but only 56 of them are fully playable in this game. The Character Select screen allows for the selection of characters. They serve in this scenario at most as props or unimportant extras.

Jump Ultimate Stars ROM Download | Nintendo DS
NameJump Ultimate Stars ROM
ConsoleNintendo DS (Download Emulator)

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Gameplay of Jump Ultimate Stars ROM

Most of the time spent playing the game is spent building decks organized on a four-by-five grid and utilizing manga panels to represent the many characters employed in the game. The number of blocks required to make a panel may range from one to eight, depending on its precise form. Panels are available for purchase in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. You may choose to activate either fight panels, support panels, or aid panels during a battle; each option belongs to one of three distinct categories. Any of these may be used in any way you see appropriate. A deck must include at least one of each kind of panel and a person designated as the leader to be helpful.

As a consequence, each deck has to include a leader figure. Additionally required for the smooth operation of the deck is an elected leader. Every block figure that emerges on the screen during a battle is entirely at the hands of the player. Each of these characters has a range of four to eight potential appearances. They are taken from a broad range of manga panels and illustrate the array of offensive techniques available to the story’s protagonists. They chose their picks to highlight the wide variety of possibilities accessible. 

The manga could include these pictures. Support panels are sets of two or three block panels that include non-playable characters that may perform tasks like attacking, healing, or otherwise affecting a player’s situation. Video games with role-playing elements often have support panels. You could encounter assistance displays in video games. The possibility of coming across help panels occurs in video games. 

Due to their importance, support panels are frequently included in role-playing games. Help panels provide those characters with several advantages when positioned next to them. Help panels may be used in a variety of circumstances. Assistance panels are available in a wide range of sizes and forms. Aid panels may be arranged in various ways, both in terms of their appearance and dimensions. Every one of the several battle panels has its personality and set of traits. The winner of this game is determined by a series of head-to-head contests in which Knowledge defeats Laughter, Strength defeats Laughter, and Strength defeats Knowledge. The game’s name in this instance is “Rock, Paper, Scissors.”

As a direct consequence of the more robust species’ capacity to injure other species, the more vulnerable species will sustain more significant harm. You may either evolve existing panels by using gems you’ve gathered in Story Mode to unlock new routes and panels, including more potent versions of Battle panels, or you can acquire new panels by accomplishing goals in Story Mode. Alternately, you may go further in the game by using the jewels you’ve gathered in Story Mode to unlock additional passages and panels. Additionally, you may open up more passageways and panels by using the gems you’ve collected in Story Mode, giving you access to even more resources. To gain new panels to evolve, either develop the ones you already have or complete objectives in Story Mode. Whatever your inclination, there are a few options available. You may choose from one of these two alternatives.


Just a few minor changes have been made to the fast-paced video game Jump Super Stars’ gameplay to prepare it for the arrival of the Jump Ultimate Stars ROM. Jump Ultimate Stars’ battle characters have the option to run, utilize special attacks, and defend themselves from injury. One of the many distinctive gameplay elements in the game is this. 

This strike forces the opponent to swap out characters on their active roster to survive instead of demolishing their defenses. It may be distinguished from other attacks by the way the perpetrator seems to be emitting green light. This glow is utterly absent during previous attacks. Some characters’ Koma, such as Luffy, who transforms into Luffy (Gear 2nd) at Levels 7 and 8, and Naruto Uzumaki, who transforms into Kyubii Naruto at Levels 5 and 6, also have noticeable visual differences in battle; specific seven- and eight-panel Koma, as well as specific five- and six-panel Koma, also have noticeable attack variations; the term “Ultimate Actions” refers to the new ability that has been given Characters engaged in battle now have access to this power. Characters engaged in combat now have access to this power (UA).

 Each playable character in the game has access to these unique skills. Some of these may replenish SP, while others would restore health, yet more might be used to shield oneself from an opponent’s blows.

The Evolution Chart is a brand-new addition as well. Players may further improve their characters in this area by purchasing more Koma with gems, the in-game currency that serves as the game’s equivalent of real-world money and is earned by defeating other players. Players may spend gems to purchase additional Koma by selecting the “Characters” tab at the top of the screen. Several in-game objectives, including those listed below, may earn you gems. 

Goku can go from a Power type to a Laughter type. Goku, who is a Power type, can change into a Laughter type. Goku can change into a Laughter type rather than a Power type when he uses his transformation. Goku’s change from Power to Laughter-type might happen if he remains away from the main road and avoids taking his typical block route. As a result, he is in a better position to feel happier even while engaged in combat.


Environments that have been designed to seem as if they have been lifted straight from a manga page are used during the opening round of combat. Each arena has a distinctive backdrop, challenges based on its original manga series, and a vast range of available platforms. Every arena is a separate planet. There are only a select few numbers that can shift, shatter, or disappear at any given instant before reappearing in a different location.

 In addition to the possibilities mentioned above, there is also the possibility that certain areas may see sections of the floor and the walls being broken through. Players have the chance to win battles with other players by using their Battle comes in one of two ways: either they can hurt their opponents, or they can get them to leave the arena by using their Battle komas. If an opponent has taken significant damage or has been removed from the arena, it is possible to declare them to have lost. Both of these situations allow the victor to claim victory legitimately. As a consequence, the winner of the contest may declare themselves the winner.


What subgenres of anime are available in the Jump Force library?

According to a statement from Bandai Namco, Jump Force will be deleted from all digital stores on February 7, 2022. Characters from several anime series, including Dragon Ball, Naruto, One Piece, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, and many more, have been combined in the fighting video game Jump Force.

Will there be a sequel to the video game Jump Force?

The sequel to Jump Force is one of the video games that people are most excited to play. Jump Force 2’s 2021 release date has directly contributed to the availability of a large amount of information regarding the upcoming sequel. Jump Force 2 is a crossover fighting video game developed by Spike Chunsoft and distributed by Bandai Namco Entertainment. The game features characters from a broad range of manga series.

Is Jump Force could still be used to find Giorno?

Bandai Namco will provide a release date for the next Jump Force character pack that may be downloaded. According to the leaks, Jump Force will include Giorno Giovanna from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure as a playable character that can be downloaded on the game’s official website in the spring of 2021. The gathering of this information was made possible by the leaks.

Is it possible to use Light Yagami as a character in Jump Force?

It is known that characters from the Death Note series, including Note, Light Yagami, and Ryuk, will appear in the Jump Force story. Since they are not playable characters, their names are not included in the list.


The entire public now gets access to Jump Ultimate Stars ROM, the predecessor to one of the most well-known video games of 2005, Jump Super Stars. Using 300 characters from forty different Shonen Jump magazines, this is the second project on which Jump magazine and Nintendo of Japan collaborated. This sequel will use the “Koma” combat mechanism again. The original game’s 4-by-5 grid will remain in the touch screen version. On the other hand, the game has undergone several improvements, including the ability to summon helpers by using the L or R button instead of the touchpad. Characters may cling to ledges as they get closer to them while falling, and certain levels include places where walls, including both floor and ceiling barriers, can be torn down to access specific zones. Players of Jump Ultimate Stars may now compete against one another through Wi-Fi, which is another significant advancement. Gamers from all around the world may now directly compete against one another thanks to head-to-head combat.