Dragon Ball Z Supersonic Warriors 2 ROM Download | NDS

Dragon Ball Z Supersonic Warriors 2 ROM Download | NDS

Based on the enduring anime series Dragon Ball Z, Bandai Namco Games produced the fighting game Dragon Ball Z: Supersonic Warriors 2 ROM. The follow-up to Dragon Ball Z: Supersonic Warriors, a video game created by Cavia and published by Atari for the Nintendo DS, is called Supersonic Warriors 2. It was exposed to the public in 2005.

Dragon Ball Z Supersonic Warriors 2 ROM Download | NDS
ROMDragon Ball Z Supersonic Warriors 2
Genre:Action, Fighting
Console:Nintendo DS
Ratings 4.8 out of 5

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Gameplay of Dragon Ball Z Supersonic Warriors 2

You will engage in two-dimensional warfare in Dragon Ball Z: Supersonic Warriors 2 ROM against a computer-controlled foe or a different human-controlled squad. A player would gain dragon strength and be able to add more characters to their roster from each game type if they were to unlock all of the different game types available to choose from. An invulnerable energy barrier that anybody can utilise, a minigame of beam battle where players must continuously press ABXY to eliminate their opponents, and in-game transformations that increase the player’s ki from 100 to 200 points are among the new features.

Features of Dragon Ball Z Supersonic Warriors 2

 Exciting turns and twists

Each of the thirteen playable characters in the game has its own thirteen stories, many of which speculate on what may have happened if pivotal DBZ storyline events had taken a different turn. Three Z-Stories substantially adhere to the Dragon Ball manga and anime canon. These Z-Stories cover several Namek, Android, and Majin Sagas characters’ sagas. You may play any other sixteen other tales in this game mode. The player will battle between six and eight enemies in the three Z-Tales, primarily based on the Dragon Ball manga canon. Based on the original Dragon Ball Z anime, the stories are told from a playable character’s perspective.

 The narrative is broken up into vignettes, each of which has a pivotal element supported by visual and contextual information. After completing a scenario, you will need to prevail over AI software a second time. It grows tougher over time to defeat more sophisticated computer AI adversaries. As the story progresses, increasingly sophisticated tactical and strategic choices will be available in battle, and the player character will subsequently acquire new talents and abilities as a direct result. The player will get points after completing the main objective, which they can utilise in the options menu to unlock other characters.

Due to the presence of these different characters, it will be possible for the player to assume a new character throughout the primary mission and engage in combat with a wider variety of adversaries. The player must defeat every opponent in a tale without losing a fight themself to reach a bonus battle. We shall engage in combat in this skirmish when the main fighting is over.


The player must choose three characters from a wide range of options to form a squad. Then, to win, this team will fight against other teams made by the computer’s artificial intelligence. The player may choose from just four levels while creating a character, and to win against the opponent, they must use all of the abilities offered by each of the three characters they have created. The player won’t face any more opponents until the mode is over and they have beaten every available team. After finishing the game’s challenge phase, you will have the most points available to spend in the options panel. The player may use these points to create more original character combinations for their teams after accumulating them.

Z Battle Mode

Before entering Z battle mode and facing eight different enemies, the player must choose a character. The character a player selects receives a score after a round of Z combat mode based on how well they performed. This information is shown via the character’s score on their profile. A player’s total rating and access to new abilities increase with victories against more difficult foes, ultimately boosting the player’s overall strength. Players can play various characters and raise their overall rating thanks to this functionality. You may see all pertinent data and rankings by going to the settings mode and selecting the rankings tab.

Best combat style

Players may face a broad range of opponents in a wide range of bouts while utilising the Free Battle option since there are no limits in other game modes. The user can choose anybody they want since there are no limitations on the characters they may choose based on their level. Players can choose their opponents to compete against in the mode, either team-based fighting or one-on-one combat or having a random opponent picked for them. Players have a choice between team-based action and one-on-one combat.


Instead of playing against computer-controlled opponents, which is more common in other games, you compete against other human players in this genre. The computer AI opponents in this game style do not have any options for combat, movement, or reactions. You will need not one but two Game Boy Advances in addition to a link cable to connect the game’s two players to play games in this mode.

The sequel to Supersonic Warriors, which also serves as the series climax, is titled Dragon Ball Z: Supersonic Warriors 2. Atari published and created the game for the Nintendo DS when it came out in 2005. Thirteen characters from the previous game made a complete comeback, while Broly and Cooler are two new characters based on the Dragon Ball Z movie. It also had several support characters that could be unlocked and used in battle to assist the main characters by using special abilities or the ability to be resurrected. In the updated Story Mode, branching pathways have been improved, enabling players to access more bouts if specific requirements are satisfied.


The player controls a team of three characters in a tournament environment, one of which might be a supporting character, as they compete against other groups of players. You’ll be surprised when you do it for the first time and see the effects.

You may play as any of the 15 available characters in the game’s Tale Mode and navigate the unique challenges they face. Some of these hypothetical situations could be based on the Dragon Ball Z tale as it is currently being told, while others might be found on speculative, unproven possibilities. There may be secondary objectives that must be accomplished while the player is in combat, in addition to the main aim of beating the adversary to disclose a new way across each stage of the main battlefield. By finishing this mode, you’ll earn points that you may spend to unlock new characters and moves. The author explores several “What If?” scenarios, including what could have happened if Meta-Cooler had arrived on Earth and faced Cell, if Gotenks had defeated Super Buu and gone to Namek, if Piccolo had been turned into a Majin instead of Vegeta, and so on.

With the freedom to choose whatever character they choose, the Vs Battle Mode pits two players against one another in a head-to-head battle. Each participant in the game must have a second copy of the game and a Nintendo DS or Nintendo DS Lite.

You may go on to the Maximum Mode, which is more difficult if you master the Z Fight mode. More Dragon Power is granted each time a level is completed successfully, enabling the recruited team to include players with better abilities. After completing a level and gaining access to a limitless supply of dragon power, the player may play as Majin Vegeta by pressing R+A while utilising either Super Vegeta or Majin Vegeta. Only Super Vegeta or Majin Vegeta may be used as the user’s primary character while playing Majin Vegeta.

By playing through the Tutorial mode with Piccolo and a few other characters, you may learn how to utilise all of the controls, including punches, energy barriers, throws, and super strikes. Alternatively, you can practise on a punching bag in the Training mode. While they are still getting used to all of the controls in the Tutorial mode, the player may apply their newly acquired knowledge to a character. The player will get a welcome surprise after the game is finished.


How are the characters of Dragon Ball Z: Supersonic Warriors 2 ROM?

To activate their character’s special powers, players must have their ki fully charged and simultaneously press the L and R buttons on their controllers. Unique abilities are modest improvements to a person’s current degree of physical prowess, like Goku’s Kaio-ken.

How is it possible to get every character that may be played in Dragon Ball Z: Supersonic Warriors 2 ROM?

One method to get access to characters that were previously prohibited is by using game points earned to make purchases in the Shop. Depending on the mode you choose to play, you may earn points by engaging in combat or progressing through a story in either the Z Battle mode or the Tale mode. You may visit the Shop by going to the game’s Options menu. Choosing the right team of players to play Z Battle with might perhaps help your team score more points. These additional points will speed up the character unlocking procedure considerably.

Could a player  cl utilise the Kamehameha strike in Dragon Ball Z?

In Dragon Block C, the player may employ ki attacks, a kind of ranged attack, if they have accumulated enough training points to be able to purchase them. The player can only use these attacks after they have beaten the last monster in Dragon Block C. The player won’t be able to utilise these attacks if they have not yet racked up this many training points. For the time being, you must right-click in order to employ ki attacks, and then you must carry out the keyboard configuration that links the second function key to that action.

What are the particular actions required in Dragon Ball FighterZ to activate super?

Simply hold down the analogue stick, turn it counterclockwise for 90 degrees, and then simultaneously press the right bumper and right trigger to execute his most basic Super Move, called Energy Field. In turn, this will give you the ability to execute the move.


The crux of the action in Dragon Ball Z: Supersonic Warriors 2 ROM consists of strikes on numerous targets and rapid-fire combos. This might be attributed to the game’s nature as a fast-paced, intense action game. You may quickly and efficiently execute a variety of attacks, some of which are weak, some of which are powerful, and some of which are even spectacular, by hitting the proper buttons. This is a genuine option since the player still has control over how these blows are delivered. You will find it more challenging to win a battle since you are limited in the number of assaults you can make over the course of the conflict. The combat will also last a little bit longer as a result of this.

This two-player brawler may be played on portable gaming systems and has a wide variety of opponents. Bosses come in many different varieties throughout the game. Participants have a wide range of skills at their disposal, including the ability to fly and the potential to attack their opponent with a variety of different blows. You will always have the choice to summon a teammate to either help you or harm your enemy while you are in a fight. You are allowed to choose one of the two possibilities. Additionally, if you feel the need to, Dragon Ball Z: Supersonic Warriors 2 ROM allows you to swap characters in the middle of combat.