WarioWare Touched NDS ROM Free Download

WarioWare Touched NDS ROM Free Download

Nintendo developed and published the video game WarioWare Touched ROM for the Nintendo D.S. It is a set of minigames that may be enjoyed with others. The goal of the fourth instalment in the WarioWare series, which is also the first of three to be published for the Nintendo D.S., is to finish “microgames,” which are fast, small minigames as rapidly as you can. The Nintendo D.S. version of the game is the first of three. The Nintendo D.S.’s touchscreen and microphone are the only inputs that can be used to control the minigames.

The game was simultaneously developed by Intelligent Systems and Nintendo S.P.D. and released concurrently with WarioWare: Twisted! and was published globally by Nintendo. The game was purposefully designed with the Nintendo D.S.’s touchscreen capabilities from the outset. WarioWare Touched was initially made available in Japan in December 2004, in North America and Australia in February 2005, and finally in Europe in March of the same year. For the premiere title, Touched! was used in Japanese, Australian, and European markets.

WarioWare Touched NDS ROM Free Download
ROMWarioWare Touched
GenreAction, Racing, Sports
Console Nintendo DS (Download Emulator)
Region USA
Ratings 4.7 out of 5

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Reviewers liked the game’s fast-paced gameplay, similar to previous WarioWare games, but many of them weren’t happy with how quickly it was over. Critics gave the game high marks when it was first made accessible to the general audience. Not only were the touchscreen and microphone utilized for the first time in this episode, but Ashley, a regular on the show, also made her debut. Many of the minigames in Touched!, which were also accessible, were included in WarioWare Gold. The game was made available again via the Wii U’s Virtual Console service in 2015, and it briefly made its Nintendo 3DS debut in 2016. These two releases happened on Nintendo gaming systems. In North America and Australia, the artwork on the box is orange, whereas it is yellow everywhere else. Only in North America and Australia is it orange.

Gameplay of WarioWare Touched ROM

This game’s gameplay is similar to the previous WarioWare version; the player is tasked with finishing “microgames,” which is another word for “minigames.” The player is given a few simple directions before starting each separate minigame, such as “Find!” “Rotate!” or “Shoot!” Life will be lost if a player cannot finish a microgame; however, if they succeed, the game will advance to the next in the sequence. The player is shown a recap of their best three scores from earlier in the game after they have used up all four of their lives, which is considered the end of the game. As you get farther in the game, the action picks in speed. The player must finish what is referred to as a “boss level” for every fifteen points obtained. Boss levels often include longer and more challenging microgames than normal stages.

Touchscreen and microphone controls were added to the WarioWare series with the release of Touched!; however, each microgame may only be played with one of these two devices. There are 180 distinct minigames in the video game; the levels with bosses are not included. Throughout the game’s nine stories, there are a total of twenty different minigames. Every class consists of a foreign concept, the main character, stage length, and means for the player to engage with the surroundings. The stylus is required for each of the three input types so that the user may interact with the touch screen in various ways, such as poking and dragging. By blowing into the microphone, one of the system’s components, the user may direct the action to ensure the system’s minigames.

A fresh set of tasks known as “toys” are made available to players once they finish one of the game’s crucial stages. These toys, which may be used off to the side, are condensed versions of the microgames shown on the main stage. One of them is modelled like table tennis and allows up to two players to play local multiplayer on the same device (with one player shown on each screen). One participant at a time participates in the game.

Features of WarioWare Touched ROM

In the game’s opening cutscene, Wario stumbles across a two-screen console. Then he decides that to make money; he should create games for the platform. The remaining game material comprises unique, stand-alone storylines for each character throughout each phase. Because of the acid in chocolate, Wario’s teeth begin to ache after eating it. Jimmy T. is dancing when he realizes he has an insect in his hair. Tonight’s evening will include a performance by Mona.

To gain possession of Orbulon so that she may control him, Ashley sends a demon by the name of Red. Wherever they can, Kat and Ana look for the bananas taken from them. Dr. Crygor can now dramatically boost his strength thanks to his most recent creation. Mike sings karaoke for the enjoyment of a group of alien rabbits. In a video game, 9-Volt and 18-Volt are now battling it out. Wario consumes some “bad garlic” in the game’s final level, causing him to transform into the superhero Wario-Man. This game’s development was started by Intelligent Systems and Nintendo S.P.D. when WarioWare: Twisted was created.

The group of people working on Twisted! was divided into two teams; one team was given the goal of continuing to work on Twisted!, while the other team was given the duty of starting to work on Touched! The development team wanted to integrate the technology of the Nintendo D.S. into the next iteration of the series, similar to Twisted! Uses the vibrating structural gyroscope of the game cartridge as a crucial gaming component. They worked hard to achieve their goal. This goal was chosen during the first stages of the game’s conception. The audience briefly demonstrated the game’s gameplay at the Nintendo D.S.’s first public introduction. The general population has never before seen it.

Yoshio Sakamoto and Ryoichi Kitanishi produced Touched!, directed by Teruyuki Hirosawa, Taku Sugioka, and Goro Abe. The film’s production also included Ryoichi Kitanishi and Yoshio Sakamoto. The game’s music was created mainly by Yashuhisa Baba and Masanobu Matsunaga. This game served as one of the Nintendo D.S.’s launch titles when it debuted in Japan on December 2, 2004, along with Super Mario 64 D.S. and a few other titles. Nintendo’s responsibility as the publisher includes handling the game’s international distribution.

It was made available in Australia on February 24, 2005, and two days later, on February 14, 2005, it was made available for purchase in North America. It was the second first-party game to be published on the system in each market. It was first made available to the general public as a European launch title on March 11 of that same year. The first of three games that will be published on the Nintendo D.S. platform, while is the third part in the series, is this one.

A freshly updated game version became accessible for download on the Wii U’s Virtual Console in Europe and Australia on April 2, 2015. The game was made available for purchase in North America on April 9 of that year (2015), while it was launched in Japan on April 15 of that same year. It was made temporarily accessible for My Nintendo members on the Nintendo 3DS in Japan on March 17, 2016. This incident happened in Japan. Customers in Australia, North America, and Europe may use it starting on March 31 of that same year.


How many different kinds of minigames are there in WarioWare?

 180 little games. Initially released in 2005 for the Nintendo DS system, this action game is now playable on the Nintendo 3DS. Pick from more than 180 different microgames that can all be played with a finger.

 What is the total microgram count of WarioWare Touched?

 The WarioWare series is now wholly touchscreen and microphone compatible to support the new Touched! Touchscreen and microphone controls. When the levels with the bosses are excluded, the game has a total of 180 unique minigames.

 When it comes to WarioWare, who exactly is Ashley?

 Ashley is a witch raised in the eeriest house in Diamond City. She is a teenage girl. She has often been seen with her bunny doll. As implied by her theme song, the fact that she never plays with dolls strengthens the possibility that the problematic beauty has a mystical function.

 How often are people playing WarioWare?

 You’ll find that WarioWare: Touched! It lasts around two hours if you focus on the game’s main objectives. It will take you close to nine and a half hours to finish the game with a perfect score if you’re the kind of player that wants to experience all it has to offer.

 What causes Ashley’s hair to become white is the problem.

 Ashley can cast various spells and use various potions, as was made clear in the WarioWare games. She talks of casting spells with “the darkest magic” in her theme tune. When she is angry or utilizing her magic, her eyes become a fiery red, and her hair takes on a silvery-gray hue.


Touchscreen and microphone-based gameplay, which debuted in WarioWare Touched ROM, has since become a staple of the WarioWare series and can be found in most subsequent parts. The first game in the series to include this kind of gameplay was WarioWare Touched ROM. A substantial chunk of the Touched!-exclusive minigames previously exclusively included in that game have been adapted for WarioWare Gold.

 In addition, Ashley, a WarioWare character, initially appeared with the release of Touched! ROM The series often features Ashley as a character. The games in the series that have subsequently included Ashley as a playable character are WarioWare: Smooth Moves, WarioWare D.I.Y., Game & Wario, and WarioWare Gold. Ashley is also a recurring character in the Super Smash Bros. video game series. In Super Smash Bros. Brawl, she appears as a sticker; in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS, she serves as a trophy, a wearable Mii costume, and an assist trophy. She is only a prize in Super Smash Bros. Additionally; she has made cameo cameos in the video games Super Mario Maker, Rhythm Heaven Megamix, and Nintendo Badge Arcade. The background music for Brawl, as well as the Wii U and 3DS versions of the game, is configurable and includes “Ashley’s Song.” It plays throughout the whole of Ashley’s performance in Touched! In the video game Brawl, “Mike’s Song” is performed once more. Both the English and Japanese versions of the songs are available for listening.