GTA 4 APK Grand Theft Auto IV for Android

GTA 4 APK Grand Theft Auto IV for Android

You’ve probably played Grand Theft Auto games before. Of course, I’m talking about Grand Theft Auto, and Vice City is one of the series’ most popular games. The initial version of Vice City is usually a young person’s introduction to Rockstar Games. People were able to purchase Grand Theft Auto V not long ago. Even Nevertheless, most Android users like playing Grand Theft Auto 4. To be clear, they do not officially sell their games on Android or iOS. However, a group of brilliant programmers has created an Apk version of GTA IV for Android smartphones. Rockstar Games may now be played on cellphones that use Google’s Android mobile operating system.

It is not an issue if you do not have a gaming laptop or desktop PC. Grand Theft Auto 4 and Grand Theft Auto 5 may now be played on your Android smartphone. How? It would help if you had the GTA 4 Apk, and an Android phone running Android 4.0 or later. Don’t worry; this post has links to everything you need to download. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Android, we have supplied installation instructions. Images are used to assist people in grasping what is being conveyed. We’re sorry, but that’s all we can do to help you. Also, if a newer version of the application is released, we will update this site so that you always have access to the most current version.

GTA 4 APK Grand Theft Auto IV for Android
Requires 5.1 and above 
Ratings 4.9 out of 5


When you play the action-adventure video game Grand Theft Auto IV, you receive a third-person perspective of the action. Missions assist players’ progress through the tale by placing them in settings with clear objectives and subsequent actions. Players may have many ongoing missions simultaneously since specific assignments need players to wait for more instructions or occurrences. In addition to the main plot tasks, players may venture off the beaten path and do side missions. The map is more significant than in most previous GTA games and is based on a fictitious metropolis named Liberty City. At the start, the player may only travel to the first island, which is made up of Dukes and Broker. Throughout the game, you’ll discover how to go to all of the other islands.

GTA 4 APK Grand Theft Auto IV for Android

 While conducting an automobile, the player may transition to a first-person perspective. The battle system’s auto-aim and cover mechanisms assist the player in defeating adversaries. If a player is injured, they may replenish their health bar by eating or drinking, utilizing medical kits, or phoning paramedics for assistance. If someone is being investigated for committing a crime in the game, a “wanted” meter will appear on the HUD. The number of stars on the meter should be considered the best number. Police will search for anyone who leaves the safe zone. When gamers can hide from law enforcement, the wanted meter falls into a dormant condition and gradually decreases.

The cover system in this game allows you to move freely between covers, fire automatically, aim your weapons, and target a specific enemy. You can also focus on a particular part of your body. Close-quarters combat necessitates more maneuvers, such as dodging, blocking, disarming, and attacking back. Although body armor can be used to reduce the damage caused by gunshots and bombs, it will eventually lose its effectiveness. When a player’s health bar reaches zero, the game is over and they must restart at the nearest medical facility.

In the single-player mode, the player controls Niko Bellic, an experienced war veteran from Eastern Europe. As the story progresses, Niko meets and befriends various new people. They’ll be able to do anything Niko asks of them after that. For example, Niko could ask his cousin Roman, who owns a taxi service, for a ride anywhere in town. It’s important to remember that cabs are always available to players, allowing them to travel quickly between cities. Throughout the game, the player is presented with several moral decisions, each of which can alter the plot positively or negatively. 

Players can move through the game world at their own pace and stop to do things like darts or bowling that are unique to the setting. The user can also play a minigame in which they play the role of a vigilante, and there is TV content in the game. Niko’s handy cell phone makes it much easier for him to plan and attend social events. You’ll also need a cell phone to play the game online with other people and enter cheat codes. Niko can connect to the Internet at one of the city’s many Internet cafes, send and receive emails, and set up dates with potential dates. The game also includes a subway system that makes traveling worldwide more accessible.


Liberty City had been altered when Grand Theft Auto IV took place in 2008. Algonquin is like Brooklyn, Broker is like Queens, Bohan is like the Bronx, and Dukes is like Queens. The rest of the city is organized similarly to New York City’s boroughs. A nearby country, Alderney, also contributes to the scenery. The bridges are closed at the start of the game due to a terrorist threat, and if the players try to cross them, the police will pursue them mercilessly. As the story progresses, the player will be able to freely move between the islands because the obstacles will be removed.

GTA 4 APK Grand Theft Auto IV for Android

Grand Theft Auto IV takes place in a different world called the “HD Universe,” a parody and copy of our own. Previous games created their own fictional worlds, which share many similarities with the HD Universe but are still considered separate continuities due to their own history and development. As a result, Grand Theft Auto IV has a different Liberty City than the other games in the series. This restarts the entire series. With the release of Grand Theft Auto IV and Grand Theft Auto Online, a new timeline was established, which would be continued with two expansion packs and a sequel. After Grand Theft Auto IV, each add-on pack would be sold separately. Because the portable version of Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars uses the same map as Grand Theft Auto IV (except for Alderney), it is considered part of the HD Universe.

Russian mobsters kidnap Niko and Roman as a punishment for their leader, Mikhail Faustin, and his subordinate, Dimitri Rascal. Faustin doesn’t care that Vlad is dead, so he lets them go and hires Niko as a hitman. He then orders him to assassinate Kenny Petrovi’s son, a member of the Russian Mafia. Despite Petrovi’s threats, Dimitri is able to convince Niko to kill Faustin. But then he turns on Niko and sends him to his old boss Ray Bulgarin, who claims that Niko stole from him ever since their people-trafficking business went bad. Suppose you’re wondering why; it’s because Niko used to work for Ray Bulgarian. Dimitri and Bulgarian can flee the scene after Niko says the claim is false, and a gunfight ensues.

After Dimitri’s thugs burned down Niko and Roman’s apartment and taxi business, they had to flee to Bohan for safety. Dimitri kidnaps Roman while Niko works with other drug dealers in the area. He does this to lure Niko into his trap. Unfortunately, this strategy will fail. A short time later, Niko discovers that his girlfriend Michelle works for the government. Michelle tricks Niko into joining her agency, the United Liberty Paper, by revealing that she works for the government. Niko’s criminal record is cleared in exchange for the agency’s assistance in killing several known or suspected terrorists, and the agency begins looking for the double agent he desires. When Roman receives a large check from his insurance policy for his destroyed business, he and Niko begin to rebuild their lives. With these funds, Roman rebuilds his business and buys an apartment in Algonquin. Roman also asks Mallorie to marry him, and she accepts.

Patrick McReary and Niko become friends while Niko is working for the Irish Mafia. Niko then decided to assist Patrick and his brothers in robbing a bank. Ray Boccino, a caporegime in the Pegorino crime family, hires Niko to run a diamond trade for him. The business deal falls through. Bocchino assists Niko in locating Florian Craven, also known as Bernie Crane, who owes him money. When Craven claims he did not betray his team, Niko knows that Darko Brevic most likely did. After Boccino was killed, Niko gained the trust of Don Jimmy Pegorino and continued to work for the Mafia in Liberty City. The death of Boccino caused this change in Niko’s status. Patrick also kidnaps Don Giovanni Ancelotti’s daughter with the help of Niko. He intends to exchange her ransom for the diamonds, but Bulgarian intervenes.

GTA 4 APK Grand Theft Auto IV for Android

Finally, The Paper locates Darko and transports him to Liberty City so Niko can decide his life. Pegorino asks Niko for one more favor now that he has put the past behind him. He wants Niko to assist him with a lucrative heroin transaction involving Dimitri. Niko and Dimitri must find a happy medium, or Niko will retaliate. Dimitri will steal the heroin and never give it to Niko if Niko follows through on the deal. On Roman’s wedding day, Dimitri dispatched an assassin who shot and killed him with a bullet that missed its intended target. Niko is so depressed about losing Pegorino that he asks Little Jacob to assist him in killing Dimitri. Later, Mallorie informs Niko that she is pregnant with Roman’s child, and he agrees to care for the unborn child. If Niko decides that vengeance is in order, he will go to the Platypus and murder Dimitri. Pegorino is so angry at Niko for betraying him that he plans to kill him in a drive-by shooting at Roman’s wedding. Kate, Patrick’s sister, whom Niko was trying to win over, is killed in an accident. Niko tracks down Pegorino and murders him with the help of Little Jacob and Roman. A short time later, Roman informs Niko that Mallorie is pregnant and that he and Mallorie have decided to name their child Kate if she is a girl.


Why is Grand Theft Auto IV considered unique compared to other games?

But the plot, which is both brutal and honest, is what sells the movie in the end. We don’t believe that any subsequent game in the series will have as much depth and purpose as this one. Unlike previous Grand Theft Auto games, the narrative of GTA 4 takes players on an emotional roller coaster without ever giving in to sentimentality.

Who is evil guy is in GTA4?

The fourth game in the Grand Theft Auto series has proven immensely successful. The primary evil character in the game is a person called Dimitri Rascalov. Dimitri was Mikhail Faustin’s right-hand man and the genuine ruler of the Faustin Mafia. Dimitri and Mikhail worked together in the Russian military for a time.

Is Grand Theft Auto 5 a better game than Grand Theft Auto 4?

The two are pretty different in the resolution, graphic quality, degree of detail in the locations, and the way the games function. Even though Grand Theft Auto 5 is better in every regard, it basically merely expands on what Grand Theft Auto 4 accomplished.


Grand Theft Auto IV was unveiled in May 2006, and people were anxious to play it. When it came out in September, the game was lauded by everyone. On Metacritic, a website that compiles reviews, there is a standard scale that ranges from 0 to 100. A score of 98 out of 100 denotes “universal acclaim.” Users of the site have given it a high enough rating that it is tied for second place among the games with the highest ratings. Reviewers had a lot of awesome things to say about the game’s plot, its open environment, and its manner of battling. Andrew Reiner of Game Informer called it “a total transformation in gaming,” while Hilary Goldstein of IGN called it “a new standard for open-world games.” Hilary Goldstein of IGN adds that the game “absolutely transforms the face of gaming.”