Crash: Mind over Mutant ROM Download | Playstation Portable

Crash: Mind over Mutant ROM Download | Playstation Portable

Radical Entertainment is the creator of the platform video game Crash Mind over Mutant ROM, which can be purchased on the Xbox 360, Wii, PlayStation 2, and PlayStation Portable (with Virtuos handling the transfer). The duty of adapting the game for the Nintendo DS system fell to the business TOSE. Clients in North America were given access to it for the first time on October 7, 2008. Customers may begin using it on October 29 in Australia and October 31 in Europe. After Crash of the Titans, this is the second game in the series that won’t be published in Japan. After merging with the former publisher of the series Vivendi Games, Activision will release The Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy in 2017, a reproduction of the original three Crash games. The Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy was published in 2017.

The sixteenth game overall and seventh in the primary series is the video game Crash Bandicoot: Mind over Mutant ROM. The game’s creators, Doctor Neo Cortex and Doctor Nitrus Brio, who have created a cutting-edge technological device, are the characters you play (a parody of popular items like the iPhone and BlackBerry). Apart from his spirit companion Aku Aku, the only other person untouched by the device is the series’ protagonist, Crash Bandicoot, who tries to release his buddies from its control and thwart Cortex and Brio’s plan.

Crash: Mind over Mutant ROM Download | Playstation Portable
NameCrash: Mind over Mutant ROM
Category:Free Adventure Game
Console:Playstation Portable

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Gameplay of Crash Mind over Mutant ROM

The video game Crash: Mind Over Mutant ROM, a follow-up to Crash of the Titans, has many gameplay elements from the original. There have, however, been a few little adjustments done here and there. Crash could still be able to “jack” them if he can defeat the mutants and titans he runs across in close quarters and then on their backs. This tactic is referred to as “jacking,” which occurs when you beat a rival and then ride on their coattails. 

This ability is sometimes referred to as “jacking” in slang. Although each species of mutant Crash controls now has its mojo counters and leveling system, unlike the previous edition, he may still improve his attacks by gathering mojo. However, he may still make his strikes more effective by simultaneously manipulating many mutants. By taking on mutants and gaining experience points, he could still be able to sharpen his assault. Despite this, he still has a chance to get offensive upgrades. 

The crash is only permitted a total of twenty “level ups” throughout his lifespan, as opposed to mutants who are only permitted five. The crash may now “pocket” a non-boss mutant, allowing him to swap between the mutant he is currently using and any other mutant he has previously “pocketed.” The crash may switch between the mutant he is currently using and any other mutant he has previously “pocketed,” in addition. In addition to a few mutants designed especially for this edition, most of the mutants from the previous game are also present in this one. Because they have all just recently acquired the ability to jump, several of the mutants who have been brought back to life have learned new maneuvers. As you go through the game, you’ll come across new, more substantial variations of the mutants called Heroes and get the ability to jack them.

One thing that distinguishes this game from its predecessors is that its general visual look is notably less limited than that of the overwhelming majority of its forerunners. This, in my opinion, is one of its most distinctive features. Instead of the usual twenty consecutive platforming levels that players must successfully finish in the correct order, Mind Over Mutant is separated into eight distinct places that Crash must explore and move between as the narrative unfolds. Players must finish the stages in the correct sequence to go on in the game. 

The player may pick up voodoo dolls and other things around the game’s playing area to increase their health. After you have finished gathering all these dolls, you will be able to view the concept art for the game. After the main narrative has been settled, Crash’s combat skills are tested in the game’s minigames. You won’t need to do any further actions to reach these rounds.



This time, Crash’s infamous spin strike has a stylish makeover. Players may carry out several extra moves using analog sticks, including a charging kick, double leap, and combo-crushing opponents. The same types of tasks may be performed on a Wii by moving your body in various motion-based ways. Two of the new gameplay concepts being used include dodging attacks and scaling obstacles. The crash may dig under a barrier, depending on the situation, to get past it. Every time Crash defeats foes, destroy things, or destroys in any other manner, a substance known as Mojo is unleashed into the environment. The crash must gather all of this Mojo to go on to the next level.

The player may control the titans, the game’s most fearsome adversaries. The crash has the power to ride the animal, allowing him the freedom to go anywhere he wants, while the monster is left defenseless. The crash may also store these mutants in his inventory to utilize them at a later time or whenever he pleases. His skill is not unique in any way. Players may now carry many titans at once, making it much simpler to decide which monster to unleash and when to deploy it. Similar to how Crash may improve with his upgrades, the Titans can also be enhanced with Mojo, obtained by defeating foes and destroying things. To get Mojo, players must kill adversaries and destroy game-related items.

Co-operative play

It is possible to play Mind Over Mutant collaboratively with two players, and all you need to do is connect a second controller to your console. The activity is open to participation at any time. The second player in the game is hidden by the mask that initially hovers over Crash. The mask character’s player gets access to a magical projectile strike. By hitting a specific controller button, the second player may remove and put on their mask (drop-in and drop-out co-op play). Once Crash’s sister Coco is playable in the Wii or Xbox 360 versions of the game, the second player will take on the role of Coco rather than the mask. The two-game versions both have this. The PlayStation 2 version of the game features Carbon Crash instead of the original Crash, a white-furred character clone.

most recent developments

Instead, Crash’s primary job is to assume control of several mutants, just as he did in the first Crash Adventure game, so that you, the player, may play as those mutants and use the unique abilities that each one of them possesses to conquer difficulties. Due to the amount of backtracking and a troublesome camera you have no control over, Crash’s newest adventure is likely to weary you before you have gone through the approximately seven hours it takes to complete it. The cutscenes in Mind Over Mutant use various cartoon animation techniques to rapidly define the film’s tone. These situations are hilarious for a variety of reasons. This gives the game a good beginning. In the early levels of the game, you’ll become proficient at using the controls to do various actions, such as leaping, digging tunnels, battling, and more. 

However, if things don’t go as planned, they ultimately will. The primary issue is that, in addition to traveling from Point A to Point B, too many tasks need you to return to Point A after completing them. As a result, progressing farther in the game is quite challenging. Alternately, you must go through the same steps for levels A and B again if you want to go on to level C. Once you’ve completed your task, you’ll need to return and carry out the same steps again, but this time going the opposite. If the troublesome camera had been relocated to consider the change in direction, this wouldn’t be such a huge thing, but it hasn’t and is still set up in the exact locations as previously. They shouldn’t even exist, and you shouldn’t have to take risks to visit platforms you don’t often encounter. 

Like most of the others, this mission has a considerable amount of battle. This applies whether you’re directing Crash or one of the mutants he may board after rendering them unconscious. After knocking out every mutant with his strikes, Crash may leap atop any mutant. However, none of these enhancements can repair the harm that the new free-roaming world design has brought about. Your abilities will advance as you search the island for hidden Mojo by climbing and digging.


What distinguishes Mind Over Mutant from Crash of the Titans?

The sixth widely-played game in the Crash Bandicoot series is the sequel to Crash of the Titans. There have so far been fifteen Crash Bandicoot video games published. In that order, it was made available on the Nintendo DS, Xbox 360, PlayStation 2, PlayStation Portable, and Wii devices.

Is it the intention for the Titans in Crash Mind Over Mutant to be mutants?

After being exposed to the mystical chemical mojo, certain animals transformed to become titans, who are now more powerful. This group of creatures is also known as “mutants.” By riding atop a giant’s back and holding Aku Aku over the creature’s face, Crash may use the technique known as “jacking” to control the giant’s abilities. The skill in question is called “jacking.”


People’s perceptions of Crash Mind over Mutant ROM  often shifted from unfavorable to favorable from one edition to the next. The reviews for the PlayStation 2 and Wii versions were largely favorable. However, they were enthusiastic about the Xbox 360 version. Many praised the game’s dialogue, cutscenes, and voice acting but criticized its fixed camera and frequent backtracking. It received appreciation for being fun and exiciting in the Nintendo DS edition.