Digimon Story – Lost Evolution ROM Download | Nintendo NDS

Digimon Story - Lost Evolution ROM Download | Nintendo NDS

The viewpoint from which the two-dimensional role-playing game Digimon Story: Lost Evolution is perceived and played is akin to a bird’s eye view or gazing down from a great height. Bandai Namco Entertainment was in charge of the game’s development and publishing. The user can control a male or female character in the game, depending on how comfortable they are with either gender. The player enjoys a fireworks display when they observe something shimmering moving toward the mountains. The participant thinks the object is heading in the direction of the mountains. Since the player is unsure of the item’s origin, it is now a mystery. Agumon is on the prowl as the player and a few buddies investigate the accident scene. Agumon is chasing the player. Three wicked tamers emerged out of nowhere while Agumon and the others were having a conversation. When the heroes have shown themselves superior to the dishonest tamers and have opted to become Agumon’s tamers, they will be brought there and forced to cope with the animals that reside in the Digiworld.

As each Digimon can evolve into a more potent form at some point in the future, the player will accrue additional Digimon as they go through the game. The user controls their character and directs them through the battle from a first-person, turn-based perspective.

Digimon Story - Lost Evolution ROM Download | Nintendo NDS
App name Digimon Story – Lost Evolution ROM
Genre : Role playing games
Platform: Nintendo NDS
Language English 
Ratings 4.8 out of 5

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Gameplay of Digimon Story – Lost Evolution ROM

Formerly seen as a utopia, the digital world has recently undergone a remarkable transformation. The Digimon began to vanish one by one as they fought in a fight on the battlefield. A vicious gang of trainers was pushing the Digimon the trainers were working with. Agumon entered the natural world in search of its tamer since the Digital World was in peril.

While watching a fireworks show, the player character, who has recently arrived in the town, notices a weird light in the night that seems to be falling near a hill. Together with their friends, they set out to explore the area, and while there, they came upon Agumon. Agumon glances about for help as the gang is attacked by three enigmatic individuals named Uno, Dos, and Tres. To halt the enemy party’s assault, the player reacts by using Agumon to beat the Numemon it is in charge of. When the battle is done, the three foes depart the region with their Digimon. When they return for the Numemon, the party learns that two of their companions were abducted while caring for and attempting to calm it. To recognise their comrades, the player must contract with the Agumon to get help in solving the secrets of the Digital World.


With the upcoming release of Digimon Story: Lost Evolution, the Digimon series will return to the franchise’s beginning (for the DS, at least). The central idea of the narrative is that no one is aware of what or who caused all of the Digimon who reside in the Digital World to lose their capacity to level up. As a secret gang has been making itself known more and more, Tamers—humans who have partnered with Digimon—are now starting to vanish one by one. Agumon decides to go to the Real World, or our world, to locate a wife for himself When he finally accomplishes his objective, you, the main character, discover him there along with some other travellers he travelled with. On the other hand, a group of three people holding the other people captive subsequently flees into cyberspace. Naturally, you decide that you must make an effort to rescue them and choose to work with Agumon to pursue them into the other dimension.

Unlike Lost Evolution, none of the previous Digimon Story video games let you choose the gender of your Digimon. According to tradition, a boy’s name is Shuu, and a girl’s name is Kizuna when they are born. You seem to be a child who changed schools and is now a fifth-grade student. Along with your calm demeanours, it’s no secret that both of you enjoy sports and competitiveness. Even though you’ve just moved, you already have a sizable network of friends who depend on you for guidance and support.

Most of the Digital World’s residents, formerly a virtual environment generated entirely inside a computer network, are still Digimon. On the other hand, it seems that the focus of the discourse will be mostly on continents and islands encircled by seas this time. According to the official website, a mode of transportation called the DigiShip is required to move between the many planets.

Reviving the previous evolution of the Digimon as you go on adventures is one of your duties as a Digimon Tamer. According to what seems to be an “Evolution Tree,” all of the Digimon in this game can evolve, and each node on the tree is equipped with a “DigiPlate.” You’ll be tasked with finding these Plates when the fun begins and returning them to their proper locations. The best method to beat the game’s bosses is to defeat them. This is accomplished using an approach similar to archaeology. You may repair and clean the Plates that you find within a very liberal time frame by using the stylus to access a range of tools, including a goo that serves as plaster to fill in gaps in the Plate, files to remove additional applications, and cleaner to wash off contaminated areas. As a result, you can finish the task on time.

The DigiPlates must be snapped onto the node where they seem to belong as the last step. Veteran Digimon players shouldn’t have any problems with this. You may now change into that specific Digimon if you choose to (and so can the rest of the Digimon population, presumably).

The Digibase was invaded by a gang of monsters known as the Erasers. As a result of their actions, the Erasers harmed the evolutionary trees maintained in the Yggdra Room. It would help if you went on a journey with your Digimon to get the Digivolution patterns. Fighting different foes will earn you Bug Plates, storage devices storing the data needed for Digivolution. To make a Bug Plate work correctly after purchase, specific tools that are activated with the stylus must be used to repair it. Once the damages have been fixed, the Plate must be reattached to the tree to which it was first linked to continue the devolution process.

To digivolve, one needs the requisite level and parameter increases in addition to the required Digiplates. The de-digivolution technique may lower a Digimon’s level, enabling it to move on to another branch of the digivolution tree.

As the first companion, Agumon will now take the initiative. Players must sign up for a Gabumon training session when they initially join the Digital World. This occurs automatically. The player will get a Dorumon, a Falcon, and one of three ToyAgumons, Kudamons, or Plemons as soon as the DigiFarm system is prepared for usage. The kind of gift supplied will vary depending on the type of DigiFarm bought.

On July 1, the video game will be readily available for purchase. To encourage people to check out the new minigame posted on the internet, Namco Bandai designed the game in a manner that anticipated their collaboration. This requires the involvement of a sizable number of users spread out over some time. More material will likely be uploaded if the website receives much traffic.


What was the title of the first Digimon episode?

The 2017 version of Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth – Hacker’s Memory is on the left side of the game’s screen, which can tempt some players to choose it first. I believe that beginning with Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth is the ideal approach to have a deeper comprehension of the Digimon universe and better equip yourself for the follow-up. I’d suggest starting with this game.

Is a third Digimon Story instalment in the works?

The sequel’s official name is Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth – Hacker’s Memory, and it came out in 2018 in Western regions after debuting in Japan in 2017. The original game and its follow-up, Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth: Complete Edition, are scheduled to be released for Nintendo Switch and Windows PCs on October 18, 2019.

Are there any recurring themes in the Digimon Story games?

These three games were collectively referred to as “Digimon Story” by the Japanese gaming community. To the best of my knowledge, Dusk and Dawn are connected. However, the other titles in the Digimon Story series are not since they do not acknowledge previous games’ events.

Are Digimon and Pokemon the same thing?

No. Even though Pokemon came out before Digimon, the latter is not a copy of the former. Its original creation is Digimon. Each has its unique cast of characters, stories, and overarching goals for the series. It is more accurate to assert that Tamagotchi was the inspiration for Digimon, given that the well-known monster television show Tamagotchi is based on Tamagotchi.


Digimon Story: Lost Evolution for the Nintendo DS is a role-playing game. Bandai Namco Games is the game’s creator and publisher. It is the fifth portable game in the Digimon franchise and the third game in the subseries “Digimon Story.” The Digimon mobile series consists of a total of five games. This video game made its debut on July 1, 2010, and was the first of its kind. Each 314 distinct Digimon species has a playable counterpart in this game.

The game’s developer, Bandai Namco Games, released a teaser website in November 2009. There were just two descriptions on the website: “RPG LOST” and “The RPG that will return.” Once the website was live, we promptly added a countdown clock to it. An official announcement concerning Digimon Story: Lost Evolution and a date for its release in 2013 were made public when the countdown hit zero on November 20. The official website went up when it was revealed that the game would be on sale in April of the following year. Users may access more material by participating in the website’s minigames.