Pokemon Ranger ROM Download | Nintendo DS

Pokemon Ranger ROM Download | Nintendo DS
Pokemon Ranger ROM Download | Nintendo DS
NamePokemon Ranger ROM
ConsoleNintendo DS

The action role-playing video game Pokemon Ranger ROM for the Nintendo DS was created and published by HAL Laboratory and Creatures Inc. You may use the Game Boy Advance and Nintendo DS to play this game. Nintendo oversaw the game’s distribution, while The Pokémon Company was in charge of the game’s development. Each game’s release was timed and geographically limited to a particular area. On March 23, 2006, a commercial release took place in Japan. Launches followed this in North America and Australia throughout 2006, and then a release in Europe in April 2007. On February 25, 2016, the Wii U Virtual Console was made available for download in Europe as soon as it was practical.

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The legendary Pokemon Manaphy’s egg may be transferred from Pokemon Ranger to Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, Pokemon Platinum, Pokemon HeartGold, and Pokemon SoulSilver since all of these other games are compatible with it. This game is set in the fictional country of Fiore, which serves as the setting.

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While it shares many components with the other Pokemon RPGs, Pokemon Ranger has a foundation that is noticeably different from most of its ilk. The player assumes the role of a Pokémon Ranger in the region of Fiore and is tasked with temporarily gathering Pokémon by deploying a “capture styler,” which is controlled by the stylus. The player must use the stylus to complete this mission. The game’s story may be broken down into ten important missions and three side missions at any time. They will only ever be accompanied by Minun or Plusle, depending on the hero the player chooses to play as. However, some people won’t.

If the player opts not to play as a Smoochum, the role of the female hero will be handed to them. Before a Pokemon may be caught, the “styler” must be used several times. Pokémon may attempt to avoid the styler or even engage in combat if they want. The styler has an energy meter that resembles the HP counter in earlier Pokemon adventure games. The game automatically switches the player to the most recent save terminal when the player’s styler’s energy meter is completely depleted.

If one is at a ranger base, one may recharge the styler like a Pokemon center. In addition to the bases, save sites may be located in various other places across the game world. If a save port cannot be found or is too far away to be practical, the standard saves may be substituted with a quick save. Players may use the Pokemon they’ve briefly acquired in the game world to help them overcome obstacles and solve puzzles. These Pokemon have various slashing, tackling, and fire-and-water-blasting maneuvers at their disposal for the advantage of their combat partners.

Additionally, they can enhance the styler’s loop line. For instance, if a water Pokemon is chosen to assist in the capture of a new Pokemon, the styler will produce a brief bubble that immobilizes the target and prevents it from fighting or running away. This bubble will continue to exist as long as the water Pokemon are used to assist in acquiring new Pokemon. As a result, there is a higher chance that the trainer will capture the Pokemon.


The area known as Fiore may be seen accurately in the Pokemon Ranger ROM’s backdrop. The area’s name is derived from an Italian word that means “flower” in English. The name of the region was derived from this clause. Solana, the female heroine of Pokemon Ranger, appeared in the anime, although no episodes of the Pokemon series have dealt with the locale. This is the case even though Solana made a cameo appearance in the anime series. The Go-Rock Squad, the most potent and significant criminal organization in the area, is active everywhere. Despite having a vast population of Pokémon from other regions, Fiore’s homeland is devoid of any indigenous Pokémon. In Fiore, you may find a wide variety of Pokemon native to different countries. Also, absent from this region of the planet are Pokemon Masters.

Since they haven’t been instructed in the proper methods for capturing and training their Pokémon, the people who own Pokemon in this area don’t utilize Poke Balls. Instead of using Poke Balls, they treat Pokémon more like pets. The region of the world referred to as Fiore is situated far from the other regions of the planet where Pokemon from the first generation to the third generation have been discovered to be living. The island is very tiny, yet a significant portion of its surface is made up of rugged hills.

Each of Fiore’s four main cities takes its name from one of the four seasons it experiences continuously throughout the year. Fiore has a mild temperature so travelers may enjoy all four seasons there all year. On an island south of Summerland, which gets its name from the summer, lies Wigtown, situated at the foot of mountains to the north.

For July, Wintown is scheduled. The nearby spring gave Ringtown, which may be found to the west, its name. The name of the city is derived from the term “fall.” The island hamlet of Summerland, which sits off the coast of South Carolina, gets its name from the time of year. Thanks to the Krokka Tunnel, Fall City and Ringtown may now communicate.

The Panula Cave may also be reached from that location by watercraft (also known as the AquaMole), which can be accessible from the port at Summerland (also known as the AquaMole). The Panula Cave, the most excellent place in the Fiore area, is renowned for luring ice-type Pokemon like the legendary Registeel.

The Panula Cave is the location that explains this. This route also leads to Wintown, situated at the base of the Sekra Range. There is a mountain range called the Sekra Range, with peaks that reach heights of up to 2,000 meters, or 6,500 feet. A waterfall on the land has the power to “flood Capture Arena 23 times in one minute,” and players may recharge their Stylers there. In this tree, five Shiftry live and will attack at once, having the Fiore Temple, an ancient temple-mountain currently home to many wild Pokémon. These are only some of the things that give it its notoriety. Each of these distinctive qualities and characteristics is present here.

Because of its closeness to Summerland, it is thought that the Olive Jungle, a sizable tropical forest, is on the same island. This region is home to many Bug and Grass-type Pokemon, and it bears the moniker “Jungle Relic” due to an abandoned building in the middle of it. On its surface, it displays the same symbols as Kyogre does. At the Relic, Rangers from earlier eras used their skills to compete against one another in a variety of sports and competitions.

Dragon Pokemon from this game appear in four challenges, each connected to one of the four standard components. There are four of these in all. Many other tasks may be undertaken by players, including Challenge of Destruction, Wind, Fire, and Water. Each has a connection to a particular element: earth, air, fire, and water, in that order. Flygon, Salamence, Charizard, and Kingdra are the four Pokemon that can be seen on the cover of Pokemon Ranger. The order in which they occur is as follows.

If all the problems may be successfully overcome, Fiore is projected to be destroyed by a disaster. The player will have unfettered access to their surroundings and the opportunity to do anything they choose after winning the game. When you’ve finished your primary responsibilities, the Ranger Net will invite you to participate in extra missions. The game’s protagonist is tasked with securing the capture of three legendary Pokemon, Mew, Celebi, and Deoxys, which are not present in any other area of the game. During several missions, the game’s main character is given this responsibility. When the Manaphy quest’s code has been cracked, it can use it to get the Manaphy Egg, which may then be transferred to Pokemon Diamond and Pearl in addition to Pokemon Platinum.


What exactly does a Pokemon Ranger ROM do?

To handle environmental concerns, prevent criminals from using Pokémon as weapons, and capture Pokemon poachers, Pokemon Rangers, who resemble a cross between a park ranger and a police officer, use Capture Stylers to calm and tame wild Pokemon.

How long does it takes to complete Pokemon Ranger ROM?

Pokémon Ranger may be finished in around 11 hours when concentrating on the main objectives. If you want to use every element the game has to offer, finishing it will probably take about 29 hours.

Does Ranger include any shiny Pokemon?

You’ll need to be lucky to stumble onto a copy of Pokemon Ranger: Shadows of Almia that has been correctly coded to get this shiny. Although difficult to explain, this makes more sense. It is ludicrous even to consider this situation.

How to become a Pokemon Ranger?

There are two possible routes one might take to become a Pokemon Ranger. The most straightforward course of action is to move to the Almia Region and begin your studies at a suitable institution there. After a year, you’ll have all the knowledge required to become a Pokémon Ranger.


People are acquainted with the Pokemon Ranger ROM all around the world. One hundred ninety-three thousand three hundred thirty-seven copies of Pokemon Ranger were sold in Japan’s first week of sales. Pokemon Ranger received primarily positive user comments and a 70% rating from GameRankings.

The use of sound was a significant flaw that raised concerns about the reuse of the 8-bit Pokémon cries from the original Game Boy games, according to IGN, which gave the game an overall rating of 7.1 out of 10. They noted that while the presentation, gameplay, and graphics were excellent features, they were overshadowed by the sound design. IGN also found that the absence of a multi-player option was a drawback.

IGN and GameSpot users have given the game an average rating of 7.5 out of 10. GameSpot praised the game’s “novel capturing mechanism,” “good-sized goal,” and “great 2D visuals and animation,” but faulted its “notable weak aspects,” which included “basic exploring segments” and potential touch screen scratching during capture.

Pokémon Ranger was noted as an example of the inconsistent quality of Pokemon spin-offs by Retronauts podcaster Jeremy Parish and later labeled as “crappy.” He emphasizes the language and narrative, pointing out that, despite Pokemon being a kid-friendly game, Ranger’s writing is inferior to that of the well-known games. Justin Haywald, a co-author of the Retronauts, criticized HAL Laboratory for creating Ranger despite his belief that they were a reliable developer. Pokémon Ranger has a global sales total of 2.70 million units as of March 31, 2008. Consequently, Pokemon Ranger ROM is an excellent option if you’re seeking a game to pass the time.