Final Fantasy Tactics A2 ROM Download

Final Fantasy Tactics A2 ROM Download

A tactical role-playing game for the Nintendo DS called Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift ROMwas created and published by Square Enix. Final Fantasy Tactics Advance 2 was released in Japan in 2007 and in North America in 2008. On the Ivalice Alliance, it is based. This game takes place in the Ivalice universe. Characters from Final Fantasy X include their Ivalice-based appearances in Final Fantasy XII.

The protagonist of Tactics A2 is Luso Clemens, a young guy who was led to Ivalice by a mysterious book. As they look for a way to return to civilization, Adelle, a thief, and Cid, the chief of their tribe, protect Luso from creatures. Grid-based combat, a themed Job system, and the “Law” system, which controls player behaviour during battles, are all features that have been carried over to Tactics Gold.

Final Fantasy Tactics A2 ROM Download
NameFinal Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift ROM
PlatformNintendo DS
GenreTactical role-playing
DeveloperSquare Enix
PublisherSquare Enix

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Gameplay of Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift ROM

Throughout the game, players may send inactive party members on training missions to acquire experience or complete side quests in the realm of Ivalice. As the story progresses, more of these quests are made available.

In addition to the primary objective, players may unlock additional disabled Clan activities to gain Clan Points, an in-game currency. The quantity of disabilities a character has a direct correlation to the reward for completing a Clan task. Clan members utilise squads made up of Ivalice and dormant party members to bid on and defend property at auction houses they do not yet possess. When the Clan engages in combat on its native turf, its fighting skills grow. In the interim between missions, new equipment may be purchased from guilds depending on the condition of the Clan. The main source of gear once an opponent is defeated is loot left behind by the defeated foe.

The game features a grid-based arena for warfare where the quickest soldiers from each side take their turns first. While their turn is still in progress, characters may move in all four directions, engage in combat, use their talents, and use goods, among other actions. Magic points (MP) begin at zero and are refilled each round in proportion to each unit’s health points (HP). For more potent spells, more Magical Points (MP) are needed. If their HP falls too low, they go unconscious. Weather conditions may affect army mobility and performance in certain battles.

Over fifty different Jobs make up the game’s character class-based Job system, which defines a unit’s abilities. The seven playable races in the game each have their own set of Jobs. A character may learn job skills that may be utilised to shift professions if armour and weapons are supplied to a unit. The Warrior and Soldier from close combat, the Archer and Sniper from ranged combat, and the White Mage, Black Mage, and Summoner from magic are only a few professions from Tactics that show up in subsequent Final Fantasy games. A powerful creature known as a Summoner, who can summon scions, does damage to all enemies with a cinematic strike.

The Law system from Final Fantasy Tactics Advance has been included in the game. Each battle has arbitrary rules imposed by a Judge, who could forbid the casting of a certain spell or bar party members from being healed. After a battle, if the party upholds the Law, they will get additional rewards; but, if they don’t, the Judge will go, and defeated soldiers won’t once again be able to be raised until the conflict is resolved. The “Jagd” places in the game have a permadeath rule for soldiers who die in them and are inaccessible to Judges.

Features of Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift ROM

Square Enix, the company that owns and creates the Final Fantasy video game franchise, created Tactics A2. The Ivalice Alliance contains video games set on the fictitious planet Ivalice. For this follow-up to Tactics Advance, Yuichi Murasawa returns to the director’s chair. While in this position, Akitoshi Kawazu was in charge of the other projects of the Ivalice Alliance. The idea and event were directed by Kyoko Kitahara, and the producer was Hiroaki Kato. The characters were created by Ryoma Ito, who had previously worked on Tactics Advance and Final Fantasy XII. Japanese artist Akihiko Yoshida created the logo. 

A sequel to Tactics Advance on the Game Boy Advance (GBA) was released very fast due to the positive reception and popular demand. The development team for Tactics Advance was unable to include all the extra features they had planned. The game was initially intended to be a GBA version, which would have sped up development. Square Enix decided to switch their game production from the Game Boy Advance to the Nintendo DS as a result of the DS’s success. This version’s development initially began in 2006 but was put on hold due to Murasawa’s obligations to his other projects. Tactics A2 developed the game with “important narrative components” and “serious narrative themes” in mind to make it more accessible for new players.

Contrary to the sombre tone of Final Fantasy XII, Tactics A2’s story was described as a “light adventure.” Although Kitahara intended for Ivalice to be the sole place in his book, it didn’t turn out very well for him. After an attack left everyone else in his hamlet dead except for him, Luso would have started this narrative by going about his everyday activities. 

The team ultimately decided against continuing in this direction and instead played the last game more positively. Summer vacation is starting as the game begins, and Luso’s disposition toward his situation conveys a feeling of happiness. The characters in Final Fantasy XII have evolved since the game’s start. Kitahara was the one who rejected Kato’s requests for Balthier to join the group. Vaan was included in the roster of Final Fantasy XII and Revenant Wings because the game’s creators sought characters that both seasoned players and beginners would like. Al-Cid was initially only a sidekick, but with time, he started to stand out as a potential recruit.

Tactics Advance has the biggest improvements since the DS’s two screens enabled menu displays to be extended and enhanced the visual spectacle of numerous situations. The range and intricacy of the characters were heavily emphasised in this “character-building” game. Murasawa was annoyed with Tactics Advance’s lack of diversity, thus he decided to increase variety in the sequel’s missions. The development team used monsters from Final Fantasy XII, and their attacks took use of both screens. 

The effects team translated the summoning into a real-time visual representation while preserving its size and power. The law and levelling systems from Tactics Advance were kept, while other elements underwent a total overhaul. The Japanese creators decided against using the DS touchscreen for the game’s first Japanese release since it didn’t go with their original idea. Western software has touchscreen stylus control included in certain areas. The creators included several lessons to increase the appeal to a wider audience.

They agreed to work on the project after Murasawa persuaded him to complete Final Fantasy XII. Luso was inspired by the similarity between Kitahara’s persona and Tom Sawyer. To give Luso a heroic look, Ito incorporated a lot of red and yellow in his design. It changed the main colour of Luso from red to yellow after viewing the new background. Adelle’s petite frame and bow ribbon were included in the design by Kitahara to reflect the nickname “Adelle the Cat,” which is a play on her namesake. Ito concentrated on Cid, the first non-human protagonist in the series, as he listened to Kitahara’s counsel. Before creating a bigger version of the creature, he was first inspired by a thin American bison. The bison design and cowboy attire in South American hues were worn on his last outing. Lezaford’s design used a staff and robe to highlight his sage status since he and Cid have the same racial ancestry.

The new Job uniforms were designed to match the earlier Tactics’ Advance-inspired looks as a consequence. To demonstrate many of the most popular occupations, pixel graphics were utilised. The Seeq race was challenging to produce since it exposed so much skin. It complied with Murasawa’s suggestion to maintain the new Gria race’s “kind of attractive, but unusual” quality. Vaan seemed to be older in Ito’s design than in Final Fantasy XII and its follow-ups because of the robe that covered his chest. Vaan’s similarity to Balthier’s appearance was Kato’s concept. Yoshida, who worked on Tactics and FFXII in contrast to Ito, was in charge of the game’s logo. A judge’s robe and an open book are shown together in Yoshida’s artwork.


The music for Tactics A2 was composed by Hitoshi Sakimoto, who also created the score for Tactics Advance. Sakimoto not only organised the music but also wrote the music. The final mix was created at Basiscape by Kimi Hiro Abe, Mitsuki Kaneda, and Noriko Kamakura. The soundtracks for Tactics and Final Fantasy XII were created by Sakimoto, Kaneda, Kaori Ohkoshi, and Ayako Sassou, respectively. The original Tactics Advance theme by Nobuo Uematsu was also used but in a more structured way. Sakimoto estimates that the soundtrack has at least sixty tracks in addition to original and previously released themes.

Sakimoto’s second score in which he deviated from his customary aggressive strategy was Tactics Advance. The pressure of expectation was quite heavy on his shoulders, even though he knew what he had to do. Because of the game’s location, Sakimoto was motivated to choose summery music for the opening sequence. Sakimoto was able to improve the soundtrack in Tactics Advance for the DS thanks to more modern technological developments. The battle tracks were started by Sakimoto first, but they weren’t finished until after the other themes were. Sakimoto used sound streaming to recreate the CD-like sound of the soundtrack and maintain the excellent quality of the fight tracks.

Faqs of Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift ROM

What number of FF methods are there overall?

The Final Fantasy Tactics tactical role-playing game series was created by Square Enix. The bundle also contains Grimoire of the Rift and Final Fantasy Tactics Advance 2.

Can you use a laptop or PC to play Final Fantasy Tactics?

This game popularised the tactical RPG subgenre and made it accessible to a larger audience. Since there are currently no platforms for this game, many people would be interested in purchasing it.

 What benefits may be derived from War of the Lions II’s resurgence?

 The most recent instalment of Final Fantasy Tactics, War of the Lions, differs from other titles in the series. Compared to the original, which largely leaned on Ye Olde English, War of the Lions portrays the same story in a more contemporary manner. 


Tactics A2 is the first brand-new game to tie for first place with War of the Lions thanks to its first week’s sales of more than 100,000 copies. Tactics A2 topped the sales statistics for video games in its first week of availability, selling over 142,000 copies. Despite selling an additional 51,000 copies the following week, the game fell to third with 193,000 copies sold overall. As of the end of 2009, 670,000 copies have been sold globally, including 310,000 in Japan, 240,000 in North America, and 120,000 in Europe.