Vivo Flash Tool Latest Version Download 2023

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For general-purpose users let’s try to start by explaining, What is flashing? So, Flashing is the process of updating or rolling back to the previous versions of Android OS. In some cases, you would also want to flash your smartphone before selling it to someone else, to ensure that all your user data is removed from the phone and the smartphone has been set to its default factory settings, but this is a very rare case because flashing brings many problems with it to the smartphones which we will address soon in this article. Some people who are willing to use customized UI designs, also tend to flash their phones to the respective Android OS of their choice. But the main reason why you would want to flash your phone is:

  1. To get out of a Boot Loop Hazard.
  2. To roll back to older versions of OS which support your device architecture to work smoothly.

There’s another term you would generally come across while surfing through the internet reading about Flashing, it is ‘Rooting’. But the two terms are quite different, Rooting lets the user achieve admin-level access to the settings and the core components of the smartphones, which otherwise are inaccessible to the general users. On the other hand, Flashing is done to install a custom ROM, OS Kernel and Custom Recovery (after unlocking the boot-loader) -which in turn lets the user install desired OS version or reset the phone to the core.

👇👇 If This tool Does Not Work Use Below tools 👇👇

Other tools that used to Flash Vivo Smartphone Windows and Linux

MediaTek Processor Smartphone (SP Flash Tool )

Qualcomm Processor Smartphone (QFIL Tool Download)

What is Vivo Flash Tool?

Vivo is one of the best-selling smartphone brands in India. All Vivo products have Qualcomm Snapdragon processors embedded in them with the MediaTek chipset (MTK).

Vivo Flash Tool is a popular and official flash tool software to perform flashing on any Vivo smartphone and Tablet. The user can use Vivo Flash Tool to upgrade or downgrade OS, repair Boot Load Hazard (a condition when you are stuck on the boot logo screen), or even remove the screen lock.

It would be a piece of cake for the users who have tried flashing before, but if it’s your first time, be very careful while flashing your Vivo devices. Steps to flash include:

  1. Run the AFT Tool on your Windows PC
  2. Select “MTK’ or ‘Qualcomm Tab”
  3. Select the right stock firmware version (do this very carefully)
  4. Click the ‘Start’ button
  5. Power off your device after connecting it with your PC using a USB cable

Features of Vivo Flash Tool:

  • A simple and minimalistic Graphical User Interface (GUI) to ease the flashing process

The Graphical User Interface of this software is quite simple which gives Vivo Flash Tool an edge over all other premium flash tools available in the marketplace.

  • Supports all Vivo Smartphones and Tablets

Vivo AFT Tool ensures that it can flash all your Vivo branded gadgets. So it’s a self-sufficient software to flash any Vivo smartphones or tablets.

  • Unbrick Vivo smartphones

If your Vivo smartphone is bricked i.e. you’re stuck on the boot screen loop (Boot Loop Hazard), the Vivo Flash Tool can help you to unbrick your Vivo smartphones. 

  • Language options

The default language is set to ‘Chinese’, however, you can change it to any language available in the selector menu.

  • Unlock Vivo smartphones

This tool can help you to unlock your device if you forgot your lock-screen password

  • Supports all CPU

It supports all Qualcomm and MTK Vivo gadgets and offers a separate CPU option for flashing

Important Take-Aways:

Flashing has its own merits and demerits, so don’t try to flash a brand new phone. Flash your phone only if your smartphone gets on a boot loop or any other software problem, and not for fun.

One of the few disadvantages about the flashing process includes malfunctioning of the smartphone due to incompatibility of the installed OS and custom ROM; affects the camera quality; can permanently brick your device if you flash the wrong recovery in the worst case; High data security demanding apps (eg. govt service apps, banking apps) would no longer work on the phone, etc.

With the latest updates and the freshly designed minimalistic and simple GUI, the flashing process is a lot more simple than ever before with the Vivo Flash Tools (especially for first-time users), but – still, it is highly recommended to try to be careful while flashing your smartphones, especially when selecting the stock firmware version, be sure of the fact- if it is compatible with the hardware architecture of your phone and the Android OS installed on it, otherwise it can cause some serious trouble.

Vivo is one of the top-selling smartphones and tablets brand In the Indian market place this article we tried our best to address all kinds of queries regarding the Vivo Flash Tool which is also known as Vivo AFT Tool, which is also the official software developed and published by Vivo, and the common steps involved in the flashing procedure, with a few DO’s and DON’Ts. I hope we could clear all the FAQs and facts about the Vivo Flash Tool.