Jump Super Stars ROM Download | NDS

Jump Super Stars ROM Download | NDS

Jump Super Stars ROM  is a crossover fighting game for the Nintendo DS that contains characters from Weekly Shonen Jump. The game is played in a two-dimensional space. The Game Boy Advance and the Nintendo DS can play the game without issues. The corporation Ganbarion was obligated to create it, while Nintendo was in charge of distributing it to customers. On August 8, 2005, the same day that a red Nintendo DS was placed on the market in Japan, the game was made available for purchase and became accessible to the public. The following product, which was given the name Jump Ultimate Stars and was introduced to the Japanese market on November 23, 2006, was made accessible to consumers then.

Jump Super Stars ROM Download | NDS
ROMJump Super Stars
Console Nintendo
SystemNintendo DS

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Gameplay of Jump Super Stars ROM

The Jump Super Stars ROM, based on the manga that was first serialized in the Weekly Shonen Jump magazine, has a total cast of 160 characters, and 34 are completely playable. Characters from the Dragon Ball series in this video game include Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, Piccolo, Gotenks, Krillin, Goten, Trunks, Kami, Nail, Dende, and Master Roshi.

The core elements of playing this game are similar to those found in Super Smash Bros. The game has approximately seventy-five distinct sorts of missions, and its multiplayer mode may accommodate anywhere from two to four players at once.

The term “Koma,” which comes from the Japanese word for “panel” and is used to refer to the characters that a player in a video game can take control of, literally translates to “panel” in English. The bottom screen of the Nintendo DS displays the Koma deck, which contains squares that may be used in any combination from one to seven times for each Koma. The player has 20 chances to place their home in the deck, and they may do it wherever they choose (4 times 5). Fighting Koma, assisting Koma, and supporting Koma are the three primary subtypes of Koma.

The area occupied by an assistance Koma is precisely one square in size. Even though players won’t be able to see them on the Battle Screen, these characters will still be able to provide them advantages and aid while playing the game. There is only a slight variation in the size of a support Koma, even though its size typically falls between two and three squares. During the battle, these Koma will make brief appearances on the screen to assist the player. This assistance might be attacking, blocking, restoring health, or doing another action entirely.

The battle for each round takes place in the four to seven squares, collectively called the fighting Koma. This fighting Koma may take on several different layouts. On the battle screen, the player controls several other characters, and each of these koma depicts one of those characters. The player may switch between characters analogously to a tag fight by tapping the koma associated with each character in the koma deck.

Each player is allowed to construct and maintain a maximum of ten koma decks, each of which must include at least one fight Koma, one support koma, and one assist koma for the player to succeed in battle. In addition, the participant is at liberty to use a deck of pre-dealt cards made available to them. However, the player is not permitted to make any changes to these decks, nor is it possible to remove them from play. Friends may also trade cards with one another. However, the decks obtained via trading cannot be altered in any way once they have been received.

Koma must be arranged in the deck builder so that they are in close proximity to one another to offer an advantage to a partner. When two koma considered to be “fit” for one another are brought into proximity, the attributes of both Koma will improve. The maximum number of special attack gauges and the size of the health bar shown for combat characters are both up for grabs as potential areas for improvement.

Features of Jump Super Stars ROM

The fighting video game Jump Super stars ROM, which is only accessible in Japan and nowhere else on the planet, is based on the manga and comic book series Shonen Jump and incorporates characters from those series.

Imagine the chaotic, four-player action of Super Smash Bros., but with the ability to instantly swap between three or four distinct characters by touching their window on a touch screen decorated with a manga style. You may call on support characters to battle your opponents, heal you, or do other chores on your behalf by tapping on their window. These characters can also conduct other things on your behalf (similar to Marvel vs. Capcom).

The section at the bottom of the screen, known as the “deck,” contains the panes for characters that may be played, characters that provide support, and characters that give aid. The term “deck” refers to this particular part of the screen. Each of your decks consists of twenty unique squares arranged in a grid of five by four. You may design your decks and give them names by selecting panes and putting them on your patio in the appropriate order. Certain characters in the game are regarded as “related,” which gives the impression that their statistics will increase if they are put adjacent to one another.Find character “chains” that might benefit one another and find out how to arrange the panes so that all connected characters are located adjacent to one another in the grid.

The satisfaction that comes from building your decks relies heavily on this aspect of the process. One square denotes the presence of a support pane, two to three squares indicate the presence of an aid pane, and four to six squares represent the presence of a playable character. There are various sizes available for the panes, from one square up to six squares. Unlockable material is hidden behind multiple windows that are entirely separate from one another and may be accessed by each character.

The knockout (KO) system of Jump Superstars is relatively similar to that of Super Smash Bros., with the primary difference being that characters in the game have health bars that must be emptied before they can be defeated. You have access to the same sorts of attacks as everyone else, and you have three buttons for your attacks: weak, strong, and unique. There are three attack buttons, and to initiate a new episode, you must first move the d-pad in a different direction while simultaneously hitting one of the attack buttons.

The unique bar will go down a notch when supporting characters are employed. On the other hand, the unique bar may be filled by either taking part in an ordinary battle or purchasing items. A super-special move known as a Dream Combo allows players to string together a series of strikes using several different playable characters. This move is available to players at any point in the game. It is not difficult to execute this attack; you must push your active play character once, followed by any other playable characters, and then finally, your dynamic play character once more to complete the attack.

One of the most critical aspects of the gameplay is the ability to switch between the several people you may control at any time. Because there are specific points in the game where you will fail a level if any of your characters are removed, you will have to replace any players who have been hurt to continue playing. This is because there are certain stages in the game where you will fail the level if any of your characters are killed. You will be able to switch to the surface that is best suited to deal with either your opponent or the situation at hand after you have gained an understanding of the positive and negative traits that are associated with each character. This is not impossible to imagine, given that each character has a distinct personality and a collection of characteristics.

The levels of the single-player game have a broad variety of conflicts and objectives, ranging from relatively simple to extremely difficult. You have to accomplish a specific goal before moving on to the next stage of the quest. However, before you may access new characters and panels, you will first need to accomplish between two and four more tasks that are spread out over the game. In addition to a variety of other things, these supplemental goals may include finishing the level without being knocked out or achieving a given number of hits with a specific attack. There is a possibility that a mix of these and other elements will be found in them.

FAQS of Jump Super Stars ROM

Is Jump Super Stars ROM accessible in English?

 Both the US and Japanese DS systems support this game. A match of one-on-one combat. Jump Superstars has more than 150 characters drawn from 27 different Japanese anime and manga series.

 Which anime shows are popular right now?

 On February 7, 2022, Bandai Namco will remove Jump Force from digital store shelves. This anime fighting game features characters from several series, including Dragon Ball, Naruto, One Piece, and JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure.

 What is the purpose of removing the leap stars?

 Even though Bandai Namco never stated a particular reason, it seems sensible to assume that they announced the delisting process a year before due to the game’s dismal performance in the online market. Due to the ongoing server issues, the game’s player base started to decline and eventually vanished.


Tommo, Inc. will have exclusive distribution rights for Jump Super Stars and Ultimate Stars in North America. This distribution will occur via various retail locations such as Best Buy and Fry’s Electronics. There were several small enterprises, and each one received a limited quantity of these games. There is a good chance that Tommo, Inc. decided to offer the games to well-known shops with a label claiming that Japanese is the country’s official language. This is due to licensing concerns, which made it difficult to adapt the Jump series to the language spoken in North America. As a result, the series has not been localized. Tommo might have accomplished this accomplishment via dishonest or fraudulent marketing.

Jump Super Stars is only available in Japan because various anime and manga licensing organizations control the distribution rights of several anime and manga series. These organizations decide which string is granted a license for distribution in other countries. This is because the previously mentioned issue caused complications with cross-licensing.