Vault Premium Mod Apk v6.9 (Unlocked)

Vault Premium Mod Apk v6.9 (Unlocked)

Hello readers, hope you are doing well and wish you good health and prosperity. We again come with an application article, hope you like this article. Basically this app you called secure your stuff from another person. In this digital world, everyone wants to secure your things like photos, videos, important documents that you don’t want to share with anyone from their own smartphone and so many other files that you want. The application name is “VAULT” this is basically for mobile devices or you can say this application makes your files private. The popularity of this app is so demanding and trusted in public. Currently, there are more than 100 million users of this app in the play store on android devices. And also their community is very broad. No kind of disturbance and issue while using this application. There are so many of these kinds of apps available in the market and also so many apps have access to the fingerprint sensor of your device but this Vault app only accesses by password because of security purposes. So, in the upcoming section of the article, we will look in detail at this application and so many unexpected things on behalf of security purposes, meaning how it provides to make secure or private their security features, so let’s stay with us in the whole article.

Vault Premium Mod Apk v6.9 (Unlocked)
App NameVault Mod Apk
Root RequiredNo
Required Android5.0+
VersionLatest Version
Last Update1 Day Ago

What is a Vault Premium?

Mainly, the Vault app known as the as per their name means locker. Yes, this is the app that provides hidden things like your photos, videos, phone calls, text messages and so many other kinds of files. This application is popular with adolescents who use them to hide activities such as sexting, from their parents.

Vault Premium Mod Apk v6.9 (Unlocked)

They’re also useful for preventing nosy friends from peeking into your photo and seeing something you want to keep private. And also this application provides you with a private browser that you want. This means it is more secure to your things, your browsing history, what you search and all the things related to your browser. When you come to the app and open the browser it redirects to you in incognito mode or private mode in the browser. It doesn’t use any kind of third-party things. In the upcoming paragraph, we see the extraordinary features of the Vault App. Stay with us and gain more things about the treasury of this hidden application.

Features of Vault Premium Mod Apk

There are so many features of the Vault App, we specify all the features point to point very clearly. We hope you like it.

Vault Premium Mod Apk v6.9 (Unlocked)

Their Security

This app provides you with both the option to unlock this application Finger Lock or password. You can choose anyone according to your convenience to unlock the app. And also have a Face ID to unlock the application. You also protect only specific albums of you inside the vault app this is another advantage of this app.

Strong Encryption

Its encryption is authenticated by 256-bit AES encryption. We have open-sourced The Vault’s encryption centre and published it online in human-readable pseudocode on our website, supporting converting MasterPasscode after the database has been created.

Simple UI

The app UI is very simplified or you can say user-friendly UI is used for the user convenience, anyone can use and operate this application. All the features of the application are in front of you, what things you want to hide.

Backup of your stuff

They also have a recycle bin, where this has also been taken care of. Once you delete it from the vault app, it’s not deleted, another copy is gone to the recycle bin. You can restore your things at any time you want. The app will automatically keep weekly, monthly and yearly secure backups of the data in your Vault application.

Secure your files

Vault Premium Mod Apk v6.9 (Unlocked)

Secure storage of documents as a PDF format, not just storage it also has functionality that includes in-app PDF viewing, searching through an in-app browser, and also printing via printers. PDFs are encrypted in a very good way; no one can access this kind of encryption. You can also use this app as an app locker means you secure your apps like phones, WhatsApp, gallery and all that you want to secure.

Their Cloud Features

This app also has its own cloud storage and the cloud-stored file is very well encrypted. Nothing happens to this file from storage. You can easily upload their file from your mobile phone to Vault app cloud storage. Here your data is safe and never lost. You can access it everywhere just log in to your vault-app credentials and look at your uploaded stuff.

Data Transfer

If you want to change your smartphone it means you buy a new smartphone and you worry about the Vault app data and also vault cloud storage data. So you don’t have any kind of anxiety related to the Vault application. This app also provides you to share your data With Cloud Backup characteristics, you can without difficulty transfer your statistics to a brand new smartphone by cross-device synchronization.

Vault Premium Mod Apk v6.9 (Unlocked)

Hot Points About the Vault App

  • Auto fills after using one time and the app gives you permission for automatic recognition like passwords, keys, ID-codes, usernames, login credentials, credit card details, e-mail addresses, IBANs, mobile numbers, and many others. 
  • The app comes with a unique set of templates, to quickly create your credentials, Notes, Credit Card details and much more things. And very easy to create and set up user-defined templates.
  • Always-on keyboard shortcuts that assist you to log in to your maximum-used accounts and apps using a one-time key-press. Any content out of your Vault can be bound to a keyboard shortcut of your preference for an instant, lightning-speedy access everywhere. And also it depends on you how you set things without having to enter your passcode. Alternatively, another option is also available as fast as rapid – with a TouchID affirmation.
  • You can create more than one vault with distinctive passwords for storing photos, videos and storing all the things. And considered one of them may be a fake vault for security purposes. Make the Vault icon disappear from your home screen and it could most effectively be determined again with the best password, so no person is aware that it exists. And if anyone tries to access your vault then the vault captures the image of that person which they try to unlock by entering the wrong passwords. 

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Is this Vault app safe?

Yes, it’s a totally safe and trusted application, with more than 12 billion downloads only on android users. This data is collected from the google play store apart from that we also count the downloads via other app stores.

Is this app run on iPhone devices?

Yes, it runs on both of the operating systems Android or iOS-based devices. Also available in Google Play Store and Apple App Store. And runs very smoothly in both of the devices. No difference between us and not any kind of older version that runs on both Operating Systems.

If I forgot my login password, then can I recover my password and bring back my data from the app?

Yes, you can recover your login credentials or password. Two ways to recover your password: if you have got a security Email before installation, you should be capable of seeing a “Forgot Password” en-trance when you enter the wrong password. Tap on the entrance and follow the commands to reset your password. And the other way is if you do not now have a security Email, however, you have subsidized up your facts to cloud space, then the records may be recovered from the cloud by again installing the Vault app. 

Now, coming to the final words of this app and the last paragraph of the article, thank you for continuing through the article. We hope you like this interesting article which hides the things you want.


From the heart of this Vault app, this app is really awesome because of its ultimate features like cloud storage, recycle bin and also their own private browser which doesn’t save any kind of history and also doesn’t save the watching history of youtube. Their security is mindblowing, the app encryption method is powerful, not no hacker hacked this application easily. Your important data is fully secured by the password which is set by you. It totally depends on how strong the password you set. Many of the hide applications are available in the market but this vault app is one of the trusted apps and you can say it all in one app. So, I used the ultimate app which is easily available and easy to use. Share this article with your friends and your colleagues. Thank you | Stay with us | We will have another interesting article. So stay tuned.