My Talking Tom Mod Apk v7.1 (Unlimited Coins)

My Talking Tom Mod Apk v7.1 (Unlimited Coins)

If you want to talk to someone, then My Talking Tom apk will be the best option for you. This is a popular game series that kids love, and talking tom created its fan base before the craze of free fire and PUBG.

This is a famous game series in which one pet comes into your mobile screen and exactly talks your words in a funny way that wins many hearts worldwide. In this game, you don’t have to do any task and just open it, and you start enjoying. This apk is based on a virtual pet simulator, in which you get one virtual friend, which creates a big smile on your face.

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There are many mod versions of My Talking Tom apk available, which has some top exciting features that you may not experience in the original one. So, if you want to play or enjoy with one virtual pet, stick with this article and follow all the instructions given below.

My Talking Tom Mod Apk v7.1 (Unlimited Coins)
App NameMy Talking Tom
DeveloperOutfit7 Limited
Root RequiredNo
Required Android5.0+
VersionLatest Version
Last Update1 Day Ago

What is My Talking Tom Mod apk

Do you have any pets?

If yes, you may experience how pets act when they look at their owner. Pets always try to entertain their owner, and this apk is also based on the concept of a virtual pet. So, when you download this apk, you find one cute cat appearing on your screen, doing lots of funny acts and repeating all the words you speak.

My Talking Tom Mod Apk v7.1 (Unlimited Coins)

We know everyone needs entertainment, and if you visit the play store of your device, you get lots of apks or games for entertainment purposes, but there are lots of people who cannot play any game. So, the developer makes an application called My Talking Tom apk in which players don’t have to do any task but also love to play. This apk will give you entertainment that gives great comfort and release all tensions.

So, if you also want to download and experience the funny acts and funny repeating word game, then read until the end and follow all the instructions.

Features of My Talking Tom apk

Features show us why this application is popular, and if you egar to download this apk, it is important to learn about its primary features.

My Talking Tom Mod Apk v7.1 (Unlimited Coins)

This apk is best for your kid.

If your kid is crying, if your kid is not eating, or if your kid disturbs you, you can just open this app and give it to them.

My Talking Tom Mod Apk v7.1 (Unlimited Coins)

You can observe that My Talking Tom apk will entertain your kid in such a way that he or she will not be able to stop their laugh and become bussy in just watching.

You need to take care of your tom.

My Talking Tom Mod Apk v7.1 (Unlimited Coins)

This app is not just for watching and talking with your virtual pet cat. You have to take care of that cat, which means you need to bathe that cat, brush their teeth, and do other important works, which are also part of this game, and all these activities make this game more entertaining.

You can customize your character.

My Talking Tom Mod Apk v7.1 (Unlimited Coins)

In this game, you get one cat as a character, and you have to control that cat, but this does not end here. You can change your character and make it as cute as you want. You get lots of different dresses, hats, and other accessories which you can use to create your cat more beautiful.

This app repeats your words.

This apk or game became popular because of the feature of repeating words. This is one of the most entertaining works done by this cute cat. When you open this app and talk with this cat, this cat will repeat exactly all your words in a funny way, making this apk more entertaining.

How to play My Talking Tom apk

When anyone starts this apk, then they talk with that cat. This is important but not the only way to play with this cat. In My Talking Tom apk, you get one cute cat when you talk with that cat, he funnily repeats all your words, but this cat has some basic needs that you must need to meet.

My Talking Tom Mod Apk v7.1 (Unlimited Coins)

You get all those needed meters on the bottom of that screen in a round button. The first need button on the bottom of the screen is the Food button when you click that your cat starts eating and another is the bladder button when you click that your cat visits the toilet and then the tiredness button when you click that your cat will go to bed.

These are some basic needs of a cat that you need to meet, that cat will ask for food, and you need to choose a food button to give proper food to your cat. So, you need to play according to those meters.

How to download My Talking Tom apk

Now, after reading all the important information, if you want to download this apk, you need to follow some simple steps given below.

Step 1: You need to click on the download link on this web page and redirect to the new page.

Step 2: When you redirect to the new page, you have to wait for a few seconds or choose the download option again, and then after some time download will start.

Step 3: Soon, this apk will download, and your apk will save in your download section of the device.

Step 4: You need to visit that download section, select My Talking Tom apk and right-click to extract that file.

Step 5: After extracting, you need to visit the file manager and select this apk to install.

After install, you will see this apk on your device’s home screen, and you can start playing with this apk.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is My Talking Tom apk is safe?

Yes, this apk will be safe, and you can play this game on any device without any extra need.

What does My Talking Tom apk do?

This is a funny game apk in which the cat character will speak with you and entertain you with different activities.

Does My Talking Tom apk need money?

No, you do not get any feature for which you have to pay in this game.


If you read all the information given above, I think you understand everything about My Talking Tom apk. Keep in mind that this is one of the basic applications, and you do not need any extra RAM, just your phone needs 10MB of space, and you can play with this popular apk.

So, if you think this article provides you with complete information about the My Talking Tom apk, do not forget to share this article. If possible, leave your valuable comment below.