Wattpad Mod Apk v9.6 (Premium+Ad-Free)

Wattpad Premium Mod Apk

With the advent of web-based media and other social media platforms, publishing content to a blog has turned into a significant method for speaking with the present customer. Publishing content to a blog is an extraordinary way of communicating your character and discussing straightforwardly with customers. Contributing to a blog is a viable method of sharing your mastery and building believability on the web. It can likewise assist with expanding leads for your business, as long as you probably are aware of how to streamline your blog content for web crawlers. Writing for a blog is one of the best ways of building a crowd of people. It’s particularly useful for independent companies that don’t have significant publicizing financial plans. Contributing to a blog additionally assists you with associating with your clients on a more personal level, which can assist you to fashion further associations with them. Contributing to a blog is perhaps the most ideal way of building your brand image. Contributing to a blog permits you to impart your insight to the world, and whenever done right, will keep clients returning for additional. You can utilize publishing content to a blog as an instrument that drives deals, or similarly as a source for getting out there and sharing who you are with others. Not just to businesses, blogs also contribute a major form of sharing your views with the world. It helps a person to unleash his thought processes and grow collectively as a better human being with his community of readers.

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Wattpad Mod Apk v9.6 (Premium+Ad-Free)
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What is a Wattpad App?

Wattpad Mod Apk v9.6 (Premium+Ad-Free)

The possibilities and the needs of blogging are endless and if you have got a captivating style of writing about relevant topics for your readers, the next thing you would require is a good platform to share your thoughts. And the platform should be selected very consciously because unless the platform already beholds a reputation of receiving a decent crowd, no matter how good a writer you are, you will not be able to receive as many readers as your blog truly deserves. Today we are talking about one such platform that you can use to host your blogs and get fruitful results. Wattpad is a free internet narrating local area where clients post composed works like articles, stories, fan fiction, and sonnets, either through the site or the portable application. The client created content is presented by authors of all levels who are allowed an equivalent opportunity to compose well-known works. Clients can remark and like stories or join bunches related to the site. Around half of the clients are US-based; different clients come from the UK, Canada, The Philippines, Australia, Russia, Nigeria, Jamaica, United Arab Emirates, Indonesia, India, Myanmar and different nations.

Features of Wattpad App

With a community of more than 90 million writers and readers, and more than 565 million stories posted till date, Wattpad gives writers and readers an amazing ecosystem to sync in and creates a community like no other. It gives every individual the room- they feel comfortable to share their views with. But other than this overwhelming response, there are also a set of unique and well-organised features that make the platform better than other platforms. In this section of the blog, we are going to discuss and outline all such features that make Wattpad the best platform for readers and writers.

Broadcast your messages in your community

Behind each raving success on Wattpad are a functioning and connected crowd. With the transmission informing highlight, at the press of a button you are in a flash associated with perusers and fans all throughout the planet. Wattpad’s transmission assists narrators with sharing updates have challenges, and, above all, interface with individuals who are fixated on their story.

Offline reading

In case that you’ve at any point arrived at your daily data cap, or in need to stretch your charging cycle, or are caught in a wifi-dead zone, you’re most likely going to be disconnected from the internet. The Wattpad application synchronizes your library to your smartphone so you can appreciate stories anyplace, whenever – with or without a web association. I ensure that you don’t have to worry about the internet for reading a blog. So next time, even if you are travelling some of the roughest terrains or you are at any place with no network, you don’t have to worry about reading blogs. You can use the articles synced in your libraries anytime.

Wattpad Mod Apk v9.6 (Premium+Ad-Free)


Numerous Wattpad Stars acknowledge fans casting a vote as the explanation they stay up with the latest. Votes resemble virtual high-fives given out by the Wattpad people group. Each time a story gets a vote, individuals show appreciation for an update to a Wattpad story and let the narrator in on whether their work matters. This upvote system in turn enhances the ranks of the articles and increases the outreach of the blog and writer.

Personalized Recommendations

Based on what kinds of blogs you regularly upvote and interact with, the recommendation system of the Wattpad enhances the ranks of articles and suggests them to you. This way you get a curated list of recommendations quite personalized based on what genre of blogs you like.

Multimedia Integration

In 2015, Wattpad introduced sight and sound with the amazement and pleasure of the Wattpad people group. With this component, narrators can upgrade their works by adding pictures, GIFs and recordings to their stories. Inline mixed media carried new sorts of stories to Wattpad and decorated a considerable lot of the accounts previously shared. As of today, a large number of interactive media stories, realistic books, and funny stories are shared on Wattpad every day.

Write blogs straight from your smartphones

You can fully customize your blog sites and write blogs straight from the app. Talking about anyplace, whenever, versatile working aids haul narrators out of their alcoves and into a universe of unending motivation. Today, Wattpad stories can be written in line at the supermarket and on open travel. The Wattpad application is available every place and any time imagination occurs. This helps to write your blog instantly, preserving your raw thoughts so that you don’t miss out on anything just because you are not around your workspace.

Insights and analytics for bloggers

Blogger accounts are just like kids for any blogger and like any great parent iit is common to stress over how they’re doing, continuously. The Writer Analytics Dashboard provides narrators with a speedy preview of basic data about their story to assist goal-oriented narrators with editing draw in more fans.

Quote Art

The Quote Art highlight adds a visual layer to the words that impact readers in Wattpad stories. It gives any fan a speedy way of making something propelled by a Wattpad story and offers that motivation to the world.

Wattpad’s writing contests

Wattpad every now and then arranges composing challenges – they resemble the brilliant pass to get distributed, win grants, and collaborate with worldwide brands. Isn’t it just cool? So in case, you’re searching for an imaginative manner to channel your time during these stay-at-home days, go directly to Wattpad.

Wattpad v/s Medium

It relies upon the sort of blog you want to publish for the platform. Medium has a more established user base, and loans itself more to true to life and like a diary. Wattpad has a much more youthful, cooler crowd. While they develop the fan fiction swarm, those distributing unique fiction there keep an eye on the youthful grown-up, now grown-up, and especially sentiment sorts. Although you will get all kinds of blogs on both places, there still lies an underlying difference in the vibe of the platforms and stories that can just be felt. So, if you want to read blogs based on true experiences and explore deeper meanings of life we suggest you get on to Medium, but if you want to cope-up with the trend and read something that is relevant as on the instance, we highly recommend you switch to Wattpad.


Is Wattpad safe for kids?

To be honest, Apple’s age prerequisite is right on the money. We don’t suggest Wattpad for clients under 17. Truly, you don’t need to hope to discover improper substances. A few guardians have a shared service with their youngster, however, they will in any case be presented to unequivocal book depictions and cover craftsmanship. This is mostly because of the reason that labels for sexual content are not moderated on Wattpad. Even an unconscious search for books and blogs can be too risky and expose children to sexual content.

Are the contents available on Wattpad appropriate to be consumed by the readers?

The scope of content fittingness is enormous. So yes, you can rely on the Wattpad App to get appropriate content for the search results.


Blogging has become a popular medium of communication today. Blogging is a great way of connecting with your audience, presenting your ideas and opinions on any topic from blogging to marketing, finance, lifestyle and more. Bloggers do not have to be experts in their subject but they should have something unique or interesting to share about it. In this article, we have tried to put the intrinsics of the app in great detail and with dry honest opinions. We hope this blog was helpful for you. If you liked it, don’t forget to share it with your family and friends and spread the word about this amazing platform and community of Wattpad.