Choices: Stories You Play Mod v2.9 Apk [Premium Choices+Unlocked]

Choices: Stories You Play Mod v2.9 Apk [Premium Choices+Unlocked]

Imagine a scenario in which sentiment and gaming could go hand-in-hand? When we read a book or watch a film, we need to be submerged in the realm of the characters. We need to think often about them and what befalls them. We need that experience to feel genuine. In the present post, I’ll be taking a gander at how Role Play Games utilize advanced innovation to make vivid universes where you can experience passionate feelings for your cherished anecdotal person. Becoming hopelessly enamoured and being cleared away by energy has been available in writing for quite a long time. As we’ve developed as a general public, sentiments and romance have additionally advanced to incorporate various types of connections and settings. It’s to be expected to see sentiments these days depicted in films, books, and even computer games. One such model is the virtual universe of gaming. Video games are pretty serious business these days. Between the rise of esports and the fact that video game culture is constantly being referenced by other media, it’s clear that it’s not just a hobby for nerds anymore. However, today’s gamers are looking for more than just entertainment – they’re looking to be transported into another world entirely. Thanks in part to online roleplaying tools like Twitter and Discord, gamers can now create in-game personas and connect with others who share their interest in creating. Today in this blog we are going to dive deep and discuss an amazing Role Play Game called Choice: Stories You Play. I hope all of the readers are quite eager to know the intrinsic of this game so without wasting any of their time we would love to get started with the article.

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Choices: Stories You Play Mod v2.9 Apk [Premium Choices+Unlocked]
App NameChoices MOD APK
Root RequiredNo
Required Android5.0+
VersionLatest Version
Last Update1 Day Ago

Main features of the game Choices: Stories You Play

Motive and Intent of the Choices: Stories You Play

Choices: Stories You Play contains stories of a few unique types. There are books in the wrongdoing, sentiment, and dream genres. Inside those books, you will play as one of the characters. You should peruse the novel and settle on various decisions to proceed with it. Each decision you make impacts the story. It is dependent upon you to choose how the books end! Settle on the right decisions for yourself and make your story awesome! Unlike many other games, Choices: Stories You Play does not have a rigid storyline if you have looked closely. It is quite flexible and branches out at every nexus point when according to the choices you make. So it is completely your story! The game rewards you for making polite and good decisions at every point with diamonds, which you can further use in the game to buy clothes, apparel and even romantically approach your co-characters of the game. You can also purchase these diamonds by paying some real cash through in-app purchases. To unlock every new chapter of the novel, you need keys, these keys usually take 3 hrs to automatically get credited to your profile but if you want to, you can actually purchase these keys in bulk just like diamonds.

Each choice branch out the story in a new direction

Settle your decisions cautiously as they can affect the consummation of your accounts. For instance, pick your significant others cautiously toward the beginning of every story assuming you need your person to wind up with a particular person. Additionally, make sure to make however many companions and partners as would be prudent to guarantee that your characters prevail with regards to arriving at their objectives.

Customizable looks for your character

Each time that you start another story you’ll have the option to redo your person’s appearance. For instance, you’ll have the option to change their complexion, haircut, and face. You can even pick your person’s unique outfit. You can even plan your person to look very much like you.

Relatable stories revolving around high school and college romance

One school-based story which is definitely worth playing is The Freshman. A school show in which you will pick your school major, make long-lasting companions, and date your crush. In the event that you love secondary school, stories try to play High School Story which highlights run-of-the-mill secondary school encounters, for example, going to prom and football match-ups.

A wide array of romantic role plays

In case you’re keen on stories that attention on sentiment bless your lucky stars as Choices: Stories You Play offers endless sentiment stories. One illustration of which is a Perfect Match. A strange sentiment in which you’ll get the chance to meet your fantasy accomplice and sort out the dull mystery that the matchmaking organization which you pursued is stowing away.

Tips Tricks and Hacks to ace the game of Choices: Stories You Play

Diamonds and Keys

There are two things in Choices: Stories You Play that are exceptionally vital to your ongoing interaction: Keys and Diamonds. You will require Keys to peruse parts in a book. Jewels are utilized to open premium stories, just as to simply decide. This implies that, without Keys and Diamonds, you fundamentally can’t advance through the game. This is by and large the justification for why many individuals are hoping to cheat in Choices: Stories You Play. This is additionally the motivation behind why there are many cheat sites that guarantee they have working cheats/hacks for Choices: Stories You Play. You ought to never accept any sites that guarantee they have working cheats/hacks for any portable game. Those sites are simply out to bring in cash by making bogus commercials. Each time somebody visits those sites, the website admins bring in cash through promotion income. Obviously, downloading anything off of such sites is a poorly conceived notion, which is the reason you ought to never do that.

Read stories the way you want to

You can without much of a stretch back off and start one more story in Choices: Stories You Play. You are not stuck inside a particular story, which is consistently great. It is likewise conceivable to pursue stories in arbitrary orders, despite the fact that it doesn’t bode well. For instance, you can begin pursuing a story in section three, skirting the initial two sections. The story won’t sound good to you, yet it is a decision that you make. You can generally return and begin perusing the other two sections also. Normally, it is prompted that you begin perusing stories at the primary part.

Revisit your favorite chapters and play them again

Lamentably, it is beyond the realm of possibilities to expect to replay a section in Choices: Stories You Play. This implies that on the off chance that you lament the decisions that you have made in a specific section, you can’t return and do it over. Be that as it may, it is possible to replay whole stories. This implies that every section inside that story will be cleaned off, permitting you to settle on each of the decisions again. To restart a story, you should tap on the button with the bolt in it. This doesn’t restart each story inside the game, just the story that you are presently on. Assuming you need to restart each story inside the game, you will have to fire them up and tap on the button with the bolt in it once more. Remember that you won’t get additional awards for finishing stories more than once.

Downloading Choices: Stories You Play on your PC

Download and Play Choices: Stories You Play on your Windows or MAC PC with portable emulators at no additional cost at all. 

  • Download and Install Bluestacks (best recommendation for Windows). Then again, you can utilize Memu or Nox (recommended for macOS). 
  • Register your new or log in with your old Gmail/Google Play account to save the progress of the storyline. 
  • Go to the pursuit enclose the emulator and type “Decisions: Stories You Play” 
  • Snap the “Introduce” button close to the game and sit tight for the apk to complete the process of downloading. 
  • That is it, click Play! Appreciate Choices: Stories You Play for your work area/PC!

The stories to play

You’ll be happy to find that fresh out of the plastic new scenes are added to all current stories consistently. So if a specific section closes on a cliffhanger you will not need to stand by too long to even consider continuing your story. In case you’re restless there are endless stories that have been completely delivered to investigate. As of now, the game includes stories like The Freshman, Bloodbound, The Crown and The Flame, Highschool Story, and The Perfect Match.


Is this game okay for kids?

No, although the stories have a neat and clean storyline, the game still is not good for kids under 15 years of age. This is because at times there are some elements in the story that are made according to the relevance for teenagers and not children.

Is the game available on iOS?

Yes, the game is available on the official app market of Apple i.e. Apple’s App Store for all iOS users.


So if you love having the option to impact stories and to settle on choices that can affect the plot of every story it’s most certainly definitely worth picking your first intelligent story on Choices: Stories You Play. If you prefer this post, remember to share this with your friends and spread the word about this amazing game.