Tetris DS ROM Free Download | Nintendo DS

Tetris DS ROM Free Download | Nintendo DS

The puzzle game Tetris DS ROM was produced and released by Nintendo. Its creation was also the work of Nintendo. It became accessible for purchase on the Nintendo DS in the US on March 20, 2006. It became accessible for purchase in Australia on April 13, 2006. On April 21st, 2006, it was made available for purchase in Europe. On April 27, 2006, it was also made available for purchase in Japan. The most recent Tetris game allows up to 10 people to participate in local multiplayer. Up to the service’s termination, a multiplayer mode with up to four players could be played online utilizing the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection.

Tetris DS ROM offers a variety of unique game modes, each of which is based on a distinctive idea and draws inspiration from previous Nintendo games. The game includes each of these game types. Among the games in this genre is The Legend of Zelda, Super Mario Bros., Metroid, Donkey Kong, and Yoshi’s Cookie. The game’s multiplayer mode, which can be played alone as well, features tools that may be used in a combative situation. The fact that it could be played online with other players and that it provided a wide range of gameplay possibilities impressed the game’s reviewers, who awarded it excellent scores all over. Critics also gave the game’s visuals high marks for excellence. Even after being available to the public for a significant amount of time, it was still widely acknowledged as the greatest Tetris game for mobile devices and one of the best in the whole series.

Tetris DS ROM Free Download | Nintendo DS
Name Tetris DS ROM
Ratings 4.8 out of 5

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Gameplay of Tetris DS ROM

The game’s multiplayer mode, which is broken up into six portions, allows players to utilize some of the single-player activities as well. In the game’s standard, default mode, the Super Mario Bros. sub-series is included, while other series are featured in the other modes that provide a distinct viewpoint on gaming. To represent the many game types, several Nintendo themes and figures from vintage video games are incorporated.

The default setting of the game is similar to how the first Tetris game was played. To finish the game, tetromino stacks (tiles of different shapes) must be pushed, spun, and piled at the bottom of the screen. Players must arrange each piece such that there is no gap between them to keep the pile tidy. The difficulty of this level rises as you complete 10 consecutive lines.

This game makes use of the Tetris Worlds-original unlimited spin functionality. As long as it remains spinning, this feature, which was initially introduced in Tetris Worlds, allows the player to keep a piece from being trapped.

While playing, you’ll notice that the upper-right corner of the top screen has constantly changing objectives for Zelda-themed missions. Only some sections may fall, depending on the active objective. The “hold” box offers the option to “hold” a component for future use.

Pushing your opponent’s pieces to the bottom of the screen is your goal while playing Push mode with a buddy. The player may move the block toward their opponent by clearing at least two lines on the top screen. Clearing more lines causes the block to move in a more significant direction, and the player wins the game if the block is pushed toward the opponent.

The two sub-modes available in Touch mode are Tower mode and Touch Puzzle mode. The player’s goal in the first option, which places the puzzle pieces in a randomly generated tower, is to move a box of balloons from the top of the tower to the bottom of the tower by touching and sliding the pieces or double-tapping them to rotate them. The latter has fifty different puzzles that must be solved by moving the stylus over the components without distorting them in any way. The puzzles range in complexity from easy to challenging.

In the Metroid-inspired Catch mode, the player controls a rotating block of pieces that can catch other falling pieces. When we’re in this condition, we refer to it as “Catch.” When the player has constructed a 4×4 block, the center core will explode. If the player lets enough pieces fall to the ground without retrieving them, they will run out of energy and must restart.

Each of the two hundred unique puzzles in the Puzzle mode requires three to five pieces to complete. To complete the task and get rid of all the blocks, the pieces must be chosen and rotated in the proper order. The problem’s parts are shown on the bottom screen, while the puzzle’s display board is displayed on the top screen.

You may play Push mode in player-versus-player normal Tetris or compete locally in competitive Tetris with special components with up to 10 other players. Two- and four-player tournaments could be played over the service before Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection was discontinued by either entering a buddy code or searching for random players in the Worldwide mode. Currently, a homebrew server is the only way to play these games. Additionally, all game types may be played from a single cartridge by utilizing the Download Play feature.

Features of Tetris DS ROM


 Push Mode was created for gamers who want a more intense level of competition than just comparing their results. Throughout the game, players are facing one another across a stack of blocks in the center of the playing area. The Tetriminos start acting like missiles at this stage. The pace at which the player sends it might be the same as how quickly they play the game. When a row is deleted in a game, the opponent’s mass travels toward the player, reducing the player’s play area while increasing the opponent’s. If you can get all of your cards under your opponent’s control on the other side of the screen, you win.

 Donkey Kong’s atmosphere served as a major inspiration for this model. As they go through the level, Donkey Kong, Pauline, and Mario can be seen climbing over girders one above the other. You could find Mario’s hammer and Pauline’s umbrella to the left of the playing area. To make matters worse, as the playing area shrinks, a fire will start to erupt from the oil barrel at the base of the screen. When barrels in the first game came into contact with the scorching flames, they were destroyed. Donkey Kong’s recognizable beeps may be heard in the distance. When the blocks get close to an edge, the speed increases.


 As part of Nintendo’s endeavor to incorporate the touch screen of the DS into additional games, this title lets players move and rotate a pre-determined arrangement of bricks with their stylus. Unlike most other game modes, in this one, the falling bricks have already been set up. They’ll be gone forever when the horizontal line layout is finished. As soon as there is no longer any possible combination of cards, the game is over. The players’ ultimate goal is to rack up as many points as they can.

 The background of this setting uses balloons from the minigame “Balloon Fight.” Balloon Fighter and his opponents seem to be soaring through the sky as they flap their wings. Some pipes emit bright blue balloons and are greyish. A dramatic visual backdrop is provided by the starry night sky and extinct fossils. In the background, the main theme may be heard in its unprocessed state. On the other hand, progress is marked by sporadic fanfare blasts.


 Players must remove every block now visible on their screen using just the blocks they currently have in their inventory. The ability to strategize and foresee how the situation will alter in response to possible outcomes is essential for success. The Tetriminos can no longer be moved in any way after a spot has been selected. Participants are allowed to take as much time as they need to ponder, even if there is no time restriction.

 This scene is situated in Mario’s bakery from the Yoshi’s Cookie sidequest. Tetriminos, as opposed to Yoshi Cookies, are now baking in the oven. Mario is seated to the right of the machine and two baby Yoshis are holding a placard that lists the puzzle’s level number. When the problem is fixed, a winking Yoshi may be seen on the backdrop of the touch screen, which is embellished with graphics from the game’s advertising materials.


 The objective of the task varies in Mission mode once each challenge is completed, in contrast to Puzzle mode where the objective stays the same during the whole game. The game becomes livelier as a result. The game may instruct the player to use a square O Tetrimino to simultaneously remove two rows of blocks. In each of the two horizontal rows of blocks the player is aligning, there ought to be a space that matches the block that is accessible. The player should then arrange their selected block such that two full rows have been completed starting from the top of the playing field before continuing. The problems will only become worse as time goes on. In multiplayer mode, participants compete with one another to see who can complete each task first.

 The Legend of Zelda served as this mode’s primary influence. The waterfall that appears on the game’s opening screen is uncannily identical to the one that falls behind the goal on the top screen. A lovely castle perched on a mountainside may be seen on the bottom screen. The playing area is covered with caverns in various locations. Depending on how far the player has gotten in the game, a sprite of Link, Octorok, or another character displays on the bottom screen. The result is that the sprite is now a three-dimensional, two-dimensional entity with unlimited motion. A remix of the theme plays in the background when you’re in the overworld.


How does Tetris work on the DS?

 If you’ve ever wondered how to arrange falling pieces into lines of blocks, Tetris DS is the game for you. To go forward, you must cross every boundary. As the game progresses, the falling block pieces’ pace quickens. If you want to win this game, stop letting the lines take up the whole screen.

 Is Tetris on the DS playable in multiplayer?

 The most current Tetris game may be played by up to ten local players and four internet players at once with Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection until it is retired. Tetris DS offers a variety of new play modes, each of which is based on a vintage Nintendo game. 

Can you download and play Tetris DS?

 A local wireless multiplayer game may be launched in one of three ways. Owners of Tetris DS Game Cards may host a game or participate in one that is already underway. Tetris DS Game Cards holders may use DS Download Play to download and play the game. versus a squadron of up to nine foes


Since the game’s first release, English-language versions have become harder to find, leading many players to switch to purchasing Japanese-language titles. Even though Tetris DS was launched a while ago, many reviewers still regard it as one of the finest Tetris games ever created. When Kotaku’s Stephen Totilo compared Tetris: Axis with Tetris DS back in 2011, he discovered that the latter offered a far superior gaming experience. He suggested Tetris DS to individuals instead of Tetris: Axis. In a 2018 review, Digital Foundry’s John Linneman ranked the game as the third best in the Tetris series, after Tetris Effect and Tetris: The Grand Master 3: Terror Instinct. He said that it was the top mobile Tetris game available. Christian Donlan, a staff member of Eurogamer in the year 2050, said: “It’s the reason my Nintendo DS is essentially [still] running.” He referred to it as “the last boss of video game platforms.”