Wps Wpa Tester Premium v5.2 Mod Apk

Wps Wpa Tester Premium

This is one helpful app if you want to access any wifi. No, the purpose of this application is not about illegally accessing any application. This is one of the oldest applications that help you show the wireless access point of your wifi. You can use this wifi to access any wi-fi. This app works on WPS protocol and checks the vulnerable part of your wifi. But you can change your wifi password if you realize that your wifi is being accessed illegally.

So, how can you download the Wps Wpa Tester Premium Apk and use it to access any wi-fi? Stick with this article and read all the important information and instructions below.

Wps Wpa Tester Premium v5.2 Mod Apk
App NameWps Wpa Tester
DeveloperSangiorgi Srl
Root RequiredNo
Required Android5.0+
VersionLatest Version
Last Update1 Day Ago

What is Wps Wpa Tester Premium Apk

This is a free application that helps you check any vulnerabilities to your wireless access point of wifi. If there is any, this application helps you connect with that wifi without a password. WPS doesn’t have encryption, so it is easy to hack, and this app uses this WPS feature of wifi to hack them.

Wps Wpa Tester Premium v5.2 Mod Apk

More simply, this mobile app allows you to determine whether your network is secure against unauthorized users or not. The interface has easy colour-coding, so any non-techy person can also understand how this app works. Most of the wifi password checking tools notify people to root their devices. Most people think that if they root their phone, they can hack wifi, but this is wrong. However, if you use this Wps Wpa Tester App, then no need to root your device.

So, this is one of the best apps you can use to access the wifi password of any wifi that works on WPA protocol, and no need to root your device. Just open the app, and you can connect your mobile. This app is mostly used to check the vulnerability of your wifi.

Features of Wps Wpa Tester App

This application is so popular and easy to use, but what are the main features and the ability that makes this app so popular? All the answers to this type of question are given below and read about some important features you need to know before using this app.

This is so simple.

This is a very simple app, and anyone can use this, which means you can quickly scan passwords and get the result. This app helps you to tell about the most valuable wifi in your area and which wifi will easily connect with your mobile. So, if you are a non-techy person, then with the help of colours, you can use this app and easily connect your phone.

User-friends interface.

One of the key features that make this app so popular is its easy but interesting and attractive interface. This application has a simple, user-friendly interface that is extremely easy to use. Anyone can start using this app and connect their mobile with any wifi in their area. This app is so attractive that it provides a look of hacking in their app, and the way to use it is also so easy.


This app has another wonderful feature that allows you to connect with any wifi in your area, but you cannot check their password. This application uses PIN and allows users to check the PIN according to a different wifi, and user can connect their mobile with that wifi with the use of a PIN, not with the help of a password.

So, if your wifi will be hacked or anyone connects with your wifi, then no need to worry if they connect with the help of the WPS WPA Tester. They don’t know about your password.

24/7 customer support

This feature is missing in most of the wifi hack applications. This app has become so popular because they genuinely care about customer security. If you want any help regarding this app or you have any problem, you can simply email, call, or connect with them through any social media app and try their best to solve your problem.

How to use WPS WPA Tester App

This app is very easy to use. You just have to download this app and open it when you open it, and then you see all the currently active wifi in your area. If any wifi is active in your area, you see that wifi’s name in your mobile.

According to their password vulnerability, their colour will be red or green. If you want to connect to any wifi, then choose green wifi because this is the sign of vulnerable wifi, and as soon as you choose any wifi in your area, you get 3 or 4 PINs below that name. You have to use any of those pins in a password section of that Wifi.

If you touch XYZ wifi in your area, you get an option of 3 or 4 PINs, and now you have to try those pins in the password section of that wifi. Keep in mind that you can use these pins outside this app. You can only use them. So, when you use those PIN, anyone of them unlocks your wifi, and you can connect your mobile and use that wifi.

Pros & Cons of Wps Wpa Tester App

This is not popular but as like all other things of this world, the WPS WPA tester also works as a double edge sword –

Pros of using this app are –

Some pros of using this app are

  • Easy interface and any non-techy person can also use this app
  • This app is so fast and easily connects your mobile with your area’s Wi-Fi in some touch.
  • This app doesn’t show the password of wifi. Just use some PINS to connect your mobile with any wifi.

Cons of Wps Wpa Tester App

Some cons of this app are –

  • This app disrupts others’ privacy.
  • Greenlight shows the vulnerable Wi-Fi, but this is not true.
  • No root mode only works with the Lollipop version of android phone.

How to download Wps Wpa Tester App

If you want to download this application on your mobile, you have to follow some simple steps below.

Step 1: Click on the link given below or visit the official website of WPS WPA Tester and click on the download button of this application.

Step 2: When you click on the link or download button of this webpage, you will redirect to the page, and soon the download will start on your device.

Step 3: When the download is complete, you have to visit your device’s file manager or download section to extract the file.

Step 4: When you download this application, this will download in zip format, and after download, you have to extract that file. And after that, you have to visit your file manager and install this app on your device.

Step 5: After completing the extraction and install process, you can use this app and connect your mobile with any wifi in your area. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. Does the WPA WPS Tester work? 

Yes and No both, because in some cases, it works wonderfully, and in some cases, this app cannot work. If the WPS tester app is not working, there will be two reasons. First – one is your device may not be rooted, and another is because you are using the wrong PIN or trying to open that wifi which does not work on the protocol of this app. 

  1. Does the WPA WPS tester work with Android 10? 

No, if you are using Android 9 or Android 10 on your phone, you can’t directly use this WPS WPA tester and cannot hack or crack the WPS wireless network because of security issues. This app only works with Android 6, 7, 8.

  1. What is the main work of the WPA app? 

WPS WPA tester is an application used to check the security issue of computers, but most people use this application to compute wireless internet connections. 


If you reach this section, I think you read this article until the end, and now you can understand how anyone can hack your wifi or hack any wifi of your area using the WPS WPA Tester App. Just keep in mind that this application does not show your password to anyone, and you can use it with that wifi, which is very weak. So, if this article provides you with complete information about the WPA WPS tester, do not forget to share this article and, if possible, leave your valuable comment below.