Nintendogs Labrador & Friends ROM Download | Nintendo DS

Nintendogs Labrador & Friends ROM Download | Nintendo DS

For the Nintendo DS handheld video game system, Nintendo created and distributed the real-time pet simulation video game known as Nintendogs – Labrador & Friends ROM. It was once solely available in Japan, but it has now extended to other nations and regions all over the globe. Dachshund & Friends, Lab & Friends (also known as Shiba & Friends in Japan), and Chihuahua & Friends were the first three versions of the game. Nintendogs: Dalmatian and Friends, the follow-up to Nintendogs: Best Friends, has also been printed twice. The new game and a limited-edition Nintendo DS system were included for the first time.

Utilizing the DS’s built-in microphone and touchscreen both improves gameplay in Nintendogs. The user may use a variety of additional objects that can be discovered or acquired via the touchscreen in addition to petting pets. As well as activities to keep the dogs occupied, there are also toys and grooming materials available. The only means through which the player may communicate with the dog is by calling it by name. The user will need to utilize the microphone to teach the dog orders like “sit” and “turn over.” It’s entirely optional for users to take their dogs for walks and playtime in the park. They may converse with the other players in multiplayer mode thanks to the wireless connection of the DS. The dog also uses the DS’s internal clock and calendar, and depending on how long it’s been since its last meal, it can get hungry or unclean.

For its reception by video game critics, Nintendogs received several prizes, including the 2006 PC World Innovation Award and the Associated Press Award for Best Handheld Game. After New Super Mario Bros., it is the second most played Nintendo DS game, with 23.96 million copies sold globally across all of its many Nintendogs versions. Due to the franchise’s ongoing popularity among fans, both Nintendogs trading cards and Nintendogs toys have been produced. The game was renamed Nintendogs + Cats once it was released in 2011 for the Nintendo 3DS.

Nintendogs Labrador & Friends ROM Download | Nintendo DS
ROMNintendogs – Labrador & Friends ROM
Console:Nintendo DS
Rating 4.5 out of 5

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Gameplay of Nintendogs – Labrador & Friends ROM

In the Nintendogs video game, the touchscreen on the DS may be used to take care of and exercise an interactive digital dog. The game allows players to call their pet by name while playing by using the built-in microphone on their smartphone. With the money you get from participating in contests or making sales in a secondhand store, you may buy supplies, puppies, and house decorations. There are many other methods to work out your dog, like walking, going to the park to practice catching a disc, or going to the gym to do agility. On the map during your stroll, question mark symbols point to locations that could include neighborhood pets or gifts, while gifts can also be located in areas that are not shown on the map.

There is room for up to five dogs in the dog hotel, but only three dogs may reside in a player’s house at once. Players are always free to leave, pick up, or swap pets. Dogs may also be donated to the hotel by players who want to get rid of them.

The dog’s health will worsen over time as a result of its neglect. It will get hungrier and dirtier. By just clicking on the dog’s name, you may discover its current health status. There are four stages of hunger, from full to famished. One may describe someone’s thirst in several ways, including quenched, normal, thirsty, or parched. A dog’s coat might be in either a beautiful, clean, normal, dirty, or filthy state.

The player may take part in a variety of competitions in the game to win cash and trainer points. Along with obedience tests, there will also be disc and accuracy competitions. Each of the courses has five degrees of difficulty: beginner, open, expert, master, and championship. Ted Rumsworth and Archie Hubbs provide feedback after each competition. The player’s dog must place in the top three in its class to move on to a more challenging class. If the player’s dog does not place among the top three in its class, it will not go on. The amount of money a dog receives as a prize depends on the competition, where it is placed, and the category in which it competed. The player’s challenge level will be reset to the one they were previously playing at if they do not place in the top three.

Nintendogs’ Bark Mode enables players to communicate with other gamers online from all around the world. The player may provide the other user with a gift of their choosing before switching to wireless mode. A player must have a voice message on their White Record to interact with the other trainer’s dog.


More than 15 of the most popular dog breeds are available for you to choose from, some of which include Labrador retrievers, Chihuahuas, beagles, and several other breeds mixed. Using the touch screen and microphone once you’ve made your choices will allow you to take care of the puppy, and after its first training is complete, you’ll be able to teach it additional chores.

Pet the dog, gather and play with more than one hundred various toys, including tennis balls, flying discs, and even clothing items, and the dog will joyfully do all of these things for you and will demonstrate to you that it loves you in return. If you touch the dog, it will express its affection for you by demonstrating how much it enjoys carrying out these duties. By creating a special set of verbal cues that are created especially for your dog to follow, you can teach your dog tricks. By doing this, you’ll be able to interact with your dog in a manner that seems more natural to him.

You should enroll your dogs in obedience and agility competitions, and you should make the necessary efforts to properly train them so that you can both do well in these events. You will get a prize in the form of cash as a type of reward if you are successful in completing these activities. To ensure that your first dog has company at all times, you may spend this money to buy fresh pups for him or her. You may even spend this money to buy something completely different.

The Bark Option, a brand-new gameplay option, has recently been added to the Nintendogs: Mii Quest game. The ability to take one’s own Nintendog on thrilling new adventures all around the city, as well as interact with the Nintendogs owned by other friends, will be available to players.

The players show sympathy for their puppy while also training it by patting it, walking it, purchasing it toys and delicacies to play with, and taking it on walks. Puppy owners who enter their dogs in obedience and agility contests have the opportunity to earn money that may be used to buy different types of puppies. This creates a scenario where everyone benefits. You may use this cash toward the price of the tournament’s admission fees. This is because the people who possess these pups have the option to profit from them by offering them for sale to others.


What conditions must be fulfilled in Nintendogs Lab and Friends to unlock various dog breeds?

 Everything will be unlocked only by playing the game, but you will have access to more pets if you connect your DS to that of other players. The conditions for unlockables in Nintendogs’ foreign release may vary from those in the game’s domestic release. Get 14,000 owner points overall for your efforts. Get 10,000 owner points overall for your success.

 What did the first Nintendogs game look like when it was released?

 For the Nintendo DS portable video game system, Nintendo created and distributed the real-time pet simulation video game known as Nintendogs. The system used to play the game was the Nintendo DS. Only when it became available in Japan did it begin to spread to other countries and regions, including Europe, North America, Australia, and New Zealand.

 When could Nintendogs Lab and friends first be downloaded onto a computer?

 On April 21, 2005, the video games were originally made available for purchase in Japan. They were then made available for purchase in North America on August 22, 2005, Australia on September 22, 2005, Europe on October 7, 2005, and South Korea on May 3, 2007. After that, it was eventually made available in China on the iQue DS and iQue DSi on December 12, 2009; however, at the time of its release in China, it was just known as Labrador & Friends.

 Is Nintendogs still being produced today?

 Nintendo has not yet released a Nintendogs game for Switch console, but a third-party developer is going to do so with a title that might be a worthy substitute. Later in the spring, Little Friends: Dogs & Cat for the Nintendo Switch will be released in North America and Europe by Sold Out Games. There will be a release. Customers will be able to access the newspaper in both print and digital form.


Nintendogs – Labrador & Friends ROM is a unique product for the Nintendo DS, yet it is clear that it has been created more for the general public than for the most ardent gamers. Even if you are proud of your manhood, it will be hard for you to resist the endearing animals that roam freely on the Nintendo DS. These cute creatures will win your heart. It may be possible to get one of these creatures by using a portable video game device. The Nintendo DS’s great user contact with the virtual dog gives the user a very lifelike experience. Nintendogs offers a lot to do and achieve, but if you like it, you can find yourself wishing for more and craving for more. Despite having a lot of things to do and goods to obtain, Nintendogs appears to lack enough substance. You may still utilize the Bark Mode to see if you can draw stray pups into your environment even after you’ve accomplished all the other game kinds.