Super Princess Peach ROM Download | NDS

Super Princess Peach ROM Download | NDS

Super Princess Peach ROM is created by Tose and later released by Nintendo for the Nintendo DS portable gaming device. Ultimately, Tose was in control of Nintendo’s game release. In October 2005, it became available for the first time in Japan, and in October of the following year, it became known to the rest of the globe. In 1990, a game for the Nelsonic Game Watch was released with Super Princess Peach ROM as the only notable playable character. Following Princess Toadstool’s Castle Run, Super Princess Peach is the second game in the series to achieve this. Princess Toadstool’s Castle Run was the first game to take advantage of this feature.

Super Princess Peach ROM Download | NDS
ROMSuper Princess Peach ROM
GenreAction, Platform
ConsoleNintendo DS
Version Latest

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Gameplay of Super Princess Peach ROM

Super Princess Peach’s gameplay is similar to many other well-known platform games. Whether or not the player is allowed to go on to the next planet depends on their performance against the final boss of each of the game’s eight planets. There are levels 1 through 16 in the game. Three Toads in all are held captive throughout the whole match: two by the ultimate monster and one within the bubble of the boss of each stage. The player must first save every Toad before they may take part in the ultimate fight against the monsters.

To gain additional items that will be available after the game is finished, the player has the option of retrying stages they have already won. Players will be given access to three additional levels on the planet that follows them after taking down a monster. You will have access to a total of 24 levels after you have finished the game’s content. The emotion meter and the heart gauge, each with a maximum heart capacity of five, are located in the top left corner of the screen.

 Every time Peach completes one of these actions—taking damage from an adversary, falling into a pit, or swimming across a lava sea—she loses a half-heart and respawns at the most recent checkpoint in the game. She will have to restart the level from the beginning and complete it once again when all of the hearts are gone. The game also has a store where players can purchase various products. The coin serves as the game’s primary form of cash and may be used to improve Perry somewhat the Parasol’s skills.

Coins may be used, for instance, to increase Perry’s heart rate and emotion meter. The player can continue playing for as long as they choose since Peach has an infinite number of lives. The player may purchase a drink named “Endless Vibe” after completing the game and meeting all bonus requirements. The user may utilize Peach’s skills for as long as they want without worrying about those abilities running out since it does not affect Peach’s vibe meter. A music room, replays of Perry’s dreams, a dictionary, a puzzle, and a minigame are additional features. Within the giant main game, there are three other minigames to play, and when the player finds more of the hidden parts for the minigames, they may play additional levels. Several minigames allow players to control Toad in various situations (including a platforming game).

Features Super Princess Peach ROM

The emotional intelligence assessment scale

Her four vibe talents are arranged in a manner comparable to how it is often done on the emotion meter. Everyone else on Vibe Island believes that Peach can change her mood anytime. There are four primary emotions: joy, sorrow, rage, and tranquility. The player will activate a unique ability that will help them overcome obstacles and fight enemies if they touch a specific mental condition. In each of these ways, they will gain from this skill. After each usage, the player’s vibe meter will be reset to 0. One of two methods—either collecting blue turquoise gems or using Perry the Parasol to neutralize opponents—can be used to replenish the bar.


Throughout the game, Peach’s companion is Perry, a talking umbrella. Unlike Mario, Peach cannot just leap on top of her adversaries. Therefore she must rely on Perry to help her beat them. The “X” button will put them on top of the umbrella, and the “B” button will quickly take them away. The player has three options after bringing an opponent to the top of the umbrella: pressing “X” once more to remove them, touching “B” to toss them, or pulling down on the D-pad to absorb them, which, if chosen, will partially replenish the player’s emotion meter. As you progress throughout the game, Perry picks up new skills. Peach can dive into the ocean’s depths when she utilizes her “Umbrella.”

 Perry gets knocked down by the “Slidebrella” and is grabbed by the handle of his weapon while lying on his back. It is used in places with a complex web of wires flying at significant altitudes, which is a need for its use. As the “Bowlbrella” envelops Peach in its umbrella and gives it to her to cover her from the rain, she is given the ability to move on the surface of the water freely. The three new skills that may be acquired by paying money have been given the names “Floatbrella,” “Poundbrella,” and “Chargebrella.” Peach can briefly float in the air thanks to her “Floatbrella,” and she can do a tonne of damage with her “Poundbrella,” which causes the ground to tremor and stuns enemies in her immediate vicinity. When “Poundbrella” is used, the opponent closest to Peach is paralyzed when it also hits them with a little charge.

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Folklore suggests a location named Vibe Island, which may be found around the site of the former Mushroom Kingdom, according to specific accounts. The Vibe Scepter, a mysterious object with the power to affect other people’s emotions, is said to be hidden on this island. After learning about the island’s fabled qualities, Bowser decided to construct a holiday home there to make use of them somehow.

Army Hammer Bro, Bowser’s second-in-command, finds the Scepter for him, and he devises a plan to kidnap Mario and Luigi to get the Scepter. The Mario Brothers are going to be taken as part of this plan. On his way to the castle, Army Hammer Bro. Gives a Goomba charge of the wand.

Hammer Army Bro. and his troops could capture Mario, Luigi, and several Toads and confine them in various cells dispersed over the island since the castle’s inhabitants were under the Scepter’s control. The Vibe Scepter’s effects begin to be felt by the Goomba, which causes Bowser and his minions to lose emotional control.

Following a brief voyage, Princess Peach and Toadsworth return to her castle, where they are greeted by angry locals and a message from Bowser informing them that he has kidnapped Mario and Luigi. As she realizes she is the only one who can save the Mario Brothers, an outraged Peach departs for Vibe Island to carry out her plan to save them. Toadsworth was devastated by Peach’s choice to go without him, so he created Perry, a sentient parasol, to accompany Peach on her adventure. Perry permanently joined Peach. Perry could be necessary for Peach’s assistance in achieving her goal.

Peach and Perry set off on a journey that would take them through eight distinct geographic regions throughout the island. They manage to save a lot of Toads along the route despite the risks they face. The Goomba’s previous offering of the wand had caused emotional energy to be dispersed over the island. The islanders experienced a wide range of emotions as a result. The Goomba had been made to feel responsible for the island’s state due to this. Peach has more control over her life and even picks up new skills with each recent occurrence.

 A monster’s defeat and the completion of the objectives for the current zone will trigger memories that show Perry’s background. When Perry was a little kid, he had superhuman abilities and was raised by an elderly man, whom he called “Grandpa” throughout their time together. A magician and his assistant kidnapped Perry when he was an umbrella, but Perry could escape by falling to the ground below on the road below. After a long while, a traveler came upon him and eventually sold him to Toadsworth.

The Koopa King is ultimately defeated by the Vibe Scepter and a bombardment of Bob-bombs from Peach and Perry. They can win the war as a result. The Vibe Scepter is used to cause the Koopa King to grow enormously. The narrative concludes when Peach frees Mario and the rest of the citizens of Mushroom Country and saves their country. It is impossible to predict what will happen with the Vibe Scepter now.

FAQs of Super Princess Peach ROM

Is Super Princess Peach getting a follow-up?

 The sequel to the 2005 video game Super Princess Peach is titled Super Princess Peach 2. The game is now playable on the Nintendo Switch, which provides a more potent experience for the user, two years after it first launched on the Wii U.

Is Super Princess Peach a fun game to play?

 Super Princess Peach is a remarkable result for what may be thought of as a relatively typical Mario-style platformer. Although it probably falls short of Nintendo’s highest standards, it surpasses any means for a “girlie” product like this one.

 Is the Super Princess Peach video game targeted toward women?

Super Princess Peach has a much more forgiving difficulty curve compared to the Mario games, and there are plenty of instructions to help you out if you get stuck. This is acceptable given that the game is geared at young females and “casual” female DS gamers.


Super Princess Peach ROM’s story focuses on Princess Peach’s journey to Vibe Island, where Bowser has imprisoned Mario and Luigi to set them free. The classic “damsel in distress” idea has been a fresh twist. Super Princess Peach was first previewed by Nintendo in 2004 and released to the public in Japan in October 2005. The following year, it was made accessible all around the globe. Given that more than 1.15 million copies of it have been purchased globally, it is one of the Nintendo DS games with the most significant financial success.