Contra 4 ROM Download – NDS

Contra 4 ROM Download - NDS

WayForward Technologies created the two-dimensional action game Contra 4, and Konami Digital Entertainment was in charge of its distribution in the United States. The disputed Contra game, the eleventh overall part of the series, debuted on November 13, 2007, for the Nintendo D.S. in North America. It was that particular part of the Contra series. The general public was permitted access to a mobile port on November 19, 2007, six days after the first announcement.

The newest part in the series, Contra 4 ROM, is a direct continuation of the Super NES version of Contra III: The Alien Wars, which was initially released in 1992 in honour of the 20th anniversary of the Contra video game franchise. This part of the Contra series was the first to be made accessible on a portable gaming device since Operation C’s 1991 Game Boy release.

Contra 4 ROM Download - NDS
NameContra 4 ROM – NDS
Latest Version1.0 (1)
DeveloperKonami Digital Entertainment, Inc.
Ratings 4.8 out of 7

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Gameplay of Contra 4 ROM – NDS

 In Contra 4 ROM, the player must again use the time-tested strategy of collecting power-up symbols to unlock new weapons. Many of the game mechanics included in succeeding games are not used in Contra 4. The player is only permitted to have a total of two weapons in their inventory at any one moment, and the controls of this game are highly similar to those of Contra III. The player’s avatar gets access to a grappling hook that may be used to hang onto railings when required. The game’s action takes place across both screens of the Nintendo D.S. device. As a result, moving from one screen to the next is now possible for the player-controlled character. The gameplay of this video game is somewhat reminiscent of the arcade version of Super Contra from years ago. The player may get the same power-up more than once, producing an enhanced version of the same weapon. To test out a new gun without giving up their existing one, the player may also choose to abandon a power-up. The player has the option to make this decision.

Additional tunnel levels are very similar to the two “3D vision” levels included in Contra’s original release. Along with the regular side view stages, there are also these new levels. In these levels, everything is presented from behind the player character rather than in front of them due to a change in perspective. The only screen in these levels that shows gameplay is the one at the top, while the screen at the bottom shows a map of the story with power-up locations marked on it. Contra 4 doesn’t use any of the Nintendo D.S.’s unique features, like the touchscreen (apart from navigating the main menu), the microphone, or any multiplayer options. Any screens may only be utilized this way throughout the game.

Features of Contra 4 ROM – NDS

This storyline continues the story that was started in Contra III: The Alien Wars and takes place two years after those events. A new adversary known as “Black Viper” attacked the human species after Red Falcon was vanquished. This onslaught continued until Black Viper ultimately achieved its goal. To build the game, the makers took a lot of creative liberties with the ecclesiastical canon of events. When Operation C was initially mentioned, the primary foe in the North American versions was named Black Viper. Bill and Lance employed the codenames “Mad Dog” and “Scorpion,” respectively, to conceal their identities.

Game Mode

The game’s main feature is called Arcade Mode, and it features nine stages in all. These levels consist of one bonus stage, three tunnel segments, and six ordinary steps. The classes include several references to the video games Contra, Super Contra (also known as Super C on the NES), Operation C, and Contra III: The Alien Wars. You may choose from three difficulty levels: easy, regular, and challenging. The “Easy” option for new players should be simple and intuitive. Using this option gives the player an abundance of lives and money and automatically upgrades all of the game’s power-ups. However, if they choose the Easy difficulty option, the player will not be able to reach the game’s last two levels or its conclusion. While the Hard difficulty setting contains adversaries that move faster, more enemy fire, and fewer lives, the Normal difficulty setting is characterized as being “as demanding as the original Contra.” The default difficulty setting is the normal difficulty. It is typical to pick the default difficulty level. The game’s conclusion also differs depending on whether you play it on Normal or Hard settings.

Competition Mode

The option to play the game in Challenge Mode will become accessible from the main menu whenever any of the game’s difficulties have been cleared once in the main game, also known as Arcade Mode. This version of the game comprises 40 unique challenges that require the player to accomplish various objectives within the side-scrolling Arcade Form levels. The “Arcade” button on the main menu may be used to launch this game mode.


The game’s soundtrack and sound effects were made by renowned video game music remixer Jake Kaufman. Shantae and the website VGMix, devoted to game music remixing, were both developed by Kaufman. Along with a few distinct reimaginings of music from earlier Contra games, the soundtrack also has entirely new compositions and arrangements. The original Contra game’s Jungle theme is played instead of the usual stage score while playing Arcade Mode on the Hard difficulty setting. Playing Arcade Mode on the Hard difficulty setting is the only way to hear this theme variation. Only the Hard difficulty level has access to this specific version of the theme. A chiptune song titled “Vile Red Falcon” debuted on Kaufman’s website. The initially utilized music was revised and improved to create the melody that is now often referred to as the “Jungle theme.”

For everyone who buys Contra: Dual Spirits from the KonamiStyle online store, Konami will throw in a soundtrack CD for free in the first print run of the Japanese version. Anyone who purchases the game will get this as a bonus. The firm that broke this news is Konami. Only people born in Japan or with a permanent address were eligible for this program. This package includes four minutes of extra music and a live performance of the song “Harbor,” in addition to the music already included in the game. This song was composed by Jake Kaufman and his band, The Smash Bros, who pay homage to several video games.

The events of Contra 4 had to be changed to just six months after the Alien Wars to make Rogue Corps fit into the chronology due to the publication of Contra: Rogue Corps, which also takes place in the year 2638 A.D. To make Rogue Corps work within the timeframe, this modification was required. Initially, it was said that Contra 4’s events would occur in the year 2638 A.D., which is two years after the end of the Alien Wars. Contra 4’s creators were compelled to forward the game’s timeframe due to the release of Contra: Rogue Corps, which also occurred that year. This was most likely caused by Contra 4’s formal production in the West, which meant that it had already made significant changes to the canon established in Japan from the start. This was most likely the cause of what transpired.

The city’s location, Neo City, is also where the events of Contra Force begin. Neo City also acts as the backdrop for the seventh level. As a direct result, Contra Force’s connection to the earlier Contra games, Neo City, is one of the few. The first level of Contra III: The Alien Wars’ English translation was referred to as “The Streets of Neo City,” which included this allusion. This reference was discovered for the first time here. It is quite probable that the connection was grabbed from that game and moved over, given that it was there that it was initially found in that particular game.

The moment in which the Hybrid Aliens surge through the air vents above may be a reference to the sequence in which the xenomorphs adopt a similar strategy to get at the human protagonists in the science fiction horror movie Aliens from 1986. This is because the xenomorphs approach the human protagonists using a similar system.

FAQs of Contra 4 ROM – NDS

 Will a new Contra game be released in the not too distant future?

Non-American fans may remember it better as Probotector since it was outlawed in many locales and substituted with robot characters instead of human ones. Fans often refer to it as “Probotector” in the United States. Contra Returns won’t be released outside of North America until 2021, despite Contra: Rogue Corps being the most recent game in the series. This occurred even though Contra: Rogue Corps was the most recent game in the series.

 How many different Contra video game versions are there to choose from?

The Japanese versions of six of those games will be made available to you as a free upgrade shortly

When Contra returns, will there be a two-player version of this game?

Contra: Returns features the traditional side-scrolling shoot-them-up action, a unique two-player option, the first appearance of the Alien Boss in the Contra Pass series, and the mood created by each area and piece of music.


The Metacritic score of 83 out of 100 for the video game Contra 4 demonstrates the generally positive reaction it garnered from reviewers. One of the reasons Contra 4 has received appreciation is for returning to the series’s beginnings, which has been proposed as the game’s “rebirth” of the franchise. In 2007, IGN named it the “Best Action Game” and “Best Revival,” while GameSpy called it the “7th Best D.S. Game.” These are only three of the many awards it has won. Contra 4 was ranked as the number 22 best D.S. game of all time by GamesRadar+, which compiled a list of the top 25 D.S. games ever.