FL Studio Mobile MOD Apk v3.9 (MOD, Patched/Paid)

Fl studio MOD Apk

If some music artist or composer would have been told that they can create music on the go, using merely their phones, that would have been the most absurd thing they would have ever heard. But with the technology drastically changing and shaping the world around us, this idea of carrying a portable studio in your pocket, has now been realized.

 With the help of music composing studio applications like FL Studio, you can create your music on the go, without worrying about the instruments. Although these applications are not yet capable of replacing a full-fledged music recording studio, you can still rely on them for composing some of your own tunes for experimenting and developmental processes. FL Studio is a very popular mobile application, used to serve the purpose of music creation. We are going to dive into the details of this app in the upcoming sections of this article. So hold tight and stay with us through the article, and let’s get started.

FL Studio Mobile MOD Apk v3.9 (MOD, Patched/Paid)
App NameFL Studio Mobile MOD
DeveloperFl Studio
Root RequiredNo
Required Android6.0+
VersionLatest Version
Last Update1 Day Ago

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FL Studio Mobile MOD Apk v3.9 (MOD, Patched/Paid)
FL Studio Mobile MOD Apk v3.9 (MOD, Patched/Paid)
FL Studio Mobile MOD Apk v3.9 (MOD, Patched/Paid)

What is FL Studio mod apk?

In the world of music, FL Studio is a big trendy name and is recognized today as a Desktop Audio Workstation (DAW application). All the major OS platforms, Windows, iOS, Android support FL Studio. There is also a native FL Studio plugin available, using which you can integrate its feature in your custom studio software.

 Using the FL Studio Mobile Apk you can start editing your audio projects straight from your smartphones. The full name of this app is Fruity Lab Studio. Using the FL Studio Mobile Apk any experienced DJ, composer or even non-professionals can compose, edit and mix the music whenever and wherever they want.

 So even if you are a complete newbie, next time if you are planning to mix some groovy music of your choice and taste to rock the vibes of a birthday party or to flex your beats in a night-out party, FL Studio Mobile Apk can help you shine and flex. Its UI is super simplified and thus very easy to use.

 There are tonnes of premium features embedded in the app so that you can scale up to a semi-professional level of creating music tracks. We will be discussing the features of FL Studio Mobile Apk in the upcoming section of this article.

Features of FL Studio

In this section of the article, we are going to briefly discuss a few features embedded inside FL Studio that makes it stand out from the other similar applications available online.

Advanced sound creation

You can import high-quality samples and use the premium built synthesizers that come with the FL Studio Mobile Apk.

Audio recording

You can record your vocals straight from the app in high quality and use the samples to set music, beats and tunes to the vocals, finishing up a full track straight from the app.

The audio recorder of FL Studio also lets you adjust different settings for recording your vocals and this is quite a helpful feature that lets you experiment with the vocals. You can also import the samples and audio files from the physical storage of your smartphone and use FL Studio to edit the music file.

Touch Controllers

You can adjust various settings and scales while working on the project using the convenient sliders and tuners to get the exact effects you want to deliver.

Step Sequencer

Step Sequencers are provided within the app for fast percussion programming of the audio project.


Mixers of FL Studio provide a lot of features such as Solo, Effect Bus, Pan, Volume Adjustments and per track mute.

Preset Effects

The FL Studio Mobile Apk has a wide range of collections of preset effects and music samples. There are tonnes of available settings to control the effects of these presets such as Chorus, Compressor, Limiter, Parametric Equaliser, Reverberation, Distortion, etc.

All of these settings can be controlled using touch controllers and sliders to achieve the desired output. 

Piano Roll

It is used to enter notes and chords or to edit the recorded samples.

High Quality Audio Engine

This is one of the most efficient features of FL Studio. FL Studio has a very high-quality sound engine that is greatly optimised to deliver the best results while balancing the load on the CPU.

This lets you edit your music without heating or lagging up your device. So you get a very smooth experience while editing your music samples.

MIDI Controls

FL Studio supports class consistent support for MIDI controllers. This also means that you can import and export MIDI Files (Single channel or Multichannel).

Exports Formats

FL Studio supports all the popular export formats of the audio files, i.e. WAV, Mp3 and AAC. So you can now save and export the music in your desired file format.

Root/Wave import of track length

FL Studio Mobile Apk also lets you Root/Wave import of track length.

How to install and use the FL Studio into the smartphone?

So moving to the next important question, in this section we will try to discuss how you can install and use the FL Studio Mobile Apk. However, you can also install the PC software in a similar way.

 FL Studio is supported by all the OS platforms such as Linux, Windows, iOS, Chrome OS, Android OS. So you can easily download it straight from the website or the app store.

 FL Studio can be installed on Android smartphones from the Google PlayStore. If you are facing any problem while installing from the app store, you can download the .apk folder from the web browser. Allow the source to install the applications to your phone from the smartphone settings. Finally, click on the downloaded .apk file to install the application on your smartphone.


What is the price of the subscription fee of FL Studio?

The price of the subscription goes from a base price of $20 to $737. However, these prices fluctuate and change. You can always check the price listed on the official site of FL Studio when you plan to buy it. The features are exceptionally good so you can check according to your need from the tariffs listed and select the one according to your need.

Can FL Studio really replace the requirement of studio setup, boom mic, mixers etc?

To be honest, FL Studio cannot replace the need for a full-fledged studio setup but yes it is a great alternative for a person who just wants to get started with composing and mixing and cannot afford a complete studio setup.


FL Studio Mobile Apk is a great tool for anyone who is looking for a portable and affordable option to get started with editing and creating his/her own music. There are tonnes of features and settings that are embedded and integrated within the app. These features can be unlocked and can be used to their full potential upon paying a subscription fee to the app. You create super cool music using this app which you can use to flex among your friends or create your own track to perform a dance performance on. We hope we were able to clear all the queries and doubts regarding the FL Studio Mobile Apk.