Castlevania Portrait of Ruin ROM Download | NDS

Castlevania Portrait of Ruin ROM Download | NDS

Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin ROM is an action-adventure game developed and published by Konami. The game is played on platforms and includes a variety of different activities. It was made available on the Nintendo DS portable gaming system on November 16th, 2006, in Japan, and on December 5th, 2006, in North America. The first Castlevania game to include cooperative multiplayer gameplay and provide English voiceovers in addition to its original Japanese release is Portrait of Ruin. Owners of the Xbox 360, PlayStation Portable, and Nintendo 3DS may now play portable versions of Portrait of Ruin on their handheld devices.

The plot of Portrait of Ruin ROM, the follow-up to Castlevania Bloodlines, is set in Europe during World War II. Compared to Castlevania Dawn of Sorrow, the previous Castlevania game for the Nintendo DS, the gameplay with two characters is better. The game also introduces new villains and heroes to the Castlevania franchise. Most reviewers gave Portrait of Ruin five-star reviews, and the book received excellent ratings from all reviewers. It has also received several honours, which is a notable accomplishment.

Castlevania Portrait of Ruin ROM Download | NDS
Name Castlevania Portrait of Ruin ROM
GenreAction RPG
ConsoleNintendo DS
Rating 4.7 out of 5

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Gameplay of Castlevania Portrait of Ruin ROM

In Portrait of Ruin, side-scrolling, two-dimensional action is the rule. Smeared and warped pictures ruin the experience. Jonathan and Charlotte, the game’s two playable characters, may be switched between at any time, which is a fantastic feature. One aspect of Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow that contributed to its popularity was its “Julius mode,” which is reminiscent of this one. The “Dual Crush” is so named because Jonathan and Charlotte can both make a powerful hit simultaneously. To solve riddles and advance in the game, they must use their combined skills in different parts of the castle. For example, to prevent each motorbike from being damaged when it smashes through a wall, the player must put both characters on two “bikes” and switch between them while dodging obstacles. The two “cycles” must be switched to carry this out.

The action sequences in Portrait of Ruin are presented to the player in a two-dimensional side-scrolling manner for their convenience. Jonathan and Charlotte, the game’s two playable characters, may be switched between at any time, which is a fantastic feature. Because of the playable “Julius mode,” Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow is one of the most well-known video games ever. They’ll need to pool their resources to go past some of the castle’s most challenging areas if they want to keep moving ahead. When Jonathan and Charlotte combine their abilities, they may launch a devastating strike known as “Dual Crush.” For instance, the player must load both characters onto two distinct “bikes” and switch between them to dodge obstacles and keep both motorbikes from being destroyed when they crash through a wall. The only way to do this is by switching between the several “cycles.”

Features of Castlevania Portrait of Ruin ROM

The Lecarde sisters visit Dracula’s castle early in the game’s plot to look for their missing father, Eric, who has been missing since the game’s opening credits rolled. After touring the castle, the two reach Brauner’s lair and find that their father has been defeated there. As soon as Brauner notices the two sisters, he immediately transforms them into vampires. As their voyage begins, Jonathan and Charlotte first encounter Vincent, a merchant, outside the castle’s gate. One of their first contacts is with Vincent. The first time Jonathan and Charlotte enter the court, a strange blue figure greets them, and they immediately fear for their safety. The figure reveals that he has just passed away and used magic to stay awake within the castle’s walls long after he died. The figure has now changed into a humanoid man. He claims that he did it so that he might watch over the castle in the hereafter. When he initially speaks, he introduces himself as “Wind.”

After encountering one of Brauner’s magical images, Jonathan and Charlotte meet Wind for the first time. They have decided to penetrate the planet it protects since they cannot destroy it from the outside. They locate a Dullahan, Brauner’s channeler, right away. After it had already passed away, a vampire sister rose to denounce their actions, pointing out that their strength had only somewhat been diminished due to their efforts. She believed the squad’s combined strength would allow them to trounce the monster. By the time they get to the second picture, Brauner and the twins have already entered. Brauner continues that the idea of a revived Dracula is absurd given the vampire’s many unsuccessful attempts to rule humans.

However, Brauner is aware that Dracula’s influence is too significant to be dismissed. Brauner is less worried about any of the sisters and more concerned about Death’s potential to take control of Dracula. The sisters are after the two humans, but Brauner believes that Death poses a more significant threat than any other sisters.

 While exploring the castle, Death shows himself as though Dracula has already risen in front of Charlotte and Jonathan. When informed that Dracula is still dead and another vampire is in charge of the court, he giggles at the idea that someone other than Dracula may control Castlevania. He laughs at the thought of yet another vampire taking possession of the castle. On top of everything else, he learns that a new vampire has assumed control of the court. But as soon as he realises that the rumours are true, he becomes very anxious and begins looking for ways to kill Brauner and bring back Dracula.

Stella and her sister were about to run away when Jonathan and Charlotte greeted them at the base of the Tower of Death. Stella and her sister tossed their jewellery on the ground and fled for their lives when Jonathan and Charlotte beat them up. Charlotte noticed a photo of the twins with Wind in the locket and knew they had to find out more about him. To everyone’s amazement, Wind asserts he is Eric Lecarde, the twins’ biological father. When Jonathan and Charlotte eventually see Brauner in person later in the story, Death appears to them and says he wants to put some space between himself and the latter. Every time he tries to address them, he is greeted with failure and is compelled to run away. The entrance to Dracula’s throne room has been closed by the time Jonathan and Charlotte reach the top of the Master’s Keep. They believe Brauner is delaying Dracula’s appearance to seize power. They believe Brauner is at blame for this.

During their castle tour, Jonathan and Charlotte discover the Sanctuary spell, which offers magical defence against hexes and enables the departed to find peace after Death. Due to a magic cast by Charlotte, the sisters are eventually freed from their vampirism throughout their battle. This enables them to regain their mental faculties, and they perform a ritual so that Jonathan may again make full use of the powers of the Vampire Killer whip. Jonathan receives a warning after defeating the Richter Belmont-like entity Memory of the Whip and is advised against using the Vampire Killer to its fullest capacity. Something happens after Jonathan passes the exam. This is because Jonathan’s father was the last user the Vampire Killer killed by draining their life force. After defeating the twins, the triumphant warriors enter a large storage area via a door. An image taken in this area may be used to locate Brauner’s workshop. In a direct conflict with Brauner, they prevail. When questioned about his actions, he acknowledges that justice was not on his side, but he disputes that the heroes’ side was. He thinks he received fair and just treatment. Death approaches with his scythe and abruptly terminates Brauner’s life by sending him tumbling to the ground. The artwork used to barricade access to the Throne Room is destroyed as a direct consequence of this action, forcing Jonathan and Charlotte to confront Dracula.

Death entered the room and allied himself with the vampires before the heroes could engage Dracula in a fight. They devised a plan to attack the heroes together and started their assault simultaneously. Jonathan and Charlotte won the last conflict despite Death and Dracula’s alliance. The castle’s walls began to collapse, yet everyone imprisoned managed to escape unharmed. The identical twins Jonathan and Charlotte had been playing in the fields behind the castle when Eric’s ghost came to say hello. Once again, Eric’s spirit makes an appearance to the twins, this time to share wisdom and express his appreciation to Charlotte and Jonathan for finally lifting the curse. Eric’s heart makes a last-minute appearance before passing away. They haven’t seen Vincent, who has been following them aimlessly to get their attention. They go on without even turning around to look behind. Vincent suffers as a direct consequence of this.


Is the inclusion of Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin in the canon a given?

Bram Stoker’s first draught of the tale had Jonathan Harker and Dracula emerging from the tomb in 1897. Naturally, “yes” is the response to your question since Konami views this as part of the Castlevania series canon.

what historical connections does Portrait of Ruin make?

The role-playing game Portrait of Ruin, set in 1944 in Europe during World War II, continues the story from Castlevania: Bloodlines.

How long does Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin take to complete?

All significant goals in Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin must be accomplished in around nine and a half hours. If you’re the kind of player that wants to experience all this game has to offer, it will take you about 22 hours to get a perfect score.

Is Portrait of Ruin’s current season shown on television?

In Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin, players may freely switch between Jonathan and Charlotte, extending the action-adventure gameplay that has been the series’ defining feature for the past 20 years.

Which Castlevania game is the ideal location for newcomers to start?

Due to its plot, significance to the series’ progression, and general reputation as one of the best video games, Symphony of the Night should ideally serve as the starting point for Castlevania newcomers. Due to the many re-releases, it has gotten, it is also one of the songs played most often these days.


There were many different reactions to Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin ROM, with the majority applauding it as a success. Playing with two characters is complex and often uncomfortable. Still, one of the best mobile games released this year is “not only a reinforcement of the franchise’s grandeur” and “one of the greatest multiplayer experiences of all time,” according to Eurogamer. They also compared it to its predecessor, saying that Dawn of Sorrow’s gameplay was replaced with Portrait of Ruin’s and that Portrait of Ruin was distinct from Dawn of Sorrow in this regard. The video game magazine Game Informer highly praised the gameplay, setting, and plot, which dubbed it “one of the finest experiences in gaming.” Yahoo! Games praised the “addictive” gameplay and two-character gameplay. 

Players generally like the online multiplayer, mood, and flexibility of the game despite their concerns about how it utilises the DS’s unique features. IGN acknowledged that the game wasn’t “the mind-blowing revelation that Dawn of Sorrow was,” but they praised the “great” gameplay and deemed it an enjoyable experience. Although the two-character play has “been done before,” Game Informer said, “Portrait of Ruin’s premise is incredibly refined in execution.” Even though it’s not as good as Dawn of Sorrow, GameSpot noted that it “remains faithful to the original Castlevania idea and delivers an enjoyable, lengthier voyage.”