The Simpsons Game ROM Download | NDS

The Simpsons Game ROM Download | NDS

The Simpsons Game ROM was an internet sensation. The game is based on the cartoon television show The Simpsons. The game was published and distributed by Electronic Arts. North America initially had access to it in October 2007, and the rest of the world did so in November 2007. Its original, ground-breaking plot was developed by Tim Long and Matt Warburton, who also created The Simpsons. The family discovers that The Simpsons computer game is being forced upon them when the story makes a self-referential reference. The programming it is based on, Electronic Arts, and video games, in general, are all parodies in this piece.

Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, and Maggie Simpson understand that they are fictional characters from video games with unique skills that enable them to carry out various activities. Their video game avatars’ identities were created by Matt Groening, who also happens to be Will Wright. Thus they will have to protect their 8-bit ancestors from him. The Simpson family strives to gather critical cards that can be used to get into the home of their game’s creator via four rounds that are parodies of popular video games to relieve the long-standing ban on playing video games in their household.

Not all video game reviewers were complimentary of the title. They were especially drawn to the aesthetics and narrative aspects of the game, which included multiple copies of other well-known video games. The short duration and lousy camera quality, according to those who didn’t enjoy the game, sometimes rendered it unplayable. In addition to winning the Spike Video Game Awards for Best Game Based on a Movie or TV Show in 2007, The Simpsons Game also received the Writers Guild of America Award for Best Video Game Writing. Four million game copies have been sold worldwide since January 31st, 2008.

The Simpsons Game ROM Download | NDS
Name The Simpsons Game ROM
Latest Version4.56.0
Ratings 4.5 out of 5

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Gameplay of The Simpsons Game ROM

In The Simpsons Game ROM, Maggie is the only Simpson that cannot be controlled, but the rest of the family can, and they each have different skills. Only “The Land of Chocolate” and “Game Over” allow Homer to be controlled by himself; the other two levels, “Game Over” and “Game Over,” will enable any member of the Simpson family to be played. Each of the sixteen episodes requires a specific set of abilities to be mastered. In the fourth episode, “Lisa the Tree Hugger,” the player must simultaneously use Bart’s slingshot and Lisa’s “Hand of Buddha” power to move heavy objects. Some enemies are exclusive to each episode, except for the penultimate level, where previously fought monsters are “recycled” with new colour schemes.

Once they have completed all of the episodes, players are given access to several additional missions. These include discovering all the artefacts that belong to each character, recognizing the video game clich├ęs, and finishing a time trial target related to each episode’s plot on the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and DS.

Players may monitor their character’s health, attack, and exceptional power metres through the Simpsons Game’s head-up display. Each player may control one of the two characters on that particular level in the game’s two-player cooperative mode, which uses a split screen.

The side-scrolling adventures of the game were developed separately for the Nintendo DS from their console equivalents. Additionally, it has many brand-new features that weren’t included in earlier software versions. More minigames are available to unlock and play, with the majority being updated versions of classic arcade games like Frogger and Space Invaders. The latter refers to The Simpsons’ aliens Kang and Kodos, who appear in stories set in the Treehouse of Horror. Pet Homer, the player’s virtual pet, needs feeding and amusement, and the player must be vigilant for hazards like choking and heart attacks.

Features of The Simpsons Game ROM

A white chocolate bunny appears in Homer’s candy-induced hallucination, but when he wakes up, he is shocked to discover that it was all only a dream. Homer had this candy-induced dream early in the game. Meanwhile, Bart kills time by playing the brand-new, horrifying Grand Theft Scratchy video game. Marge finally takes Bart’s game away and decides to keep it for herself. When a video game strategy book falls from the heavens and lands in front of Bart, he sits there depressed.

 After reading the instruction manual, Bart and the rest of his family realize they all have unique skills. Homer uses his talent to triumph in an eating competition; Bart prevents Jimbo, Kearney, and Dolph from robbing the Natural History Museum as ordered by Principal Skinner to take the museum exhibits for the science class, and Lisa halts a project to clear the forest. Despite Lisa’s criticism that Marge is hypocritical, Marge successfully convinces Springfield’s residents to stop the publication of Grand Theft Scratchy.

The family members are ecstatic about their new skills as they have supper together. There has been debate on what they should do with them. The decision to invade Earth is made by the aliens Kang and Kodos, which starts the extraterrestrial invasion. When it becomes clear that none of Bart and Lisa’s talents will be enough to fend off the invaders, they turn to Professor Frink for assistance. They discover upon arriving that he has disappeared. However, they managed to get into the game engine, where all video games are created.

The Simpsons family buys a player’s manual for The Simpsons Game from Frink after sparing him from being eaten by a giant gorilla. They study this book to learn how to sharpen their talents and pick up new ones before setting out on a mission to stop an alien invasion. Bart and Lisa first assist Captain McCallister in defending the city aquarium, which is under attack from a group of mind-controlled dolphins. Bart and Homer may then destroy the live Lard Lad statue. Cletus and the Springfield Mall are attacked by the extraterrestrial army led by Sideshow Bob, but they ultimately succeed in defending themselves.

The Simpson family begins researching the skills they possess in the game online to learn more about the reality. Homer accidentally spills his drink on the keyboard while playing the game. When they get there, Will Wright is trashing copies of an old The Simpsons game that uses 8-bit visuals and characters. The Simpsons realize their efforts will be in vain once the new version of The Simpsons game is out, despite having rescued their 8-bit ancestors from Wright.

The only way to prevent this is to get in touch with the person who created the games and requests that they not be discarded. To enter his home, the family will need to acquire four critical cards from four different upcoming The Simpsons games. Homer and Marge see a two-headed monster with horns that stand in for Patty and Selma while playing the computer game Neverquest. Homer and Bart go to France during World War II to prevent Mr Burns from taking precious artwork from the nation. In the Big Super Happy Fun Fun Game, Lisa and Homer take on the roles of Milhouse and his “Sparklemon,” who go to ancient Japan to battle the villain Mr Dirt. After that, Marge and Lisa go to Grand Theft Scratchy and change the wrong items into ones more appropriate for children and their families.

After obtaining all four key cards, Bart and Homer enter the creator’s flat. Matt Groening, the creator of Futurama, congratulates the victors and assigns Bender and Dr Zoidberg to look into the matter. They are defeated by the family when Groening discloses that he creates new games to make money before eradicating the game engine. Even though the aliens are still at war in Springfield, The Simpsons and several other video game characters visit the city. Lisa used her spellwork to create an escalator to the sky for the benefit of the family.

Along with “recycled” foes from previous game stages that they had already defeated, the family will confront historical figures like William Shakespeare and Benjamin Franklin. After God defeats him in a game of Dance Dance Revolution, God acknowledges that the computer game they are now playing is a small goal inside a more extensive video game that focuses on the globe of Earth.

 He accidentally dropped the video game handbook, but it gave the whole family superhuman abilities. Realizing his error, he vows to revive Springfield, protect their abilities, and improve working conditions for every video game character. He also complies with Homer’s three criteria on top of everything else. God laughs sarcastically at the idea that Ralph Wiggum was playing the game the whole time until he glanced at the screen and wondered who was staring at him. Lisa said, “I don’t believe so,” when asked whether God had ever considered the idea that He may be a video game character.

FAQs of The Simpsons Game ROM

Is playing the Simpsons game enjoyable?

It’s difficult to surpass video games based on well-known TV shows like “The Simpsons.” You will undoubtedly like it and laugh when you see this. It is equally as funny as the television series since it is a single lengthy game that parodies a variety of video games and other media, including “Batman,” “World of Warcraft,” “Metel of Honor,” and “Pokemon.”

How long does The Simpsons Game take to finish?

Focusing on the main goals will allow you to finish The Simpsons Game in around 8 hours. You should allow about 16 and a half hours to complete the game if you’re the player who likes to experience all it has to offer.

Is there an upcoming Simpsons video game?

Only the Pacifico platform will host the action, medium, and role-playing video game The Simpsons Game 2: Virtual Nightmare. The Simpsons, a legendary 1989 television series heavily influenced by The Simpsons Movie, served as inspiration for the development of this game.

What happened to the Simpsons video game at the arcade?

This game debuted on the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade in February 2012; however it has since been removed from both networks. Arcade1Up gave the world a home arcade cabinet for Xbox Live Arcade for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation Network for the PlayStation 3 to celebrate the company’s 30th anniversary in 2021.


The Simpsons Game ROM is far ahead of the competition in terms of material. You have a chance to shine as the protagonist of one of the animated series with the most copy sales in the genre’s history. Homer is now in a dire situation. Everyone has to be forgiven for what they did, Springfield needs to be restored, and its citizens need to return.