Pokemon Jupiter – 6.04 (Ruby Hack) GBA ROM Download

Pokemon Jupiter - 6.04 (Ruby Hack) GBA ROM Download

Pokemon Jupiter 6.04 Ruby Hack is a sequel to all the previous games. And it is available almost all over the world. You can play this game every day wherever you want to play it. Its capacity is only about 2 MB. You can also play on your mobile or laptop by downloading some good emulators on your device from many gaming websites around the world.

Pokemon is a hack of Jupiter Ruby. It is very interesting. It was manufactured in the year 2009, and its new update came in the year 2010. It is said about this hack that it was not made properly and some parts of it are not right. Now the question arises of whether it can be played or not. The name of the player you get in this is Ivan.

Talking about this game, it has many levels, and a mix of random Pokemon has been created. There are also many pokemon that we have to catch in this game.

Pokemon Jupiter - 6.04 (Ruby Hack) GBA ROM Download

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Pokemon Jupiter ROM details


This game is actually based on the Golden Sun Games. Its story is a little different. You are Evan and Charon in this game. And you belong to the Minoan civilization, and that is how you live.

Ivan and Charon flee to the Pokémon World as Minoan prepares for a huge tragedy for civilization. Evan meets a young coach called Rachel after they part. After rescuing her, he acquires his own Pokémon and must go around the Pokémon World in search of Charon, fighting gym leaders along the way.


Pokemon from Generation I are mixed up with those from other generations at random. A large percentage of the Pokemon on the roster are Fakemons with unique designs.

Some of the characters and Pokemon have different sprites and unique musical tracks in the game. The gameplay is reminiscent of the Golden Sun games, with several references.

Indeed, if you’ve played them, you could notice some familiar faces in Pokemon Jupiter.

You can communicate with your Pokemon through telepathy.

Compared to the Psychic kind of Pokemon, this will be an improved variant.

The author himself created certain Pokemon animations.

Over 65 new tunes, as well as a music box to play them on.

Numerous character portraits.

Instruments are being developed.

Pokemon cries number in the hundreds.

It’s time to rearrange your Pokedex.

Only while playing this game may you observe some unique elements. Make a decision.

The design of the Golden Sun can be found in some dungeons.