Pizza Boy GBA Pro v1.5 (Paid Version Free)

Pizza Boy GBA Pro

Are you looking for an Emulator that provides you an excellent experience of handling the game on your Smartphone? The Pizza Boy GBA pro best suit fo4r you to handle the ancient games. The application enables all the users in experiencing the best performance and controls of the game because the application has a well-optimized and powerful performance to deliver to the users. The Emulator includes all the control and triggers to easily hook up with the user’s requirement. The recent era of the game has many changes and several advantages but we talk about the childhood game, then it can be so popular as compared to the current game. The main difference between the old and recent games is the old game’s lack high-quality graphics and due to this issue, most of the players step in the latest release game. But if you are reading this article let me make you aware the old games are also getting popularity that’s why you are here collect information about the GBA games such as Pacman, Mario, and many more. If you lived your childhood full of games then you must have been addicted to these games. These types of games were the perfect game for our childhood it fascinates our happy days. So, we are here to introduce you to one of the most fascinating Emulators in the form of Pizza Boy BGA Pro to again live your early life. It helps you in enabling your mobile phone into a GBA games machine because all the GBA games are easily controlled through the Pizza Boy GBA Pro Apk. The best part of the application is you just have to choose a GBA game that you used to play earlier in your childhood and let the Pizza Boy GBA Pro do all the rest work.

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Pizza Boy GBA Pro v1.5 (Paid Version Free)
App NamePizza Boy GBA
DeveloperPizza Boy GBA
Root RequiredNo
Required Android5.0+
VersionLatest Version
Last Update1 Day Ago

What is Pizza Boy GBA Pro Apk

The application allows you in converting your mobile device into the GBA machine and access all the GBA games easily on your device. The is developed and released by the pizza Emulator. If you have an Android version of 5.0 or above then you have access to easily run the Pizza Boy GBA Pro application on your device and experience all the GBA games. Almost all the GBA games are full of fun and contain children’s content such as poetic to introduce you to childhood life. So, if you are among those who never experienced the game in childhood then it is an opportunity for you you access some of the beautiful games with the help of Pizza Boy GBA Pro. The latest version of the Emulator allows you in accessing advanced settings such as light sensors, hardware settings, and many more things. You can instantly create a new gaming machine just with the Android device after downloading the Pizza Boy GBA Pro.

Pizza Boy GBA Pro v1.5 (Paid Version Free)

The application is best in bringing a phone into a GBA game console because the whole Apk is designed for bringing all the power features and tools required in bringing back the world of childhood. You just have to do a single action and you will be ready with the GBA games on your device. Though it may not give you experience just like the recent era game, but it can make you remember the old days of your childhood. The application has made the experience with the GBA games unforgettable and made you realize time can change but the moments can’t. You will definitely fall in love with the games because it has different themes, customizable features, etc. It has connected to google drive to enable the fast saving mode with the support of BIOS. The application has many more features which we are going to discuss later in the article. So, if you love to experience the childhood game must be sure to acquire its interesting features by reading the whole article.

Features of the Pizza Boy GBA Pro Apk

The developer of the Pizza Boy GBA pro has synchronized all the advanced settings and collection of the latest updates to make it better. Thanks to the developer who seriously work hard in bringing our old life back through the best Emulator. Let’s see the advanced features of the Pizza Boy GBA Pro Apk

Pizza Boy GBA Pro v1.5 (Paid Version Free)

Outstanding customization

The customization of the games is greatly enhanced by the application because it provides the advanced features to customize the GBA gameplay. Earlier it was boring to play the games on the smaller screen and sometimes it gets too difficult the adjust all the controls of the game on a single screen. You must be thinking about how great the application impacted the gameplay? Let me make you clear the application provides the best support in customizing the controls of the game and insert wherever you want on your screen. It is able is satisfying the users.

Pizza Boy GBA Pro v1.5 (Paid Version Free)

Simple UI

The application provides a familiar option to the users and easily makes them satisfied. The thing is if you put lots of complicated options users will get confused so, to make the users understand early the application has well-optimized familiar controls.

Pizza Boy GBA Pro v1.5 (Paid Version Free)

Rich in flexibility

It offers you flexibility and enhanced options to experience the game such as Cheats, Google drive sync, BIOS support, Skins, Local and multiplayer, and many more.

Pizza Boy GBA Pro v1.5 (Paid Version Free)

How to download and install Pizza Boy GBA Pro Apk

To completely access the application requires a minimum purchase of 5$. The application is very worthy as it cost but if you do have not enough budget to invest in the application you can follow our page link. Our link will help in experiencing the traditional GBA games without any cost. If you want to save your little budget must go through our page link. Downloading from another website may contain malicious things and may harm your device. So, I suggest you go with our authentic link which is 100% safe. If you want a full guide of downloading then we complied a list of some basic steps below which will help you in downloading it error-free.

Pizza Boy GBA Pro v1.5 (Paid Version Free)
  • you can get the latest downloading link from our page.
  • Once you tap on the download link it will redirect you to the downloading page and you will get a download now button.
  • Click on the download now button and the process of downloading files to your device will start. However, it depends on your internet connection speed how long it will take to download the file.
  • Once the file gets successfully downloaded to your device go to your browser download section and look for the downloaded file. But always remember if you are doing this for the first time then you need to give permission to your android device to access and install an unknown source app. To enable the function you can follow the steps.
  • Open setting of your device> Tap on security option> Enable access to install unknown source apk in device
  • Now, go back to the downloaded file and tap on installing it. It will take up to 5 sec to install it.
  • Follow the screen option to enable the application.
  • After covering all the screen settings you are ready to use the application.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

It is a third-party app that doesn’t have any license to use but if you are willing to download it you can freely download it by doing bits of research on it. The app is safe and doesn’t harm you in any sense.

Can I go to jail for downloading the ROMs?

Downloading the ROMs is termed piracy and cheating and it is illegal which may put you in jail.

Is it okay to pirate games?

No, it’s not ok to pirate any game as it may permanently suspend your account.


Enjoy the old-aged games with the help of Piza Boy GBA Pro Emulator. The Emulator is perfectly-known for bringing back your old memories. The application has enabled the cheats option for you to completely experience the game. It is one of the finest and most advanced Emulators for your Android device. So, it time to grab the Emulator to dive deep into the childhood memories. Hope we covered all your queries but if we missed something let us know through the comment section.