Speedtest Premium Mod Apk 5.24 (Premium+ Ad Free)

Speedtest Premium Mod Apk 5.24 (Premium+ Ad Free) Ookla Premium

Have u ever wondered your life without the internet? I know this is really a bad and uncommon question these days. You can not imagine your life without browsing on the internet because nowadays the internet has taken all the places to be it a teacher, cook, coach, friend, guide, advisor and almost all the important phases of our life and activities are incomplete without the internet. Initially, only young generation people needed the internet for social media to connect with friends across the globe on regular basis but after the introduction of 4th Generation internet facility almost every individual, today is having 4G smartphone with 4G internet services, because AMBANI Sir has made all the internet facility very affordable that even a daily wage worker can enjoy the benefits of the internet. When we say the term 4G Internet we really mean fast internet! Isn’t Us?  Now the thing that really matters is how gonna we know whether we are getting fast internet speed or not? 

Does the service provider make a false commitment?  

Will my internet facility would be smooth at a different location?

In order to answer all these queries, OOKLA has introduced an application called speed test which checks out all the important information regarding internet speed at every instance of time.

Speedtest Premium Mod Apk 5.24 (Premium+ Ad Free) Ookla Premium

Speed Test Premium MOD Apk

App NameSpeedtest by Ookla
Root RequiredNo
Device SupportedAndroid
SizeVaries with device
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Speedtest by Ookla

What is Speedtest by Ookla?

Speedtest by ookla is an application of size 20MB which is used by millions and billions of people across the globe to check for their internet speed and test the network connections at free of cost. Speedtest by ookla gives the overall performance including ping, upload speed, download speed and network strength map of the internet service which is tested by the user.

 Speedtest by ookla was founded in 2006 by ookla and it has headquarters across the worlds including US, IRELAND and other cities.

Speedtest is currently available for the web at speedtest.net and for download on iOs, Android, macO, Windows, Google Chrome, and AppleTV.

If we talk about the statistics on google play store, over more than 100+ millions times this app has been gone for downloads. 

Approx one million people have given it 4.4 ratings out of 5.

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How to measure network speed with Speedtest?

After downloading speed test by ookla u have to give permissions to the app for using your device location so that it could easily detect the nearby server for testing of your internet connection. 

You would see a big “GO” option at the middle-top position of the app. Click on to the option and let the app do the rest of the work.

Below the GO option, u can see some of the information related to your internet service provider and network area. 

When the test gets finishes, it would show result like ping, upload rate, download rate, jitter and data loss. 

This app is really easy to use and has simple options which can easily be understood by anyone. 

After getting the report u can either save it or even upload it or share it with anyone.

Features of Speedtest by Ookla

Above given options are located at the bottom of the application.

SPEED: It gives you the details regarding your internet speed and network details.

VPN: This feature enables you to browse on the internet safely and anonymously.

RESULT: This option contains your result based on the test you performed each time. 

TOOLS:   This option contains COVERAGE MAPS and SPPEDTEST LIVE. 

Coverage Maps gives you the network details regarding mobile operators coverage across your area.

Speedtest live offers you to check the application performance and speed installed on your device, and the best thing about it is it doesn’t collect any data from your device and it checks the performances through VPN, which means no intruder can modify or alter your data, as it ensures confidentiality and integrity by Speedtest by ookla.

SETTINGS: This option enables you to set the speed test on different measuring units such as MBPS KBPS Mbps. You can set the signal to enable or disable that totally depends upon u. You get all the details regarding the application in these sections. 


Speed test BY OOKLA is a wonderful free to use application that is used by many users and network providers to test their internet speed and use saved reports by other people as analytics for other purposes. With the powerful and advanced features like VPN, speed test by ookla has separated them from the crowd of internet speed testing application makers and made their own place in the market which needed no proof as it has billions of users across the world. COVERAGE MAPS and SPEEDTEST LIVE has added plus to it as no other application provider added this many features in a single application. Everyone enjoys the extra benefits and always looking for it. Though there are many applications present to test the internet speed one could rely on speed test by ookla as they are giving services for the past 14 years and has changed and modified themselves by introducing the services on different platforms like chrome, windows,macOS and ios and AppleTV. Their facilities are unmatchable as they are having 8000+ servers across the globe which ensures you to give correct details all the time at every place of the world.