Hungry Shark Evolution Apk + MOD v8.10(Unlimited Money)

Hungry Shark Evolution Mod

Online games are gaining more and more popularity nowadays. Every individual likes to play online games and one of the most popular games is the Hungry Shark Evolution. The Hungry Shark series was released on the 18th of October 2012. It is one of the top-rated games available on the Google Play Store. You can access this game on Android as well as iPhone. One can also enjoy playing this game on Android devices too. This series of games has new sharks and creatures as well as many missions to complete. To proceed in this series there are many objects and a ton of other content available. Hungry Shark Evolution is the currently updated version of the Hungry Shark series. Among all the free games available online, the Hungry Shark Evolution is the most popular one. This is the most played, most loved and most installed game so far. Hungry Shark world has a record of download, it was downloaded 10 million times in only 6 days and reached the list of top 10 free iPhone and Android installed apps. The first time Hungry Shark Evolution was originally released by future games of London but published by Ubisoft in 2013. It gives us control of several unique species of sharks. The species of shark currently available in this game include mako shark, great white shark, hammerhead shark, reef shark, megamouth shark and megalodon. As we know shark is a large marine animal so the game has the rule that the player must consume other marine animals and grow their size. 

Hungry Shark Evolution Apk + MOD v8.10(Unlimited Money)
App Name Hungry Shark Evolution
DeveloperUbisoft Entertainment
Root RequiredNo
Required Android5.0+
VersionLatest Version
Last Update1 Day Ago

What is the Hungry Shark Evolution App?

The Hungry Shark Evolution app is a game app which is providing you with 3D game features for free. According to the introduction, an individual can understand that this is an action and hungry arcade game. Every app has pros and cons so this game has both too. A number of pros are included in this app, as it will give you a 3D graphic experience and this is totally free of cost. Cons like it consume around 90 MB storage due to this it affects battery life and the levels present in the series is very difficult to unlock at all entry. While playing the game you can see the difference in it from other games.

You can experience the virtual life of sharks here where you will defeat the hunger of sharks by predation of other marine animals. You are not only predating here you are also prey for others. To defeat the hunger of sharks you need to help them in having breakfast, as well as dinner too. It is a test of survival in which you cannot let the shark go on fast and roam with an empty stomach. You just need to keep their stomachs filled with marine animals all the time. Do not feel like a predator, you are prey for others. While eating other marine animals as a combo you gain massive points and coins. You can use these coins to upgrade and to purchase other large sharks. To play progressively in this game, you can also use your coins to buy power-ups, boosts, antidotes and much more. As in real-life survival of the fittest survives to the end, the same applies in the game too. To survive at the end of the game you need to make your shark a survivor. As a player, you chase other sharks, marine creatures, fishermen and swimmers. In all this chasing you eat as a combo which is served on a table. The game allows you to complete mission objectives and find treasures. After completing missions you obtained coins and gems per day. You can use these coins or gems to unlock dreadful sharks at the very beginning stage. You also get credits after eating golden coloured creatures and humans.

Hungry Shark Evolution Apk + MOD v8.10(Unlimited Money)

Features of different sharks available in game

Reef Shark

At the very initial level, you have Reef sharks that prefer to live in shallow water which is not more than 90 metres deep. It is around 4 metres long so it eats smaller and less dangerous creatures. You need to upgrade this shark and unlock mako shark.

Hungry Shark Evolution Apk + MOD v8.10(Unlimited Money)

Mako Shark

After upgrading reef shark fully, by spending 1500 coins you can buy mako shark. This shark prefers to live in 150 m deep water and has a size of around 5 m. It is faster and stronger than the previous shark.

Hungry Shark Evolution Apk + MOD v8.10(Unlimited Money)

Hammerhead Shark

Proceed upgrade procedure and unlock Hammerhead shark. This shark got its name because it has a hammer-shaped head. It can go up to 200 meters and has a length of 6 m. It is a cunning hunter with killer bite and has the ability to eat other Hammerhead sharks.

Hungry Shark Evolution Apk + MOD v8.10(Unlimited Money)

Tiger Shark

Unlocking Tiger shark after Hammerhead shark will give you the real experience of underwater adventure. It can penetrate its jaws deep inside prey. It can go deep up to 275 metres and size around 7 meters. The most amazing feature is that it can resist predators attacks. It has the ability to eat 99% of creatures.

Hungry Shark Evolution Apk + MOD v8.10(Unlimited Money)

Evil Great White Shark

The last and the most dreadful, the largest shark is the Evil Great White shark. It has no limit for this shark because it can go anywhere and does not stop eating. You can feed more and more of this shark to upgrade it into a 10-ton killer machine to finish everything.

Hungry Shark Evolution Apk + MOD v8.10(Unlimited Money)
Hungry Shark Evolution Apk + MOD v8.10(Unlimited Money)

FAQS of the App

Does Hungry shark evolution need Wi-Fi?

No, you do not need to connect with Wi-Fi. You can play offline wherever you are and you can also synchronise your game easily across iOS devices.

Which is the biggest shark in Hungry Shark Evolution 2022?

Megalodon is the biggest shark. It is the sixth standard shark to be unlocked. As it is the largest shark in the series and the third-largest playable creature in-game.

Is this a multiplayer game?

Yes, it is an online multiplayer shark battle game available on desktop and mobile.

How many sharks can we evolve in Hungry Shark Evolution?

While playing this game you can evolve more than 12 sharks to upgrade.

For which purposes can we use points in the game?

As the points are key elements of all games. In this, points can be determined when a certain mission is completed or when a special feature should be unlocked.


From all the above information, you can conclude that Hungry Shark Evolution is an addictive game. It is an action-packed game that you can install for free. You can enjoy all the virtual adventures of underwater action series games. This game will mesmerize you with its 3D views and special sound effects.