Instander Apk Download v15.2


Billions of people are using Instagram globally. You also like to share posts and watch feeds. Many times when you like any post and video, you definitely want to share it with your friends. It can be any intellectual, informative or funny video. But you could not save that video because of Instagram policies, so a person generally uses the feature like taking a screenshot for photos or using a screen recording app for video. These are good options but they drop the quality of your post. As Instagram has become one of the most influential social platforms, it has endless features of socializing services. People are using this for political, economic and for business purposes. Instagram has some limited features like it does not allow you to download media files and it has unwanted advertisements while scrolling. Now you are having a greatly modified version of this app named, Instander APK. This is so unfortunate for Instagram users who do not have such functions which are available in the modified version of Instagram. Official Instagram restricted such functions but you do not need to worry about it, Instander APK will give you full control of the features you want to enjoy the experience of using Instagram. After using it, you can have easy and smooth access to your social media. This app will surely help you to have fun with features like no advertisements, download images and videos and many more features.

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Instander Apk Download v15.2
App NameInstander
CategorySocial Tool
Root RequiredNo
Required Android5.0+
VersionLatest Version
Last Update1 Day Ago

What is an Instander APK?

Instander APK is a free modified version of the official Instagram app for Android users. It gives you a lot of features that are not available in the original Instagram app. It definitely provides you with a worthwhile experience. When many developers come to know about the limiting features of Instagram they try to come up with a modified version. And you can see the outcome with excellent features. However, most of the time third-party applications can be justified as unsafe and insecure platforms. But the Instander APK is a safe and secure platform with additional functions. The availability of safety and security as an additional function makes this app different from the other hundreds of apps. This app is free of cost, you do not need to exchange any kind of money to use it. The reasons behind the popularity of this modified app are, the application has a strong developer and user community. You can directly ask your query in a telegram community where you get replies directly from the creator of the application. Secondly, this app is an ad-free app. There are no irrelevant or annoying ads between your feeds. Another reason is, you can download any video, photo, reels and IGTV without downloading any virus with it. Your device is secure from viruses while using this app. You may have always carried a risk of downloading a virus from a third party website. Instander brings all the features in just a single application with the best security and privacy rating. When you use this app, you can directly upload post content as you do to Instagram. You can see someone’s stories, read and write messages without getting caught by anyone. This app will not disappoint you with its features, instead, it will give you a brilliant experience of using social platforms.

Features of Instander APK

High quality media files

When you use methods like taking a screenshot for photos and screen recording for videos, that decreases your quality resolution of media. Modified apps will give you features to upload your photos and stories with better quality.


The most annoying feature present on Instagram is advertisements while scrolling. Completely free app with no Instagram ad features available in a new modified version.

Safe and secure

Instander APK will not harm your Android device at any time. It is totally safe and secure to use. There is no chance of downloading viruses while downloading media.


Some people need privacy while using social media. Features in which you can hide your notice of seeing someone’s story and also hide your direct read message is a boon for such users.


The official Instagram app does not have any feature to download media files. This is one of the disappointments of such a wonderful app. But you do not need to think about it now or download any kind of third party app because Instander APK has this feature to download media such as photos, and stories in high quality.

Instagram verification

Everybody wants more than a thousand followers on their social media account and also an Instagram verification. Verified people show the authentic presence of a public figure, global brand or even celebrity. You can have this popularity or Instagram verification badge with the Instander APK.

Disable autoplay

You do not want to watch all the videos present on your feed. Generally, videos on your feed autoplay while scrolling even when you do not want to watch that. The modified app has the feature of disabling autoplay. It does not allow any video to autoplay without you playing it by yourself. 

Disable analytics 

This feature is useful in a business account as if you use a business account you can always choose to disable analytics for the account which means publication statistics and insights would not work.

Copy and paste 

It happens many times when you like somebody’s captions, bios and comments not copy or paste from there. You do not need to waste your time typing when you can directly copy and paste the words from the feature available in the app.


Instagram is a global app used by millions of people all around the world. There are many languages used worldwide. The modified app can translate sentences in which language you want. This feature helps you understand more about other languages too.

Frequently asked questions

Is Instander APK safe to use?

As you know now this is a modded app that is not 100% safe but you can use this from another account.

Can we see who has taken a screenshot of the story with the help of this app?

No, we cannot identify the person who clicked the screenshot. This feature is not available here.

Can the official Instagram ban account of Instander APK?

It is a modified version of the Instagram app, as it is an official app that may pose risk to user data and may get banned from Instagram.

Which is better Instander or Instagram?

There is no doubt Instagram has many features which are available in Instander APK. It totally depends on you what you want from your social account.


Instander APK is the amazing alternative version of Instagram for people who want additional functions and features for social platforms. You can express yourself and connect easily with all your friends and your social media family easily. This app gives you a major boost and full control of what you want in your account. Its enhanced feature will give you an excellent social experience on the Instagram platform. This flawless app will make you feel like a special individual from the crowd. So go and install this application to give you a chance to show your extreme creative level. Explore yourself with all the amazing features present in Instander APK.