Vidmate Apk v5.1 Latest Version Download

Vidmate Apk v5.1 Latest Version Download

In the digital world, streaming web series, watching videos, and movies, or listening to music are one of the best and most engaging ways to amuse ourselves. With technology reaching new heights every day, we no more depend upon non-portable entertainment options like TVs, our smartphones pretty much some up every option available on the internet for us to entertain ourselves. All these entrainment options are just a few clicks away.

But even after all these facilities, we always need to be connected to the internet to stream videos, movies, or songs, unless we have downloaded them sometime. But it is also not possible to remain connected with the internet all the time and everywhere. So what if you want to download some video from YouTube that otherwise is not available for download on the physical device? Yes, here comes vidmate apk download latest version 2022

Vidmate Apk v5.1 Latest Version Download
App NameVidmate
App Downloads100+Million
App Size19MB
Required Android4.4+
VersionLatest Version
Last Update1 Day Ago

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Vidmate Apk v5.1 Latest Version Download
Vidmate Apk v5.1 Latest Version Download

What is vidmate apk download latest version 2022?

VidMate is a user-friendly, lightweight application designed to download videos from various online video streaming platforms, most popularly YouTube. VidMate enables you to download YouTube videos on Android smartphones which otherwise are not available for download on the official YouTube App.

It is a one-stop solution for you to download any multimedia videos to the local Android device from the internet, which some of the apps that host those videos restrict you to. VidMate can also be used to download byte-sized videos from various platforms like Instagram Reels, TikTok, Mojj, MX Takatak, Chingari, etc.

So now you download any video on the internet without worrying about the fact that whether the hosting platform lets you download them or restrict you from doing so. There are many third-party applications available on the internet which let you download any video from the internet, but there are various uniques features that give VidMate an upper hand in the competition. VidMate has always managed to win the hearts of its users by creating and integrating new features which enhance the user experience. It also comes with a very simplified and minimalist UI that makes it easy to be used by every user without much struggle.  

Let us have a detailed look at what are the other features that VidMate comes bundled with, and the features the help it win the hearts of the majority of the users.

Features of Vidmate

Having discussed the basic functionality of the VidMate app, which is, as a third party application to download the videos from any hosting platform on the internet, let us now look at same of the features and integrated functionality that makes VidMate stand out from its competitor application.

User-Friendly UI

VidMate comes packed with a very efficient and minimalistic UI design. It is not like the other apps in the market where you will see a ton of ad pop-ups and difficult to navigate UI. This enhances the user experience a lot.

Supports all kinds of multimedia download

It supports all kinds of multimedia downloads, from byte-sized portrait orientation videos to wide-screen landscape videos. Also, the apps is capable of detecting the orientation of the video so that you don’t need to bother about changing the orientation every time for specific video content.

Meme Maker

You can effectively use VidMate to trim out the clips from some videos and make awesome and hilarious memes out from those clips.

Supports all types of multimedia and OTT platforms

Vidmate works on almost every multimedia and platform you can think of. Most people use it to download byte-sized videos from Instagram reels, TikTok, Moj, and other such platforms. Also downloading content from YouTube is one of the most popular choices amongst the users of VidMate.

Multiple contents can be downloaded simultaneously

VidMate can efficiently download multiple files at a time. Detects the copied link automatically

It detects the copied links automatically so that you don’t have to worry about pasting the links and then searching for your desired content manually before downloading it.

Multiple regional in-app languages

VidMate supports many in-app languages which makes the UI more interactive for the user who is more comfortable in navigating and using the app in their native languages.

Better recommendations based on your download history

VidMate comes packed with an amazing videos/movies recommendation system that gives users an amazing set of suggestions based upon their search and download history. Also, you can look for the videos/movies by selecting genres.

All these features make VidMate stand out from the crowd of apps that today flood the Play Store. These features along with high-quality video downloads make VidMate ideal for any user to use. Before leaving this article let us address some of the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) in the next segment of this article.

FAQs of Vidmate Apk Download Latest Version 2022

How to install VidMate on mobile devices?

VidMate is not available on Google Play Store because of certain restrictions. You can still download it safely from the link which is given below:

Before downloading the app, make sure to give access to your browser to download apps to your device. For this, you just have to click on ‘Allow’ when a pop-up shows up and follow the subsequent steps to allow your browser from the device settings.

Does VidMate work well on iPhones too?

Unfortunately, you can not download VidMate on an iPhone since it is not available on the Apple App Store.

Is the download speed good enough?

Yes, the download speed is pretty much decent. If you have a stable internet connection, it would take you roughly around 15 minutes to download a film of 2.5-3 hrs in 720p.

Does VidMate download videos in high quality?

VidMate downloads the videos in the exact quality you want them to. So yes, if you want to download a video in high quality and the hosting platform hosts the video in that quality, you can expect VidMate to download the video in the same quality.


VidMate is one of the most popular third-party apps that is used by its users to download high-quality videos from any platform on the internet. You can rely on it absolutely to download your favourite videos from absolutely anywhere to watch it later or put them up as your status video. With its ever-evolving features, users find it pretty awesome and this fact gives it an edge over any of the similar apps in the market.

In this article, we hope we were able to address all your doubts and queries related to the VidMate app, thanks for staying with us throughout the article.