VALORANT Mobile Apk v1.05 OBB Download

VALORANT Mobile Apk v1.05 OBB Download

VALORANT Mobile is a first-person shooter gave provides impressive gameplay to the players. The game is based on multiplayer games and is known for the best FPS gameplay. The whole theme of gameplay combines lots of characters and skills to directly engage its audience. Earlier the game was only supported for the PC but the new version is compatible with Android and ios devices. The gameplay provides an attractive option to engage the users for a long time. The players of the game need to participate in the different levels of games with their unique and different types of weapons. The gameplay has many interesting points as it has lots of unique characters and each character of the game has a different role and features. Players need good skills and tactics to easily shoot their enemies. In the recent era, people demand killing-type gameplay where they participate in a battlefield and use their strategy to defeat the enemies. In fact, many games rely on the killing concept and defeating the opponents but somewhere they fail in providing attractive gameplay to the users. So, here we discovered an awesome game called VALORANT Mobile apk which has incredible features and gameplay.

The VALORANT is one the most demanding application by people and they love to spend most of their time experiencing the VALORANT gameplay. The application provides you with lots of weapons and improves your shooting skills as the game relies on the concept of shooting down enemies. So, spending some great time in the gameplay may build your shooting skills and come to know about the different types of weapons. Now you can download the VOLARANT apk on your android device and enjoy their gameplay. But before downloading the app make sure to read the whole article because we will cover lots of information regarding its different features and downloading process. You can easily understand the whole concept and make a decision whether it fulfills your demands or not.

VALORANT Mobile Apk v1.05 OBB Download
pp NameVALORANT Mobile
Root RequiredNo
Required Android5.0+
VersionLatest Version
Last Update1 Day Ago

What is VALORANT Mobile Apk

VALORANT Mobile Apk v1.05 OBB Download

VALORANT is a first-person shooter game which is developed by the Riot games agency and embedded in attractive gameplay. It is one of the precise FPS gunplay games where all the characters have their own unique features and abilities. The gameplay is very interesting and full of fun and all the shooter are welcomed here. If you have some experience in shooting skills then you can improve your skills with this game. The game is also for the newbies who try to acquire some of the shooting techniques. Players are provided with lots of weapons and different role characters to show off their gameplay. Earlier the game was not released for smartphone devices but now it is fully compatible with Android devices. Players have the opportunity to discover lots of powerful weapons and unique characters to try out. The gameplay is based on 5vs5 combat style where each team contains a team of 5 people including defender and attacker. The main task of both teams is attacker will attack n the opponent’s team and plant bombs in their area while the defender team will use their strategy in protecting their area from the attackers. The heroes of the game are known as Agents and the game includes 12 different agents with 4 different groups. It requires lots of skills and teammates’ support while fighting in the game. Overall if we talk about the game experience it is better than any other combat method game.

Features of VALORANT Mobile apk

The whole gameplay delivers lots of unique and powerful features to keep the users engaged. Features provide a key role in gaining popularity and the VALORANT Mobile Apk fulfills the user demands. Some of the fantastic features of the game are listed below.

VALORANT Mobile Apk v1.05 OBB Download

Tons of weapons

The game has many different and unique weapons to experience. However, the gameplay is similar to other FPS games but the only difference is in the VALORANT you get different types of guns such as snipers, rifles, AK47, and many different guns. Shooting with these guns is really enjoyable and polishes the shooting skills. The weapons look very powerful and provide a clear shot to win any battle. You can freely access your desired weapons to fight against your enemies. Powerful weapons provide lots of advantages in winning the combat method game.

VALORANT Mobile Apk v1.05 OBB Download

Unique characters

The game has the option to choose the right characters who suits your gameplay the most. It has lots of unique characters with unique abilities. Experience almost all the characters of the Valiant Mobile apk. The best part of the characters is they have their own unique features to use during the battlefield so, you can use the right characters on the battlefield.

VALORANT Mobile Apk v1.05 OBB Download

3D graphics

Once you enter the VALORANT gameplay you will counter attractive and engaging graphics in it. The developer has included all their hard work in well optimizing its graphics and sustaining it for the long run. The gameplay posses very attractive gameplay with diverse weapons in it. Explore the shooting experience with the high-quality graphics of the VALORANT application. I can surely say you will love to dive deeper into the game due to its high-quality graphics.

VALORANT Mobile Apk v1.05 OBB Download

Simple and easy controls

The game is designed with simple and easy controls so that even newbies can’t face any problem in entering the gameplay. All the controls of the game are at your fingertip and you can customize them according to your requirements.

Impressive battlefield

The game has an understandable battlefield and all the well-optimized features to experience the battlefield. You can earn money and unlock all the characters of the game.

How to download and install VALORANT Mobile APK

Are you impressed by its amazing features? Now it’s time to download the application to your device, isn’t it? Don’t worry you don’t have to go anywhere in search of downloading steps because we have highlighted the complete steps of downloading below.

  •  you can get the latest downloading link from our page.
  • Once you tap on the download link it will redirect you to the downloading page and you will get a download now button.
  • Click on the download now button and the process of downloading files to your device will start. However, it depends on your internet connection speed how long it will take to download the file.
  • Once the file gets successfully downloaded to your device go to your browser download section and look for the downloaded file. But always remember if you are doing this for the first time then you need to give permission to your android device to access and install an unknown source app. To enable the function you can follow the steps.
  • Open setting of your device> Tap on security option> Enable access to install unknown source apk in device
  • Now, go back to the downloaded file and tap on installing it. It will take up to 5 sec to install it.
  • Now, you are ready to play VALORANT 

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Is Valorant available on Android?

Yeah, the Riot brings its latest updates and continues its gameplay with the Android devices. People have demanded the mobile version so it is ready to run on mobile devices.

How do you play Valorant Mobile beta?

To play the Mobile beta you need to sign up on their official website and have to choose the desired operating system.

How do I preregister for Valorant mobile?

To register for the valorant mobile visit the official page of VALORANT registration, select your operating system and you are successful in registering yourself for the application.


Have fun with the amazing FPS gunplay games by just downloading the VALORANT application on your device. The application is trending in people’s hearts as they demanded it. It is a 5vs5 gameplay having attackers and defenders team. Specially designed to polish the gun shooting skills. Go through our whole guide to learn more on VALORANT Mobile Apk.