Tvtap Pro Mod Apk v2.9 (No Ads)

TvTap pro

In the past decade, mobile phones have evolved a lot. Now, mobile phones can provide many types of entertainment purposes. Almost all different kinds of work can be possibly done by phone. The dependency on computers has been getting reduced after the upgradation of mobile phones. Every day mobile phones and mobile applications are upgraded, which results in the reduction of the use of heavy bulky computers and systems.

Most or you can say all the TV programs are available on mobile applications, so now you don’t need those big bulky televisions to enjoy watching your favorite programs, also web series, movies, animes and live sports too.

So we should be thankful that mobile phones keep getting smarter day by day and applications run on this incredible device for providing us all these facilities, right at our fingertips. People always prefer mobile phones to watch TV as it is available anywhere and anytime, especially when they are outside their home when they are not in the comfort zone, like in metro or train but they are getting their favorite show or program without any problem. After the introduction of Live TV apps, which have many awesome features, catalogs, streams, and many more motions, this is possible. And among those applications, one of the most popular live tv app is the Tvtap Pro app. This app has many features and this is available for free.

Now, we are going to discuss this Tvtap Pro application. Here we will talk about its features, its installation process, and many more things.

Tvtap Pro Mod Apk v2.9 (No Ads)
App NameTvtap Pro
DeveloperTvtap Pro
Root RequiredNo
Required Android6.0+
VersionLatest Version
Last Update1 Day Ago

What is the Tvtap Pro apk?

If you are among those people who are tv program enthusiastic, then you are at the best place. Tvtap pro apk provides you access to more than 500 HD channels across the globe. Here, you will get content from every country like India, Spain, UK, Canada, the USA, Russia, Australia, Portugal, Argentina, etc. Just think of any country, the Tvtap pro apk must have got its channels. Tvtap Pro apk is also updating its content within a regular interval of time, so you will always get updated content every time, so just download this application and chill, every content will be available at your fingertips.

In the Tvtap pro apk, channels are present in many different categories like movies, sports, music, documentaries, kids, entertainment, news, food, information, and many more. So, you can say this Tvtap pro apk provides content for everybody, depending upon their choice, they get content of everything. The main reason for this application to achieve this much success in such a short time is the hard-working development team which is always trying to provide their best, and the result is present in front of everyone, they are proving their excellence. 


Tv Tap Pro Apk is loaded with many amazing features. Some of the most attractive features of this application include:

Categorization Of Channels

The Channels on TV Tap Pro apk are divided into many different categories to make it easy for viewing. Some of these categories include sports, news, cartoons, music, web series, movies, TV shows, music videos amongst many others.

A Large Number Of Channels

This TV Tap Pro APK has around more than 750 channels around the globe. You can very easily find these on the TV Tap Pro app from anywhere anytime and any country, whichever channel you want to watch and get entertained. Moreover, the developers of this apk are always trying to add more channels, content as well.

Content Of Everyone

Due to the availability of many different channels, you can very easily find every type of content for everyone on this TV Tap Pro. From kids to adults, from movie lovers to sports enthusiasts, music lovers to program viewers, of all age groups everyone can use the TV Tap Pro app to watch Live TV.

Inbuilt Media Player

There is an inbuilt media player, known as Go Player, that comes built-in with the app. that allows everyone to watch chill and buffer-free Live TV content with high-quality resolution. It also allows you to use any external media players of your own choice.

Light and Intuitive

This TV Tap APK is 30MB in size which does not take large memory in your device. It is very effortless and easy to use, too, because of its best clean and interactive user interface.

No Sign-Up/Membership

This TV Tap Pro is completely free to get entertained. You do not need any memberships or any sign-up anywhere. Just download it and install the application and watch your favorite Live TV for free.

Many more features are discussed below:

Here you can add your favorite channels and contents to a folder named ‘Favorites’, and then you can easily access them directly by searching them all over again in the TVTAP PRO APK. Apart from the ‘Favorites’, there is also a category of ‘Recently Watched.’

You can very easily check the Schedule of TV shows, programs under a particular channel. All schedules of that program are listed in the application itself under Electronic Program Guide (EPG).

In the Latest TVTap Pro APK, Schedules for TV shows and programs can be easily set up in the apk under the ‘Schedule’ section. You will also be notified when the show that you have scheduled is about to begin, and you will not miss that show.

The Chromecast is also supported by the application. Hence, you can also cast your favorite content or program on the big screen of your television or computer very easily. Moreover, the app is completely optimized to play any content on the big screen.

How to install Tvtap Pro Apk

First, you have to download The TV Tap Pro which has many APK versions.   You will get both of the latest versions available for you to download. Just simply download the TV Tap Pro APK of your choice, then there are some of the steps to follow for its installation.

1- Download the TV Tap Pro for Android mobile and tablets.

2- Go to the device Settings > Security and simply turn on the option to allow the installation of a      third-party application on your device.

3- Go to File Manager now and open the download folder.

4- Search for downloaded files and double-click to start the installation of this application.

5- The installation will begin shortly and will also be completed just within a few seconds.

6- Once the application is installed, simply open it, and enjoy the Live TV for free.


TVTap Pro Ad-free APK has its own Go Player inbuilt. However, you can also play the content using the MX Player. You don’t require signing in to the application. There is nothing like taking a membership subscription plan or joining a program. Just simply download and install the app and jump in straight away. There is also nothing like a login screen in this app. Hence, neither you require providing your phone number nor your email address to this application.

The user interface of TVTap PRO APK  is very much elegant and you won’t have to face any issues navigating through the application. When you launch the app you will see the names of various different countries. Just Simply, select any country of your choice and you will be presented with a list of different channels belonging to that specific country.