The World Ends With You ROM Download

The World Ends With You ROM Download

The action role-playing game The World Ends with You for the Nintendo DS was produced by Square Enix and Jupiter. With an anime visual aesthetic and urban fantasy features inspired by Shibuya and the young culture of Tokyo’s retail hub Shibuya, this game is set in the contemporary Shibuya shopping area. Several thoughts and ideas from Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories, Jupiter’s previous portable game, were taken from and modified throughout creation. It was first launched in Japan in July 2007 and came to PAL countries and the US in April 2008. It was re-released for mobile devices in 2012. However, this time, it came in an updated and enhanced version called The World Ends with You: Solo Remix. Improved performance of The World Ends with You: Final Remix, released in 2018 for the Nintendo Switch, became an international sensation. Every single one of these ports received upgrades.

Neku Sakuraba, the main character, and his friends are duped into participating in the Reapers’ Game. During this week-long event, their destiny will be determined. The fighting system uses some of the Nintendo DS’s distinguishing qualities, such as the simultaneous display of battles on both shows and the ability for players to launch attacks by speaking into the microphone or making certain gestures on the touchscreen. The latest fashion, culinary, and technological trends among young Japanese people greatly influence mission objectives and character development.

The aesthetics, audio, and manner that The World Ends with You submerged players in the Shibuya environment were all praised in the game’s early reviews. It is regarded by many as the peak of video game production and design. The few issues raised largely related to the fighting system’s steep learning curve and the touchscreen controls’ frequent imprecision. During its first week of availability, the video game sold the most copies of the Nintendo DS in North America and came in second in Japan. Shiro Amano, the creator of the Kingdom Hearts manga and its illustrator, subsequently created a comic book version of the game’s story. From April 10 to June 26, 2021, the Square Enix, DOMENICA, and Shin-Ei Animation-produced anime adaption aired.

The World Ends With You ROM Download
ROMThe World Ends With You ROM
Genre Sports
ConsoleNintendo DS
DeveloperSquare Enix Jupiter
PublisherSquare Enix

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Gameplay The World Ends With You ROM

The role-playing action game The World Ends with You is divided into three sections, one for each of the three weeks Neku spends participating in the Reapers’ Game. There are seven days in each segment. Neku, the main character, engages in a ceremony known as the Reapers’ Game, and the game is based on his experiences there. As Neku and his companion travel Shibuya in search of daily goals, the player assumes control of them. The player’s advancement is unaffected even if Neku and his companion must race against the time on most tasks.

Shibuya is divided into several different neighborhoods, some of which are only accessible on certain days or are enclosed by barriers that may be broken through by granting a neighboring Reaper’s request. This might include removing Noise insignia, not bringing a specific item, or not wearing certain clothing brands. Neku can scan the area around a certain pin by activating it. This scan shows the memes and Realground NPCs’ thoughts, which might provide clues that further the plot. The scan could also catch stray Noise symbols floating about or, in certain situations, hovering just over a particular letter. By touching any of the Noise symbols, the player starts the fight. Each Noise symbol lasts for one “round” of combat. Multi-round combat, or “reduction,” will begin if you choose numerous Noise symbols simultaneously. As you go through the rounds, this battle will get more challenging, but if you win, you’ll score more points. Neku and his companion get advantages based on changes in the Noise’s difficulty and overall health.

The game’s result could alter depending on whichever neighborhood’s styles are more in vogue. The effects of pins and apparel from the most popular local companies will be amplified. In contrast, those from the least popular brands will have the reverse impact, and those from businesses in the middle will not influence at all. On the other hand, by repeatedly engaging in a fight while sporting things from a certain brand, the player might raise that brand’s awareness within a particular region. The player may shop for new meals, clothing, and pins throughout the game. These are the same things that the characters in combat eventually eat to raise their starting qualities.

After the game, the player can go back to any given day in the plot and relive that day’s events while preserving their characters’ current stats and inventories. In this mode, doing certain daily activities will reward you with Secret Reports, which are written portions that disclose tale history. After winning the game, the player may access “Another Day” from the main menu. On “Another Day,” additional missions are provided to shed more light on the main story’s events. The end of WorldWorld as we know it is imminent. The only minigame is available in Tin Pin Slammer (also known as Marble Slash), which may be played against a computer or up to three other players through a wireless connection. Similar to the game of ringer, the object of Tin Pin Slammer is for each player to use a different pin to knock an opponent’s pin off the board.

In The World Ends with You, psych pins are a decorative item that, when worn by Neku, may unleash her special abilities. With the “Tin Pin Slammer/Marble Slash” skill and outside of the game, psych pins may be used for various purposes (for cash or other goods). As the player accumulates “Pin Points” (PP), most pins, especially those used in fighting, may become more effective. They may even evolve into stronger versions of themselves. Pin Points may be acquired in several ways, such as via interaction with other players, battle, idleness, and chance if none are present. As the game proceeds, these tactics impact how the pins travel.

Features of The World Ends With You ROM

The “Stride Cross Battle Mechanism” is the combat control system used in this game. Each screen represents a different “zone” inside the same geographical location, with Neku fighting on the touchscreen and his buddy using the top screen. The same enemies are in both “zones”; therefore, the two protagonists must cooperate to destroy them. Because Neku and his friend have identical health bars during combat, they can perish even if neither sustains any damage. A green “light puck” that increases the damage of the opponent currently holding it will be passed from one character to another throughout the fight. The “sync ratio” between Neku and his partner determines the light puck’s path; characters with greater ratios have the puck follow them for a longer period. The player has the option of giving Neku and his pal clothing that affects the light puck’s speed. If Neku and his partner are not assaulted while holding the puck, the light puck will intensify their assaults during a volley.

The player controls Neku by touching the touchscreen in the directions determined by Neku’s pins. Cutting across an opponent does damage, holding down on it causes damage, firing swiftly on the screen also causes damage, and screaming into the microphone launches a full-screen assault. Some pins have unique abilities when touched, such as the health-restoring pins. Each pin has a limited number of uses before it must be replaced with a new one after its expiration. Other pins have restrictions on how many times they may be used in a single fight or series of battles, and they won’t recharge until the conclusion of the arguments. Neku can initially only have two pins equipped, but later in the game, this limit may increase to six.

On the top screen, the player may control Neku’s sidekick with the face buttons, but there are other ways the computer can assist. Each of Neku’s buddies has a strategy for playing card games. For instance, pairing off hidden Zener cards is the goal of Shiki’s card game. After choosing a card from a selection of revealed cards using the directional pad or face buttons, the player may initiate a direct assault with their partner. A player receives a star if they successfully find a card that meets every requirement for the game. The “Harmonizer Pin” will appear in the touchscreen’s upper right corner after the player has amassed enough stars, enabling them to unleash a powerful “Fusion” attack with Neku and his companion (assuming that the player has not rearranged where it is displayed). By assisting, a player may aid their partner character in escaping assaults.

The combat system has been altered for the game’s upcoming single-screen versions on mobile and Switch devices to account for those platforms’ lack of a second screen. By imitating their companion’s touchscreen actions, such as tapping or slicing down on an opponent, the player may call upon their current partner to assist them in battle—instead, the contemporary companion functions as a single pin in Neku’s collection of pins. To prepare for the Fusion assault, the player must alternate between himself and their partner while using the partner pin and Neku’s blows. The player has limited time to play card-based minigames to raise their damage multiplier after touching the partner pin on the screen to start a Fusion assault. One Zener card and many other Zener cards, all of which will be exposed face-up for a brief period before being turned over, will be seen to the player, for instance, when paired with Shiki. The player must choose any face-down cards that go with the card identified as a Zener. Additionally, a local cooperative option is included in the Nintendo Switch version. Players may exchange roles in combat using a second Joy-Con, with the second player controlling their partner character and having access to a more limited selection of pin strikes.

FAQS of The World Ends With You ROM

 What is so special about “The World Ends With You.”?

 Neku Sakuraba, the main character, is a reclusive youngster coerced into playing the Reapers’ Game with his newfound friends. If they don’t do their daily tasks, they’ll die, ending human civilization as we know it.

 Where did “The World Ends With You” originate?

 The game’s original director, Tatsuya Kando, explained why it isn’t named “The World Ends with You 2” in a recent interview with Destructoid. We choose the DLC for NEO: The World Ends with You. As a result, play this as if it were a brand-new game and go on appropriately.

 What do you think of “The World Ends With You,” the anime?

 The World Ends With You: The Animation is the best entrance point for those unfamiliar with the tale of Neku and his friends in Shibuya as told via the Reaper’s Game. The main objective of Neku is to protect his friends from the Reaper. The series is not only a good anime but also jam-packed with easter eggs, which will certainly win over the show’s devoted fan base.


The World Ends with You has received positive reviews from critics and audiences, making it a financial and critical success. The game’s portable edition was named the Handheld Game of the Month for May 2008 by Game Informer. The World Ends with You won the Editors’ Choice Award from IGN for being the best DS game launched in April. The game debuted in Japan the week of July 27, 2007, and was the second-best-selling DS title that week. Nearly 193,000 units had been sold in the Japanese market by the end of 2007. In April 2008, 43,000 copies of The World Ended with You were sold in North America. After the first supply of the game ran out of documents around the middle of May, a second cargo was produced around the middle of June 2008. The game continued to sell the most DS games overall even after being on sale for two weeks. The World Ends With You has sold around 140,000 copies in North America as of September 30, 2008, while an additional 20,000 copies have been sold in Europe.