Ranch Simulator Apk Download V1.5 For Android Free (Unlimited Money)

Ranch Simulator Apk Download V1.5 For Android Free (Unlimited Money)

Ranch Simulator Apk is a life simulator apk for farm survival and all other survival outside the noisy cities. It’s a daily simulator game where you can select and buy Livestock. Here you can perform regular feeding and watering to keep them healthy.

In this Ranch Simulator Game, you can find an outsized open-world environment outside you can perform the wildlife teeming. 

What is Ranch Simulator Apk?

Ranch Simulator is a game where you need to develop your Old farm. Here you will need to develop and rebuild your Old fam to earn Money for Livelihood. Here you can perform a lot of stuff to make Money. 

At first, you need to grow the crops and then sell them. Similarly, you can also buy Livestock for the farm to increase the number of farm animals. 

Ranch Simulator Apk Download V1.5 For Android Free (Unlimited Money)

After growing, you can sell the products to earn Money that supports your Livelihood. Additionally, you can make the metaballs to make Money by selling them in the Market.

Besides Money and Livelihood, you can also sell milk and eggs In this game (Research Simulator App Download). As more, You can also do a lot of stuff and hunt different animals for food.

Features of Ranch Simulator Apk

Ranch Simulator is not a new name that needs an Introduction. It’s a Simulator game like a farm where you need to rebuild your farm to take care of your Livestock. In this game, you can find the first deer and bears to haunt and survive your Livelihood. It’s a secret game that makes your gameplay more interesting. Check out the Ranch Simulator Game Features,

Ranch Simulator Apk Download V1.5 For Android Free (Unlimited Money)

Rebuild your Farm

To keep your Livestock, you need to construct the old farm once. In this game, you need to purchase a wide range of equipment to rebuild your farm. Here you can renovate the building and create a safe and healthy farm to keep your Livestock. 

Take care of your Livestcok

After rebuilding your farm, you need to take care of your Livestock. In this game, you need to monitor your profitable operations. It would help if you fed your cattle after selecting the herd.

Also, keep of watering them to keep them healthy is necessary. Similarly, for successful breeding, you need to take enough care to get more products to sell and earn more.

Buy Animals

Ranch Simulator Apk also features buying an Animal. Depending upon your needs and aim, you can buy the animals. It’s good to select as per your capacity. In this gameplay, the users can buy and breed the animals on the farm.

Sell Animals and Products

To make Money, you can slaughter the animals. Also, you can feel meatballs and eggs to earn revenue. You can get more products to sell depending on your care and breeding.

Hunt the Animals

In this gameplay, you can head out on the Hunt too. After buying the weapons, you can grab your accurate rifle to hunt the deer. 

What is Ranch Simulator Mod Apk?

You can move towards unlocking the number of features in-app purchases for the game or use the Modified Version (Ranch Simulator Mod Apk). Ranch Simulator Apk Mod is the hacked version of the original ranch apk that features Unlimited Money, which will help you build your farm easily.

Using the Ranch Mod Apk, you can utilize unlimited Money to buy different animals for the growth of your farm. Besides these, unlimited Money can also be used in making different products and selling them to earn more.

With these, the Ranch Mod App offers you to buy a piece of equipment for hunting with unlimited Money. It’s a modified version free from ads and other in-app purchase features.

Features of Ranch Simulator Mod Apk?

In this Ranch Simulator Apk Mod, you can get additional features to improve it. Here are the features of Ranch Simulator Premium Free App,

Ranch Simulator Apk Download V1.5 For Android Free (Unlimited Money)

Unlimited Money

You can get unlimited Money to rebuild your farm with different equipment. Here you can get the better option to construct your building as per your need.

Free Shopping

With the Modified Version, you can buy anything free from the Store. It’s free to buy anything for your Livestock, including the weapons for your Hunting.

No Bugs, No Error

We have optimized this Modified Version of Ranch Simulator Apk to make your gameplay smooth and realistic. It’s a bug-free apk file.

How to Play Ranch Simulator Game?

It’s not hard to get engaged in the Ranch Simulator Game. This game is simple to play, like other simulator games. Here you need to develop your farm. The primary aim of this game is to Rebuild Your Farm, Grow Livestock, Sell Them, and Earn Money.

For this, you can use different strategies to earn more revenue. If you want to buy animals, then you need to purchase them. Also, if you have more animals, you can sell them to earn Money.

Ranch Simulator Apk Download V1.5 For Android Free (Unlimited Money)

In short, to play this game, you must keep rotating around the buying, selling, and Hunting to make more revenue.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Ranch Simulator Mod Apk

The premium Mod of Ranch Simulator has several advantages and disadvantages. Check out these,


  • Safe and secure to download
  • Easy to Install the App on your Mobile Phone
  • Free from Ads and free to download
  • No need to Signup
  • Bugs free
  • Unlimited Money


  • No automatic update. It needs to update manually
  • Google may not verify them always
  • Needs High-Speed Internet Connection
  • Many users may prefer the modified Version.

How to Download and Install Ranch Simulator Apk?

Check out these steps to download, Install and Start playing your favorite Ranch Simulator Game,

Enabling Unknown Sources

  • Go to the Settings on your Phone.
  • Tap on Security>Unknown Sources
  • Check/tick/mark the Unknown Sources there.

Downloading the Apk File

  • From the Download option, click on the Download,
  • Wait until the download start. 

Installing the App

  • After successful Download, goes to the Downloads folder of your phone.
  • Find the apk file there.
  • Tap on it, start installing, and wait until the Installation process is done.
  • Finally, you are done. Let’s enjoy the game.


Q. Is Ranch Simulator App free?

Ans. Ranch Simulator Apk is a free app to download. You don’t need to pay to get this app.

Q. When eggs hatch in Ranch Simulator?

Ans. In Ranch Simulator, an egg hatch in 5 days. It takes 5 days to hatch.

Q. How to Slaughter Animals in Ranch Simulator?

Ans. To Slaughter animals, in Ranch Simulator, you can use the Stunner.

Q. How to Update Ranch Simulator?

Ans. The Ranch Simulator app doesn’t support the auto updates like other apps from Play Store. If your app gets outdated, then you need to update it manually. 


Here we shared all about the Ranch Simulator Game for you. In this article, we discussed the features and gameplay, including the game’s merits. Also, you get an idea to Install and play it easily. It’s one of the unique and favorite video games and apps you can access for the best experience. Hope you like this game, Ranch Simulator App.