Pubg Mobile Aftermath Mod Apk v2.1

Pubg Mobile Aftermath Mod Apk v2.1

In this generation of mobile games, Pubg mobile Aftermath Mood Apk has gained mass popularity. Anywhere and at any time, it may be accessed and enjoyed. The multiplayer action on mobile devices has never been more exciting. Fight your way through this game. Payload mode, 4v4 team deathmatches and zombie scenarios are all included in the game’s options. The last man or woman standing is declared the victor. The winner is chosen by the last person remaining.

Fast updates from the programmers are a major reason why this game has always been at the top. More and more components have been included recently, as well as new features, maps, and game styles.

Pubg Mobile Aftermath Mod Apk v2.1
Name Pubg mobile Aftermath Mod Apk
Developer Tencent games 
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What is Pubg Mobile Aftermath Mod Apk?

You may play PUBG Mobile on your PC, as well as on your smartphone or tablet. In PUBG, real-life gamers engage in a strategy game reminiscent of The Hunger Games. Players are dropped in the middle of the game with no resources or weapons. They must go in search of these items, as well as build fortresses and ramps to protect themselves.

Pubg Mobile Aftermath Mod Apk v2.1

A new map named “Aftermath” is included in the PUBG Mobile is an updated version of 1.8. The unranked area is open to all players. The map includes a few distinctive qualities which make it distinctive from the rest, as is customary. For starters, it’s a newer version of Livik. This is a traditional mode map.

Features of Pubg Mobile aftermath  Mod Apk

Reworked map and new texture:

 Within a few days, the volcano in the bottom exactly at the left corner of the Livik map has erupted, altering the landform and the overall look of the map. There is now volcanic terrain around Holthus, Helle, and the Power Plant with vast swaths of barren ground.

Pubg Mobile Aftermath Mod Apk v2.1

There is an extra supply shop in the game

A new supply shop has been added to the new map. The supply store’s design was greatly inspired by the Flora Menace and Mirror World modes. Players will be able to use the coins they’ve gathered from throughout the globe to buy the products they need from the shop after they’ve obtained the required quantity of supply coins.

Pubg Mobile Aftermath Mod Apk v2.1

 launching pad from which to zipline

 Another wonderful innovation is the addition of a zipline platform to the Aftermath map. An automated zipline is one of the game’s most crucial elements, allowing players to traverse long distances swiftly. To make use of this function, you must walk up to a zipline button and click it.

As a consequence, the player becomes an easy target for any surrounding enemies since he or she is unable to access their battle weapons while going forward. That is why it is a good idea to check for possible risks before deploying it. Ziplines appear as a succession of long, straight lines on the minimap.

Pubg Mobile Aftermath Mod Apk v2.1

The Recall Tower renovation: 

The recall tower, which significant centre of attraction of the update, is a long-forgotten idea that makes its debut in a classic conflict. All of the previously hidden recall towers, which were exclusively visible in Payload mode, can be seen on the battlefield’s minimap.

The AC Core Module is visible

Running firearms no-scope in the Aftermath map is no longer an option. Using the AC Core Module, gamers will be able to have a crystal clear ocular vision of their target without having to do anything extra. Additional benefits include improved firearm stability, reduced recoil, and a quicker ADS response time.

With the AC Core Module, even a pistol with heavy recoil should be able to knock distant foes off their feet. Due to the Module’s advantages, more early long-range gunfights and precise engagements may be possible.

Pubg Mobile Aftermath Mod Apk v2.1

If a teammate is killed during a game, the player may still return them to the action by going to one of the recall towers. Players may be revived and brought back using this feature if another teammate has used it. This enables more strategic combat because of the knowledge that a slain player may be brought back. Players may recover treasure while playing to avoid running out of resources in the middle of combat.

FAQs of PUBG Mobile Aftermath Mod Apk

Q. Where do I get the pubg mod apk for my phone?

All of these are legitimate concerns for which there are solutions. On our website, you will find all of the information you need to know about this application. There is no going back to the original game.

Q. What are the advantages of installing the Pubg Mobile Mod Apk on your mobile device?

To be honest, there are just too many elements in this game to go into depth about. All of the features from the PC and Xbox One versions are included in this edition.

Q. How pubg Aftermath MOD apk can be downloaded?

A. PUBG MOBILE MOD APK may be downloaded and installed in a matter of minutes. To install, first, you have to download it from any authentic website, then open up the files and click “Install.” You will then be able to install this gaming application(You will either be prompted with a notification if a new app was found or not).

Q. When compared to the competitors, what makes this company stand out?

With the addition of parachuting, improved shooting mechanics, and enhanced visuals, the new game offers much more than the original. Unlike Xbox One and PC, this game has no differences in terms of substance (like clothing sets). Go to ‘Store’ and then ‘Locker’ to view everything you have access to.

Q. Is it safe to use the Pubg mobile mod apk?

There is no danger to your phone if you download the file from a trusted source; otherwise, you run the chance of becoming infected with viruses or malware.

Q.Is there a way to get this for nothing?

Trying every pubg mod apk no survey trick you can find online is a waste of time since these sites are just interested in making money off of the ignorance of others. A. You may buy the application using PayPal or a credit card, but any phoney sites that offer you to download anything for free are scams that give viruses instead of useful information.


I hope you find this post useful in learning more about Pubg mobile aftermath mod apk and its features. If you don’t have a console, this app is a great way to play first-person shooter games on your phone.

This game may be played by a huge number of people at the same time. The game runs well on Android thanks to optimizations made specifically for Android. A more accurate comparison would be playing the PC version on a smartphone, and I hope this post has bound to intrigue me in trying this game at least once. Happy gaming.