Pokemon: SoulSilver Version ROM Download

Pokemon: SoulSilver Version ROM Download

Pokémon SoulSilver version (v10) is part of a package of games aimed to lure Pokémon enthusiasts back into the franchise. This version offers the player a new gaming experience. If you thought there was nothing more to see or do in the Pokemon, you may want to take a second look at this newest iteration of an old favourite.

The game maintains the same basic structure as all preceding Pokémon games. You’re still following the ambition of being the best Pokémon trainer in all the land, and you need to acquire wild Pokémon to build up your collection with some tricks and turns. “Gotta catch ‘em all” is the motto after all. Without any hustle, you can easily download the Pokemon: SoulSilver Version ROM from this website.

In this Pokémon SoulSilver version (v10) world however all the wild wildlife are Pokémon is modified, so if you detect movement in the bushes you’re in for a possible fight.

NamePokemon SoulSilver
CategoryGame ROM
EmulatorNintendo DS

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The new addition to an old favorite: The Pokewalker

At its heart, Pokemon Soulsilver is effectively the same game as all preceding games, so why purchase into it if you’ve already experienced the series? The answer is a new feature a little bit like Pokemon Go but built particularly for Pokemon Soulsilver. Thanks to a new gadget a little like a Tomagatchi of old, you can take your Pokemon on a “walk.” The Pokewalker is a digital gadget you may carry with you, and beam information on a certain Pokémon onto it. The pokewalker includes a pedometer in it, which measures the progress of your walk.

By bringing your pet out with you, even while you’re doing other things and not playing the game, you may earn things like levels (just one level each walk), stuff, and watts. The Pokewalker is structured like a Pokémon ball with a digital screen that allows you to watch your Tamagotchi-like pet.

When you get the information from the pokewalker is beamed back into your gaming device, and you’ll get to examine what you obtained from it. There’s also a beautiful little notebook detailing your stroll and what transpired throughout the trip with your pet.

New mini-games added

The Pokewalker isn’t the only new and distinctive feature. There are also mini-games that allow for the usage of a stylus, suggesting they aren’t a redesign of existing games. The games are placed in an adventure called the Pokecathlon, which includes simple activities that aren’t that novel but do connect with the calendar and timezone of the globe. The games also make use of Pokémon Sprites, which trail after you throughout the game.

Pokémon holds a particular place in the hearts of many different players. While other games have endeavored to build up the same fervor that collecting Pokémon has, no other genre fully matches the same degree of excitement as catching wild Pokémon and adding them to your collection.

While Pokémon Soulsilver has the same questline as every other Pokémon game, the unique elements it provides such as the Pokewalker make it worthwhile for even the most seasoned gamers to give it a try.


Pokewalker enables new adventures

Pokecathlon provides unique mini-games

Cons: tale quests are similar to some extent.

Gaming experience:

The original pokemon has a large fan base, but when Pokémon – SoulSilver Version was released on the Nintendo DS, it truly confirmed this as one of the finest Pokémon games. It had everything that was needed for it to be a wonderful game and adds a few more bells and whistles without sacrificing any of the “soul” that the original game possessed.

An Epic Quest

the tale that this game is truly appreciable. While you might make the claim that the tale follows a relatively traditional Pokémon template. It is the execution that I believe gets you so involved. You have to choose your initial Pokémon (I usually opt for Totodile) and start your quest to catch them all. You will have to gain badges at gyms, solve mysteries and this was the first (well the original) to truly go all-in with the Legendary Pokémon.

One thing that I really loved about this tale is the way you have a bit of a jerk as a competitor. Not only that, but Team Rocket is really up to no good in this game! It simply seems like the stakes are a little greater here and that is something I really appreciate.

A Little Bit Of Visual Flair

This is a Nintendo DS game that is, in reality, a remake of a Game Boy Color one. As you might imagine, Pokémon – SoulSilver Version has been given a cosmetic upgrade. The game looks noticeably better than the original. There is significantly more color, more detail and in all, it is simply far more aesthetically pleasing. The thing I really enjoyed about the presentation is how you can have a genuine Pokémon follow you around now. This really adds to the overall immersion of the game.

New Games updates in Pokémon SoulSilver version (v10)

With this being a Nintendo DS game there, of course, needs to be some touch screen capabilities incorporated. I like this for the menus and whatnot and it does make handling this portion of the game simpler. What I really appreciate about the touch screen capabilities of the game is the additional mini-games that they have introduced. There are these exciting “athletic” type activities to engage in as well as a gambling one too. Many players really wish that they retained the slot machine that they had in Japan, however.

I do not believe there are what you would call a ton of new features in this remake, but the little they have added and modified does make it a terrific experience and well worth playing through.

I believe that Pokemon – SoulSilver Version is a wonderful remake of an already outstanding game. While there is not a large number of new materials. I do believe that the mini-games and particularly the improved aesthetics make this a game that is well worth playing for anyone who played the original and especially those searching for their first taste of the second generation of Pokemon!